+ From the special to the basic self into a state of not-knowing, where there are glimpses of enlightenment [under construction]

If you for some reason think that you should be a vegetarian, you will sort out all thoughts about meat, and therefore never see what is that you are in a world defined by time and space. This is not to say that you must eat meat, but that you must include all thoughts as they are, if you want to be fulfilled. The exclusion of thoughts though is just a foolish mistake, that easily is corrected. That is if you do not insist in being the special person the exclusion of specific thoughts seems to manifest. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

As the self is a construction of thoughts, the common hate against them and the brain that produces them is actually self-hatred. Thus it is not by distancing yourself from thoughts, that you will find yourself but by acknowledging what you seem to think is what appear to be in a world defined by time and space. This acknowledgement is done by not sorting out thoughts judged not to fit into what you want to be.

Doing so happiness comes from being yourself, which is a very basic self, whereas sadness comes from the speculative version of the basic self, although it is believed to be much better than the basic self, as you seem to be more special and in charge of it.

Yet is like a car trying to make a better version of itself. It is not possible, because it is built to drive where the driver wants to go and not where it wants to go, as it has no will of its own. Nor has neither the basic or special self. The latter though like to imagine that it has.

But you are built to go where the brain wants you to go, and no matter what you seem to think you will do that. Just like no matter what you think the character in a video game, that you identify yourself with, cannot be changed in other ways than those already build into the game. Thus you are always doing what the brain has programmed you to do.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you identify with the basic self you will feel extreme happiness sitting on top of it all like in this image – not because you see that as something special but as having fun. You will not try to extend this moment of fun, because you know that being a follower of the thoughts streamed from the brain, there will be many new moments of fun.

If you on the other hand consider yourself to be special, you will not have much fun but an internal conflict between the fear of falling down and the joy of the sight. This conflict seems to be solved when you return to the street.

Yet you will be met of a new conflict there, which could be your concern of when and where to have lunch or where to go. That is of course unless you have planned the whole trip. But in this case you probably trouble yourself with thoughts of how to stick to the plan.

The the basic self is in sync with this, following the commands of the brain results in feeling good. In fact wellbeing is a reward the brain injects into the body in the form of dopamine, for example, which is the same that is released when taking drugs. Here you can read more about the brain being in charge and rewarding you when following its commands.

What an actor does or says is scripted, so if you experience it to be personal, it has nothing to do with what the actor does or says but your special perception of it.

But the special self want to take care of its happiness itself, because it follows a thought system that seems to make it self-supporting, although this system is nothing but a construction of thoughts carefully selected from those produced by the brain, as neither the basic or special self are able to make thoughts themselves – just like a character in a video game has no thoughts of its own and an actor in a movie is bound to say what the script dictates.

You cannot change that. But you can change your perception of it. And that is what the duality hacks facilitate. They do not change or stop the stream of thoughts or what they seem to manifest. Yet they make you indifferent to them, so that their apparent difference do not appear to make a difference.

As the foundation for the belief in separation therefore falls apart, there is no longer neither a basic or special self. There is nobody and thus not somebody to experience anything, wherefore nothing seems to hide there never was or will be anything else than that which is one.

As the basic self does not consider itself as anything special, it does not mind being brought to an end. The special self on the other hand wants to avoid this – also if it claims to be spiritual – so it is always on the lookout for different and sensational experiences it can share with others, so that there seems to be more than one and that it is a special one. Making others believe this is what makes it feel very good, because then it feels supported in the belief that it is someone special in a world where there seems to be more than one. Read more about sharing in the below epilogue.

Not in terms of physical reality but the thoughts regarding it the special self is out of sync with the present moment as it is. Thus it tries to create synchronicity via its smart phone, for example – or by editing its memory, so that in retrospect it seemed to be present in the moment as it was. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since the basic self cannot experience the rewards of dopamine, as if it is happy without being aware of itself as someone definitive, the brain has constructed it with a consciousness. Read more about this here. This consciousness, however, also that makes it possible to sort out the thoughts coming from the brain and exclude those you do not like to feel. Doing so you become the special self, which consists of the thoughts chosen to make you appear more special.

How to know, if you believe to be the special self and not the basic one? It is very easy, because the basic self has no need to know who it is, so if you want to know who you are, it is because you have distanced yourself from that. In other words, you believe to be special, but as there is no belief without doubt, you are in doubt of what you are.

In fact you do not like the self you appear to be – read more about self-hatred here – so you constantly perform self-destructive actions by judging yourself for eating too much, spending too much or having too much sex, for example, wherefore you read or attend seminars about how to escape the self you have created by coming from the heart, being in the now or another speculative concept, that seems to transform your self into a better and higher one.

The special self never feels that it has enough. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But as the foundation for being special is that streaming the basic thoughts produced by the brain to make your experience of you as someone definitive a happy one is not enough for you, you always think there must be more, so no matter how much better the special self appears to become, it is never enough. Thus looking for satisfaction and something better, you can be sure you consider yourself to be special – especially if you doubt this.

From here on all thoughts produced by the brain are sorted into groups of what you want to be and not to be. The thoughts of what you want to be you believe to think yourself and the thoughts of what you do not want to be you believe others are thinking or have caused you to think. As you now are disassociated from the very the simple stream of thoughts coming from the brain, everything seems complicated and speculative, wherefore you contrary to the basic self have a constant inner dialogue of what to do – read more about having a constant the inner dialogue here. Since that is very tiring, you are constantly in need of more energy and relaxation. Read more about relaxation here.

To make long short, if you try to make your own thought system out of the thoughts produced by the brain the brain, so you seem to be an independent being in charge of its own life, you disassociate yourself from the brain and thus the biological system governed by it, so it cannot inject your body with shots of happiness. Thus you conclude you must take care of that yourself by getting more money, love and whatnot, so you try to learn how to become successful or to come from the heart, for example.

The special self never goes with the natural flow of thoughts but always says, there must be another way.

But as happiness comes from following the thoughts produced by the brain and not from trying to control them in order fo fabricate an image of you as someone unique and independent, no matter what you learn and do on your own, it does not result in shots of happiness but of uncertainty.

If you do not think about this image, you will not experience someone there, because it is thoughts that make us appear as if we are somebody. Thus ignoring them, there is nobody to hide, there never was or will be more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To conclude: Whether the thoughts of the brain are edited or not, listening to them is what keep you going as if you are a basic or a special self. If thoughts are not edited and just followed, you are nothing special – just a very light-hearted basic self contrary to the heaviness associated with the special self, that always have to spend time on editing thoughts, so that they seem to be made by itself and not the brain, and make up a story where the world revolves around it as if it is the centre of everything. Read more about that here.

The application of one or more of the duality hacks facilitate the return to the basic self, who is aware that following the thoughts, that the brain produces, is in its own best interest, if it wants to enjoy appearing to be someone definitive in a world defined by time and space.

In other words, if you are not aware of the thoughts made by the brain the foundation for being someone definitive falls apart. So if you want, you can have the duality hacks take you a step further than being conscious about the appearance of you as someone definitive, so that you are in a state of not-knowing and thus in the bliss of not appearing to be someone definitive.

This does not have to be done in steps. You can also go directly from the special self – see How to ignite a take-off to ´the empty breath´ – to the bliss it is to not know what and where you are. Those drinking, chanting, meditating or in other ways drugging themselves probably do this to achieve the same bliss, but neither that any other way of suppressing or denying thoughts and feelings will take you there. See also There is nothing to escape and Effortlessly living is so much fun.

Nothing that can evoke the bliss, that a state of not-knowing entails. But there is something that can take away what seems to hide it, namely not to care about being someone definitive. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

There is not anything that can bring you into a state of not-knowing. But when the definition of you as someone definitive is taken away nothing seems to hide a state of not-knowing. All that is needed for this to occur is that all thoughts are listened to and whatever their implication of you as someone definitive seems to make you feel, it is not denied. Yet the respond to it is ´and so what?´ Read more about that in hack #4.5 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone

This is exactly what the application of one or more of the duality hacks do for you. That is if thoughts are exposed by you, so that the duality hacks can ignore them and they therefore emerge with the nothingness, they seem to be made from.

As what you believe to be is a construction of thoughts this applies to the appearance of you as well. Not in the sense though, that it does not seem to be there anymore, but in the sense that you do not believe it is that which is you, wherefore it does not block out the glimpses of enlightenment a state of not-knowing entails

These glimpses – read here about the enlightenment of that which is one versus glimpses of it – can be either be seen heard, felt and tasted, as if you are travelling in worlds of light, hearing ethereal harmonies that maybe is merged into a humming coming from far away, feeling that not only you but everything is spinning like a cat in the exact same rhythm or drinking from an endless stream of honey and milk. Here you can read how to have glimpses of enlightenment.

The above is not to say, that there are certain stages you need go through in order to undo the believe in being someone definitive. As a teenager Alexius went straight to that by bidding welcome the enlightenment of that which is one.

But before he reached the point of no return in that which cannot be experienced, since that takes more than one, he bounced back into experiencing something, which only appears to be possible when appearing to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one. See The ins and outs of a black hole.

He does not know why, but it seems he has a song to sing, namely Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings. Read more about that in the next article Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings is a song without an answer and Read more about no steps to that which is one at the end of this link.

You can only share something, if you believe to be someone separated from somebody. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Epilogue about sharing, separation and a state of-not knowing
In order to share something you must be someone, who believes to have something others have not. As the foundation for sharing therefore is separation it follows that a state of not-knowing, which foundation is the indifference to differences, cannot be shared.

So if there is a need for sharing, the pain of being someone, who is separated from somebody, is preferred to the bliss of not being anybody.

This does not mean, that you enter a state of not-knowing if you stop sharing, because you can only stop something when you are separated from it. But since sharing is based on separation you enter a state of not-knowing when you allow yourself to completely feel the loneliness of it, because any intense and uncontrolled feeling ignites a take-off to the empty breath and its indifference to differences, so you are in a state of not-knowing.

What you appear to be is exactly the same. Yet there is nobody to believe that this specific appearance is you.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.