POOL + Happiness cannot be found, it comes effortlessly all by itself [draft]

Everything is always going your way. If it does not seem so, you are not going your way. Not in the sense that you are going the wrong way. That is not possible. But in the sense that you perceive it in a way that is not beneficial, namely as if the world revolves around you. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although it is easy and straightforward to be in sync with the stream of thoughts that constitute the script of the brain – especially it happens effortlessly, and you are rewarded with shots of happiness for not interfering with that – most do not want to be in sync with the brain. They want to an independent being who can do things in their own way and pace. That is why they choose to perceive the script of the brain in such a way, that they seem to be the master of it.

As the script of the brain is made for the entertainment of the basic self and as those perceiving themselves to be a special self think it is stupid, they spent much time and energy on creating a perception that excludes those elements of the script that does not fit into the image they want to produce of themselves as a spiritual or socialistic person. But their apparent independence of the script does not result in them becoming better, nor happy but one who does not feel good enough.

It is not just ultimately speaking that the concept of being independent is an illusion. Also in the context of where it is made, because nobody can create original thought. They receive all thoughts from the brain – just like a self-driving car does not make the instructions, that it uses for driving, but receives them from the cloud (read more about that here).

The thoughts that the brain uses to construct the script for the appearance of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one are beyond the control of any other than the brain. It has, however, made a pool of thoughts from where the consciousness of the self freely can pick the thoughts it wants to use for its own perception of the script. Both the creator of the self, namely the brain, and the consciousness it has built into the self needs this to be done because the perception of the script seems to establish, that its story of a tangible world where you are someone substantial is a fact.

The special self, however, does not want to have a perception that relates to the script as it is but how it ought to be according to the concepts of nationalism, capitalism, spiritualism or another ism making the special self seem to be in charge of its own life but also to be part of something better and bigger. 

But you are not free when you follow a specific concept and always have to censor your perception so anything that does not fit into the idea you believe in living by can be excluded from how you perceive the experiences made by the brain. So you fool yourself when you claim to be an independent being, which is free to do things in its own way.


Regardless your perception is in sync with the script of the brain or not, you cannot plan for something to happen, which is not already designed by the brain. But if you sense the inputs from it without trying to understand them or interpret them as it is you who are in control, they are perceived for what they are, namely messages of happiness. And feeling happy you have no need to plan for anything.


Whether you are a basic or special self, your future will be experienced as planned by the brain. You cannot change that. Just like you cannot change the course of a movie, except your perception of it.

But if you are watching a movie and based on selected parts of what you have seen of it make an interpretation it that is founded on the plot from a past movie, you cannot enjoy the rest of the present movie as intended by the director, as you will overlook the parts that are not in alignment with your special interpretation.

Likewise, in the adventure where you experience to be someone definitive in a physical, spiritual or dream world. If you are not in alignment with the script of the adventure, you will not find it exciting but disturbing or maybe even dull.

And as the special self is the basic self that via a twisted perception of itself seems to have been altered into something better, it needs to go on modifying something to feel that it is special, so it is never in alignment with the script. But as the basic self is what it is, it perceives the script for what it is, namely something to make it happy, and so every part of it does that.


No matter if your perception is in sync with the script of the brain or not, you are bound to follow it by the letter. See also Part 2 in Happiness comes from not interfering with thoughts and emotions, whereas trying to control them brings sadness.

But you are not bound to like it. You can perceive it in any way you fancy as long as your perception relates to the script as it is and not as you reckon it ought to be according to religious or socialistic concepts, for example.

To make a perception of the script that does not seem to alter it is easy because the brain has, metaphorically speaking, made a pool of thoughts from where you can pick those thoughts that fit how you perceive the script. You can also let the brain do it, which automatically happens if you do nothing about it because the brain needs this perception since without it there is nothing to confirm its script to be real. Regardless of who is making the perception, the brain rewards you with tangible happiness, that is felt in the body no matter if the script has supplied you with good or bad weather, for example.

But if you try to construct a perception that is in sync religious or socialistic concepts, for example, it is out of sync with the script of the brain. Since the brain, therefore, does not supply you with happiness and you believe your religion has something better have something better, you try to find happiness by following its commands. But you are on an endless quest for happiness only comes from following your master, which is the brain.

The special self does not get the happiness supplied by the brain because it is out of sync with the script of the brain and thus has a tightened body, that cannot feel it. Massage, for example, will not give it the relaxation it needs. The body only dares to relax when in sync with the script of the brain.

If the brain, by the way, supplied those who have made a perception that is out of sync with its script, they would not notice it because it is not a feeling of grandeur but a happiness that is so pure that you cannot explain. Besides, this happiness does not come from being and having something unique, which is what those having an individual perception expects, but from following something, namely the brain.


When the special self says it needs time to process something, it means that it needs time to make up an interpretation of it that fits into its perception of how the world ought to be.


Your perception of the script of the brain comes effortlessly if not interfering with it. Just like you automatically perceive everything in a movie you are watching. Or like the experience of appetite automatically make you perceive the food you like or maybe that you do not like.

It does not matter how you perceive the experiences created by the brain. As long as your perception relates to them, there seems to be ongoing communication between two separate objects. The experience the brain creates of a world where there seems to be more than one, therefore, appears to be real and, consequently, also the one believing to be experiencing it.

Having confirmed the story that the brain makes up from nothing to be something, you are automatically rewarded with shots of happiness. But not confirming it to be real, you have to look for happiness yourself, which is hard work. And so is not endorsing the script as it is, because making a perception that does not relate to it does not come effortlessly.

If you, for example, strictly follow a specific diet instead of the signals coming from the body, the natural sense of being hungry may be judged as unnatural, so instead of having an automatic perception that relates to the experience as it is, you twist the perception into something founded on your specific diet. Hence the perception represses the experience as it is and therefore fends off the happiness it was supposed to entail.

The same happens if you watch a movie and expect it to fit into the special ideas you are following, for example of how to be spiritual, and therefore avoid to have a natural and effortless perception of the movie but uses much effort to twist it into something that seems to confirm your ideas of being spiritual or expose how evil non spiritual people are. But as you thereby have repressed the script of the movie, you will not enjoy it as the director of it has intended you to do.

So why do most not want to enjoy the script of the brain as it is? Because they believe they know what is best and that everything, therefore, will be better if they, and not the brain, are in charge. The script of the brain, however, cannot be changed. Only the perception of it, so regardless of the perception, the brain is still in charge.

The only thing you, therefore, obtain by revolting against it is to be out of sync with the moment as it is and thus not able to get the happiness that every moment contains.

This changes when you do not interfere with the automatic formulation of your perception. You may, however, be so accustomed to interfere that it is difficult not to do anything. If so you make a perception yourself that is bound to be in sync with the script by stating it is what it is, or shit happens or so what. Getting used to doing so, it is only a matter of time before you do not have to do anything and a perception in sync with the script of the brain automatically arises and you, therefore, feel entertained by it.


When thoughts seem to stress the special self, and it needs to meditate, it is not because the brain produces a lot of thoughts, but because the special self is busy moving around those few that there are so they can be compiled into its perception of how things should be. As the perception of the basic self is in sync with the script of the brain, it does not see anything that needs changing but that everything is what it is. Hence there is nothing to stress it but much to make it feel good.


Experiencing to be someone who is doing something in a world defined by time and space, you are in the domain of the brain because that is where the experience of that is fabricated. So the more your perception is in sync with the thoughts that the brain uses to render this experience, the more you enjoy appearing to be in its world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

There is nothing spontaneous about the basic self. It follows the script of the brain, just like a violinist follows the notes of a classical composition. It leaves no room for improvisation, nor for any regret, because the notes that go on in repeating patterns are already set. So if the basic self appears to be spontaneous, it is probably because it has no goal of its own and thus no need to make a speculative perception in which events seem to have a special meaning.

Should you wonder, if your perception is in sync with the script of the brain, it is out of sync, because if in sync you have no doubts.


Being in sync with the script of the brain does not make you better, nor does it make you do the right thing. It is only the special self who feels so wrong that it always has to be and do right, which never happens because it is not in charge. If it seems so it is because the special self in retrospect perceives past events like that.

There is no right thing to do in the script of the brain because being wrong is just as entertaining as being right when your perception is in sync with the script. Nor is there something to make better. The script is the only option you have if you want the experience of being someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one, regardless that appears to a physical, spiritual or immaterial dream world.

Should you not want that, all you need is to not be in sync with the script. Not like the special self, however, who revolts against it by making a perception of the script in which it does not seem to depend on it, but what you rebel against you are dependent on.

So to not be in sync with the script you just ignore it, which is done by not having a perception like the special self who says ´I know what it is,´ nor like the basic self who says ´It is what it is´ but simply to say ´Dunno what it is.´ Read more about that here. Doing that, the perception does not confirm the experiences that the brain produces of you as someone definitive to be real, wherefore they slowly but surely lose their appeal.

Thus the nothingness from where the experiences were conceived no longer is believed to be something and a world where there seems to be more than one, therefore, does not appear to be outside of that which is one. Consequently, it is evident that there never was or will be more than that which has no beginning and end, namely the formlessness of that which is one.

Thus you are not someone anymore and never was since that requires more than one. If you are not ready to undo the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one, you should of course not say ´Dunno what it is´ but ´It is what it is,´ so you happily can go on as the basic self until you have had enough of believing that you can be someone when there is nothing outside of that which is one and nobody inside it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, which is still in the process of being written.