The enlightened never waits

Every Moment is the Perfect Moment. Nothing is wrong or missing.

Every Moment is the Perfect Moment. Nothing is wrong or missing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is very important to be visible for those, who want to be somebody important in a world defined by time and space. It is a must to be seen and see others, so that you can reinforce the belief, that you as someone definitive are part of a world where there seems to be more than one.

One who is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one knows, there is no world, so the enlightened has no interest in being someone in particular. In fact, it feels so good to be nobody – transparent like the air – and to not focus on appearances, but that which makes it possible to experience something that is not there, as if it is.

Most have forgotten, a world, where there seems to be more than one, is a notion, a silly idea that cannot be realised, and so they try to connect to others by sharing the belief, that such a world is real and that they, therefore, have succeeded in being and having more than that which is one .

There is nothing more intimate than that which is one
A world, where there seems to be more than one, is a twisted version of that which is one. In oneness, everything ´happens´ fast and simultaneously, so there is no way of distinguishing anything like in the world. That which is one can be compared to a movie that runs so fast, that there are no differences to see, whereas a world where there seems to be more than one can be compared to the same movie but shown in slow motion so that all the different frames makes it appear as if differences make a difference.

You could also compare the world to an extension of a computer dot. A computer dot looks like it is one round thing, but it consists of innumerable amounts of square pixels, that are so tight together, that they cannot be perceived as separated identities unless the dot is extended.

But it is not possible to extend that which is one, so experiencing different appearances in linear time is an illusion. Yet when you appear to be in this illusion everything seems to take time. The enlightened know that and therefore patiently wait to return to the reality of that which is one. As nothing in the illusion can be experienced without it, everything in the illusion is a symbol of it. In other words, every moment is perfect – and so there is nothing to wait for.