+ The world is a construction of thoughts

The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The world is not seen but thought. Furthermore, it is an edited construction of thoughts. The brain does not have the capacity to simultaneously process all the info, that it receives from the eyes, into thoughts that seems to manifest this moment, so depending on what you expect to read now, it sorts out the info into categories that seem to fulfil your expectation.

If you, for example, has conditioned yourself with the ideas of living in the now, it may exclude everything in this chapter that contradicts this, so you can have the experience that you are reading something similar to Echart Tolle, although what you actually have read is that everything you see is an illusion, that has been edited by the brain to your likings.

In other words, it has nothing to do with living in the now, which like every other experience is an illusion fabricated by the brain. Read more about that here.

It takes time for the brain to sort and translate all incoming info coming through the eyes in a specific moment. It must therefore extrapolate the time delay in processing, so it will not interfere with what you perceive to happen now.

You can read more about that in the articles You want to be deceived, and so you are and Duality is a simulated reality on top of non-duality.

In other words, if not categorising thoughts into right and wrong and excluding one of those categories, it is not possible for the brain to deliver an image of what seems to happen now in the world where you appear to be. Therefore the way to undo the belief in being there is to include everything, which happens all by itself when not excluding anything. See hack #3.3 Life is inclusive and not exclusive.

Inclusion leaves nothing for the brain to categorise, and thus no world to construct. Consequently there is no construction to hide that which cannot be constructed, namely that which is one.

NOTE: The above is an elaboration of the article Eyes do not see, they translate, that just like this article is a part of hack #4.1 Eyes cannot see.