+ You see nothing but think it is something [under development]

Everything on the screen of an electronic media is made up of squares, that all consists of zeros and ones. If there seems to be somebody that is not made of squares, it is because the squares have been made so small, that you do not notice the soft form you seem to see is an illusion. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Facebook and Google –  among others – offer to organise your digital photos with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), that is programmed to see who is in your pictures and sort them accordingly. Even though the images are flat and on an electronic media made up by nothing but zeros and ones, the artificial intelligence perceives them to be dimensional. The more it ´sees´, the more it learns to interpret a particular facial expression as a specific emotion so that it feels what it ´sees´ and therefore relates to the persons in the photos as if it is a person itself.

You see nothing but think it is something

But it does not exist as somebody, so nobody perceives anything. It is just layer upon layer of algorithms, that collect data and put them together in the same way as the human brain compiles thoughts to make them manifest a tangible world in empty space.

When a smartphone recognises your face it does not mean that it sees you, but in the case of Apple that it registers the electrical impulses from a grid of 30,000 invisible dots which has been projected onto your face to create a 3-D map of your facial topography. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Whether you seem to see something in a movie or what appears to be a world outside of you, it is an experience fabricated by the brain. So if someone is seen as sad, it is not because there is someone there, but because this is how a certain wavelength is interpreted by the brain.

In other words, the experience of a world defined by time and space is a construction of thoughts made by nobody from out of nothing – or as science states, the world consists of 99.9999999 per cent empty space and the rest, that we perceive as elements of matter making up a tangible world, is also empty space.

»The app helps people who are blind or losing their sight ´feel´ smiles. The app uses facial recognition to find a face and then vibrates in the user’s hand to let them know that the person they’re talking with is smiling.« From an article in Wired.

The person you believe to be is blind, deaf and numb. What you experience to see, hear and feel, regardless it appears to be spiritual or mundane, is nothing but electrical impulses, which do not mean anything before they have been translated by the brain, for example into thoughts about a smile.

It can be compared to an app in a wearable device, that uses facial recognition to find a face and vibrates when it smiles, so that the blind ones can ´see´ the face is smiling.

Gurus, for example, like to insist, that this construction of thoughts is made by a higher consciousness, so even though they are nothing, there is something real to find. But they are wrong. Reality is that which is one, and it takes more than one to find something, so only that which is not real can be found.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.1 Eyes cannot see.