INTRO TO HACK #3.6, Phasing out the personality

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

According to science the world, that is experienced to be substantial, is nothing but empty space. Thus what you and others appear to be is make-believe – including being spiritual and whatnot.

To be or not to be is only a question in a world defined by time and space. In the formlessness of oneness there is no existence or consciousness, since that requires more than one.

In other words, that which is you is not in a world defined by time and space, neither is anything else. That is why nothing needs to be done, understood or learned in the context of undoing the belief that you are ´there´. On the contrary, because the undoing of this belief comes from not having an investment in doing or understanding anything at all, since that leaves no ´I´ with a need to be someone specific.

When there is no attachment to a specific personality – whether it appears to be your own or somebody else´s – the apparent problems in a world defined by time and space is not experienced to be personal. This does not necessarily mean, that nothing is being done about anything, but that nobody is doing it.

Insisting on doing things in your own way and speed, you can never be happy, because only the ego has its own way, and that is all about suffering. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

And so there is no ´I´ using an apparent success, realisation or conclusion to further built up the personality. Instead results are used to grasp, that regardless of no personal investments in the achievement of specific goals, something appears to be accomplished.

In oneness there is no way of your own, neither anything to open up to, since that requires you to be someone definitive and oneness is formless. Hence it is only in a world experienced as if it is defined by time and space, that you appear to have a way of your own and something to open up to.

But as oneness is formless it is endless, so there is no world defined by time and space. In other words, insisting in going your own way in your own speed is to believe, you are someone in a world that does not exist. Such a belief entails suffering.

Hence there is no need to hang onto a specific personality in order to do things in your own way and speed, and so the belief that you are someone definitive in a world defined by time and space can safely be phased out.

Nobody has a problem, when the personality is not used to enhance the believe in being someone.

As there is no more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless, it is of course meaningless, to talk about phasing out the personality – or to talk about anything at all.  Yet in the context of believing to be a person in a world defined by time and space, it is beneficial not to enforce this belief but phasing it out. That is, if you do not want it to hide, that the formlessness of that which is one is no different from that which is you.

NOTE: This article is the intro to hack #3.6 Phasing out the personality.


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