Who cares if there are thoughts or not?

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Thoughts are only disturbing when you believe they are yours. And this you only believe, because they apparently can be used to prove, you are someone special and important. But if there is no need to be that, there is nobody to impress and nothing to search for.

Consequently, there is no sense in constructing anything specific out of thoughts, so they are not bid welcome. Hence they do not appear to be disturbing or to cause noise. In other words, thoughts do not need to be stopped or transformed via meditation*, chanting and whatnot in order to have peace of mind.

Please do not turn the above into one more thing, that you must try to be. Firstly, not caring about thoughts is not a state of being but rather of not-knowing. Secondly, in a world of duality it is not possible to always go around in a such a state, as without knowing the contrasts of duality, there is no world to experience. You cannot experience what is up, for example, if you do not know what is down**. Therefore the state of not-knowing, which is called a perfect moment in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings, is on and off.

In other words, as a world of duality is make-believe, you cannot continuously appear to be in such a world without believing in something. Generally, you therefore stick to the belief that you are someone definitive. Nevertheless, you can choose to change this belief into another belief, namely that you pretend to be someone definitive. This allows you to believe in something, which is necessary to appear as if you are someone in a make-believe world, while at the same time having this belief undone since what you pretend to be, you are not.***

When the belief in being someone definitive is completely undone, there is nobody to experience a world of duality, so nothing appears to hide there never was and never will be anything else than non-duality since it is formless and therefore endless.

Though the difference between for example up and down is sensed in a perfect moment, it is not perceived to make a difference. This applies to any other contrast sensed. As nothing lasts in a world of duality neither does a perfect moment, so it is on and off moments of not-knowing. That is, until you do not care about what and where you appear to be at all, because that is an invitation for the enlightenment of that which is one to erase all experiences of duality. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

*) See also the article Meditation is a con trick carried out by the ego.

**) As duality is a construction of contrasts, for example, up and down, and as you cannot experience one part of a contrast without knowing the other, be aware that as high as you go, the low you must fall. This is also so in a perfect moment. Yet there the apparent difference between up and down is not perceived to make a difference.

***) Check hack #1.4 Pretending to be someone definitive and hack #1.5 Pretending is a way out of duality, if you want to have the belief in being someone definitive undone by pretending to be someone definitive in a world of duality.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.5 Inclusiveness is pure bliss.