SH POOL + A hippie and a businessman has the same desire for being special [draft]

There are many ways to be special. You can be a hippie, for example, and dress in ways that separate you from others so you can perceive them to be wrong you to be right. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Nor the basic or special self makes any thoughts themselves. They are all produced by the brain in accordance with the adventure it wants to make of a self inside a substantial body with a tangible world outside of it. The thoughts making up the script for this adventure and the world that appears to be in it cannot be altered. Although you, like in the world of a video game, can choose to go left or right, for example, the effect of your choice is already scripted by the brain.

There only seems to be a self because that is what the brain wants the consciousness which it has created to conclude from the experiences the brain makes of something that seems to have an effect on a body that responds to it as if it is experienced by a someone inside it. And there only appears to be a body, when there seems to be someone inside it having these experiences of something outside of it.

But just like a dream is make-believe, so is being someone in a body. And just like nobody, in particular, is making a dream, nor does someone in specific make the experience of appearing to be there.

In short, no matter the choice, what you believe to be is going nowhere because it is just a construction of thoughts that twist nothing into something by responding to experiences of nothing as if they are something. It is like when you experience to have an orgasm in a dream and conclude the dream is something and not nothing.

The nothingness of a dream, however, can be a fun experience, if perceived for what it is. Since thoughts are needed for this, you should not try to stop or rearrange them into a more special perception, as if it is hidden signs of this and that. There is nothing hidden in the world of the brain unless you choose to perceive this and thus seem to be on a unique search for finding something that makes you more special.

Since it is very lonesome to perceive itself as disconnected from the brain, the special self always tries to make itself feel as if it is part of something bigger. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

All worlds are a fabrication of the brain and whether they seem to be astral, physical or whatnot the purpose is entertainment. And when you are in sync with that by perceiving it as it is, appearing to be someone there is like binge-watching a TV show, which is so entertaining that it blows your brain out and you feel nothing but satisfaction.

If there is no wish to be in this fantasy the brain makes of somebody in a world where there seems to be more than one, a perception should not be made of it, as then it is not confirmed as real, wherefore nobody is in it.

To not make a perception of the experiences the brain produces of someone in a world where there seems to be more than one is easier said than done. You have to go back in time to do it. The brain has used one second to produce the experience of being someone who is reading this now, so if you go back one second it has not been processed yet. Thus there is not someone having a conscious experience of reading this now. Going back you enter a state of not-knowing, which all the duality hacks, except the enlightenment of that which is one, facilitate when you keep reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings.

But since the subject of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one is how to feel good in the fantasy the brain makes of a world where there seems to be more than one, we return to the experiences produced by the brain and the happiness it entails to have a perception that is in sync with them.

Besides from the fixed thought construction of a fantasy world where everything seems to be separated by time and space, the brain has also made a pool of thoughts from where the consciousness built into the self can pick up the thoughts they like to use for their perception of the fantasy world made by the brain and thus feel as the fantasy is made of solid elements.

If this perception is in alignment with the thought construction making up the fantasy, you are the basic self and thus happily following the instructions of the brain, which may come through physical impulses, feelings or straightforward mental messages. The latter is the case for Alexius, as he is not very physical minded.

The basic self is not on a quest to be and have more. It does not even have a perception of itself as someone who differs from the appearances in its experiences of cockroaches and whatnot. Thus it has no need to be perceived as someone who makes a difference – least of all as the crown of creation. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When the perception is not in alignment with the script of the fantasy but one of the many speculative ways to be special, for example by being a hippie or a businessman, it mirrors the belief that you are a special self, who believes to be independent of the brain and in charge of its own life.

As everything experienced is a product of the brain so is the experience of being independent of it. Thus perceiving to be in charge of your own life is out of sync with the fantasy world of the brain, wherefore it does not result in happiness but sadness and an endless search for something better. It is a quest that seems to generate lots of thoughts.

But they are not generated in the stream of thoughts coming from the brain to keep up the fantasy of you as someone substantial in a tangible world, as the few thoughts that are needed for this are in a locked stream. And they are not really in the pool of thoughts, the brain has made from where you can compose your perception of what you believe to experience because thoughts cannot be added to the pool. But by interpreting them in different ways, they seem to multiply.

Following the script of the brain is like being in a silent movie. There is not all the noise, that otherwise seems to come from thoughts.

So if you feel bothered by thoughts, it is because you are using special interpretations to compose perceptions that are out of sync with the script of the brain. And instead of getting in sync with it, you try to adjust your perceptions better to the agreed ways of being someone special, for example a hippie, a businessman or a Buddhist.

Since that is a speculative process, it requires much more thoughts. Thus you imagine increasing the pool of thoughts by emphasising each thought in different ways so if the same thought is understood sarcastically or lovingly, for example, depends on your tone of voice. Then you compose this in a way that they make look like a satisfied hippie, businessman or Buddhist.

When enjoying duality to the fullest, you will see it is a positive confirmation of non-duality, since it is formless and therefore everything, so you could not have the experience of duality without it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

That being said, this article does not attempt to explain duality. Nor does it point to non-duality, as it takes more than one to do so and there is no more than the oneness of non-duality since it is formless and therefore endless. But it points to the illusion of duality, including the explanations in this article or anywhere else.

This is not meant to say you should stay away from the illusion duality. On the contrary, enjoy it to the fullest, which is so easy when being the basic self and not trying to adjust to one of the many speculative concepts of the special self. It takes too many thoughts to devote yourself to one of these belief systems, whereas devoting yourself to the belief system of the brain and thus being the basic self is so straightforward that, sooner or later, you will find yourself in the process of emerging yourself with something that attracts you.

In the case of Alexius, the devotion to the fantasy of a physical object brought him in a contact with the non-physical object he calls Gudruång and who hums ethereal tunes that Alexius adds words to so the form Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings (read more about that here).

If the object of your desire is physical, it is probably best if you stick to it as a fantasy, since manifesting it could bring about problems.* It does not matter what it is you desire. What matters is that you go with the flow of it so intensely that you end up feeling nothing but that. Since that means, there is not something to contrast it that can define it, you are not someone definitive and thus not something that appears to hide, there is no more than that which is formless, namely non-duality since it is without beginning and end.

All the duality hacks facilitate this, and they automatically apply themselves when you read Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings not to learn but to unlearn everything. If you look for the result of this, you will not see it, because the result is nothing. Thus there is not something that seems to cause problems anymore.

Be aware, that starting sense what you believe to is non-existing, it may at first feels as if being beside oneself and therefore being a bit clumsy. No worries. That is how the script of the brain deals with this and if not being put off by it but perceiving it as it is, you will forget about how things should be and enjoy them as they are.

Consequently, you are happy as the basic self when you are not in the bliss of not-knowing until the experience of happiness and bliss or anything else in a world of duality has no appeal compared to that which no one can experience since it is formless and therefore endless, namely non-duality.

In a world of duality everything has an end. In non-duality, however, there is no time and thus no end.

There is no meaning to be found in a world where there seems to be more than one, nor anywhere else, because it takes more than one to find something, and there is no more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless. In other words, no matter what you appear to be, it is make-believe. So why not adjust to the belief system of the brain and automatically receive its injections of happiness. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

No matter what you experience to be or have in a dream, it is not real but make-believe. And so is the appearance of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one because there is no more than non-duality since it is formless and therefore endless. As that means there is nothing outside of it, there is no inside and thus nothing to experience. So if you experience to be someone, you are not in non-duality, nor anywhere else because there is nothing outside of it. In other words, a world of duality is an illusion, that is made by nobody since there is not anybody in non-duality.

Within the apparent materialisation of this illusion, your most defining experiences of duality are stored in the brain and as they constitute the self you believe to be (read more about that here) you cannot have the belief in being this self undone without honouring the brain.

So you should not dismiss the experiences fabricated and stored in the brain because they ratify the choice you seem to have made to believe you are someone in a world of duality, and if not honouring you have made this choice, you cannot undo it.

The undoing of it, however, does not come from doing or not doing something specific or from stopping thoughts. This is within the realm of the belief that there is something to experience and thus enhances that belief.

The undoing comes from the willingness to remain in the nothingness, that the brain continuously renders into a world that seems to be made from something. This nothingness is not non-duality. It is formless and therefore endless so it is everything. As it takes the brain one second to render something from the nothingness it assumes to be outside of non-duality, what is experienced now as if it is something was nothing one second ago. Thus this experience will not seem to occur if you remain one second behind (read more about that here) because then it is perceived from the gap between nothing and something.

*) This should not be understood as you in general refrain from participating in making the world appear as if it is physical. If you are scripted to have a family, for example, you engage yourself in that in a physical way. Doing this in a tangible way is a good way of getting used to going with the flow so when you have no obligations you can abstractly do that.

Yet completely being engaged in your family may result in the realisation that having experiences of duality is only possible due to non-duality, as it is formless and therefore everything. Thus duality is perceived as a positive confirmation of non-duality.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, and it is still in the state of a draft.