CUT OUT Leave the body (upgaded)

Appearing to be in a body, Alexius follows the signals of it, which at the time of this photoshoot appeared to be that it needed something cold, so very light-footed he took it to the nearest ice cream shop. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you want to be free from worries and troubles, the belief that you are in the body must be undone. The obsession with it – the look and performance you expect from it – causes much trouble. And the few moments of pleasure is hard work.

To be free from worries is not the same as to be free, because freedom …

To leave your body is to not be involved in its survival and well-being. This, it has the capacity to do itself. Actually, it is built to be self-sufficient, and it is very good at that if you do not interfere with it.

except for doing brushing the teeth and stuff like that. If so, it will digest the food you put in the mouth and make sure its partnership with the gravity will keep you from falling off the planet – and produce new bodies.

In other words, leaving your body does not mean, that you stop putting food into the mouth or stop brushes its teeth and so on. You do what you can do to help it – for example taking it to the doctor. But you do not try to control it. Instead, you rely on the body to do its things at its own accord.

How to leave your body, so it can do its own thing without interference?
You cannot decide to leave the body, and you cannot know, what it is not to be in it when you believe you are that. In other words, you cannot imagine, what it is to not be in a body as long as you are identified with it. But you can stop imagining that you are in a body, and so you are out of it.

´Out of the body´ may not be such a good way to put it, because it implies, that you are part of it. The body is not part of a coat it is wearing, and you are not part of the body you are using. It is outside of you – and even though it seems to be outside of you, you are not inside it. You are that which is one, and oneness has no sides.

To leave your body is to accept it as it is, and not use mind power to make it do things it is not geared to do. A body and a coat are not meant to be mixed but to remain separated – nor is the body and you. When separated they function well together.

Another way to leave the body is to care very much about someone or something else, for example, a pet or a video game.

Leaving your body will not make you happy, but it will make you very light-footed.