Inclusion excludes the personality

Tin order for you to win somebody else must lose, so  the looser can function as a contrast showcasing you as the winner. If this contrast, however, is included*, the apparent difference between winning and loosing makes no difference. Hence there is nothing to define the personality as neither a winner or a looser, and so the belief that it is you is phased out.. The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

The personality is constructed by excluding what is judged to be bad from what you believe to be by projecting it on somebody you perceive to be different from you, for example due to colour, culture, clothes or haircut. Hence they as the bad ones become a contrasting background for you as the good one. But to keep up this image of you as the good one, you must always look for  something bad in a world judged to be outside of you.

If you on the other hand do not exclude what is judged to be bad by projecting it onto others, there does not seem to somebody who can attest to you as the good one. Hence you cannot uphold the belief in being someone definitive and so nothing appears to hide the formlessness of oneness. That is, if nothing else is excluded. In most cases though not excluding something at all but including everything does not happen overnight. No worries. Time is an illusion, so the moment you are willing to include everything*, the personality is phased out – also if this appears to happen over time in a world perceived to be outside of you.

*) See Inclusiveness is a state of not-knowing – and that is pure bliss about how to include a contrast to enter a state of not knowing, and check Willingness to not exclude but include undoes the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one about willingness.

NOTE: The above is a nota bene to the previous article Phasing out the personality. And they are both part of hack #3.6 Phasing out the personality.