(POOL) BM5 + Happiness comes from not interfering with thoughts and emotions, whereas sadness comes from trying to do that [draft]

If you do not perceive feelings in a way that wholly or partly suppresses them, you feel good no matter how you interpret them. In other words, seeing something as negative feels just as good as to perceiving it to be positive. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain repeatedly rewards the basic self for being in sync with its script by injecting it with shots of happiness. This it cannot do for the special self because it makes a  perception where everything it judges to be wrong in the script is excluded from its awareness and instead hidden in the body that tightens up from this suppression. As the natural flow between the brain and the body, therefore, is interrupted, the brain cannot inject it with happiness, nor can it be of help when the body is sick.

The special self uses drugs, meditation and whatnot to construct a perception of the world so that the self seems to be the centre of it and, therefore, able to handle it.

Hence the body is administered by the special self who loves the idea of a body-mind connection* as it implies that it is possible to mentally control the body, so it forces it to do fitness, yoga, meditation, tai chi**, a special diet or other speculative ways and transforming it into something better.

Though the body obeys as it is made to do, it returns the mental attack on its physicality by creating physical symptoms of pain or allergic reactions, for example, in the hope that the intensity of this will make the special self realise it is best not to interfere with the body. To heal itself it may even distract the special self into falling, so it breaks a leg and thus the unhealthy pattern of holding back that the suppression of unpleasantness has established there.

Should you be tired from being a slave of your own story about you and not the brain being the master, you break out of it by acknowledging that you do not know what is in your best interest. This sets the body free from your imprisonment so it can communicate with the brain that can use the biological system to suss out the sickness that you brought upon the body by blocking the natural flow of the biological system.

The brain is happy when you do not block the information going to or from it – and so is the body, because then the biological system works in its favour. And since what you believe to be is a construction of the brain, you are also happy when not blocking the information going to or from the brain by using the body as a means to hide unpleasant feelings. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Thus you finally have broken the self-destructive pattern behind your special perception of yourself and the world as something you know how should be. This is not to say, that there is no gain without pain, but that if you are stuck in a self-destructive pattern, it may at first seem quite painful to break it.

Nor is it to say that the condition of your body or mental being must be perfect for the duality hacks. They work regardless of what and where you perceive to be because they do not look at that as something but nothing. For the same reason, the enlightenment of that which is one can be bid welcome in any condition, including being drunk, for example.

It is all a matter of having the willingness to not stop the duality hacks from undoing the belief in being someone definitive. That willingness often starts off by admitting, you are not willing to have that belief undone, as acknowledging this confirms the appearance of you as someone definitive is make-believe.

As it is the fear of pain, that uphold the tensions in the body and thus keeps you from the natural state of bodily well-being, facing the fear without mentally justifying and/or explaining it but totally feeling it, the tensions in the body are released. Thus they are not blocking the natural  flow of communication between the brain and the body anymore. The brain, therefore, is able to inject the body with shots of healing.

Hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, however, is not so much about undoing the belief in being someone definitive as to enjoy that belief, which automatically happens when not being a special but a basic self. The latter is in sync with the script of the brain and therefore repeatedly injected with shots of happiness. But indirectly the hack is also about undoing the belief in being someone definitive because being happy that does not seem dangerous.

When you feel entertained, your perception is in sync with the script of the brain. But if you blame the world for what you feel, you distance yourself from your experience and thus the one making it, namely the brain. As you, therefore, are out of sync with the script of the brain, you do not feel entertained but bored by it.  Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The changes in the script of the brain that you believe have been made by you, or higher forces only happened in your perception of it. And it only seems to disguise that the original script is unchanged because you keep your special perception layered on top of it. But just like a layer of lipstick do not alter what is beneath it, nor do your perception.

In other words, the script of the brain cannot be changed. Within the script, however, you can choose to go left or right, for example. But what happens from there is already written into the manuscript – just like no matter what you decide to do in a video game the subsequent events are predetermined. And also like in a video game, it is not essential to escape death because you are not there. Yet to feel entertained by the plot, you relate to it as if you are, which your perception of this experience seems to confirm.

Metaphorically speaking the brain has made a pool of thoughts that you are free to use as you choose for your perception of its script. If not trying to make a special perception, one that is in sync with the script of the brain is made all by itself. But if you try to make a perception that does not relate to the script of the brain but one of the many speculative ways of making it better, for example socialism, capitalism or humanism, the perception does not come effortlessly.

In other words, it takes much effort to make a perception that is out of sync with the brain, and as the pool of thoughts does not really have thoughts for that, you have to generate more of them (read more about that here) to make up a special perception. And then you have to meditate or something else that seems to imply you are in control of them and therefore can stop the thoughts you have made and feel bothered by.

But it does not work because you hang onto them as without them you are not the unique being your special perception seems to have brought about. To make long short, making an individual perception where you and not the brain appears to be in charge is hard work and it does not result in feeling good but very confused because you do not know what is in your own best interest.

This is the same for the basic self. But that does not matter because the brain knows what is the best and as the perception of the basic self is in sync with the script of the brain, what it gets feels entertaining. Also if it is not the best business deal, holiday or spouse, for example, that it gets because it feels entertained by in the best possible way. See also Every moment is the perfect moment – even for dying in the rainforest.

You do not have to like the script of the brain, but if you want to be entertained by it, you have to relate to it without trying to change it. Just like you do not have to like everything in a plot of a movie but have to connect with it if you want to feel the thrill of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Always feeling entertained, the basic self is not looking for something special to make it feel good, nor does it need to hang onto anything, in particular, to feel happy. Thus feelings do not get sticky.

This does not require that your perception is in alignment with the present version the script of the brain. First of all, what you believe to happen right now happened in the past because it takes one second for the brain to process the inputs it claims to get from your sensory system. Hence what you believe to read now, you read one second ago (read more about that here). Secondly, the experience of any point in linear time is made by the brain from out of the same empty space because what it claims to receive from your sensory system is actually nothing rendered into something. A bit like printing a lot of dollars seems to turn nothing into something.

So it makes no difference to the brain what point in the timeline of its script that your perception matches. In other words, though you are walking down the street and hardly notice it because you think of a specific moment from the past, you are in sync with the script of the brain if your perception corresponds to that past moment of the script. Just like you are in sync with a movie when you relate to its plot, regardless it happens in the past or the future.

Nor does it make a difference to the brain, if you are in agreement with its script or not. All that it wants is that you do not try to change the thoughts and feelings arising concerning its script, so your response to it also includes politically incorrect emotions like sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger, rage, because everything in the script comes in pairs. In other words, if the dark feelings are not included, you cannot feel the light ones. Actually, you will not feel much but loss. Thus the script of the brain does not seem entertaining.

If you wonder whether your perception of the script is in sync or not, you are not entertained by the script of the brain and thus have made a perception that is out of sync with it. Not doing anything about corrects this immediately but since the reason for being out of sync is that you believe to be in charge, not doing anything is not an option. Fortunately, deciding ´it is as what is´ also makes your perception in sync with the script.

Sticking to this decision you will sooner or later not need to decide anything because you are in sync with the choices of the brain, that also makes sure your perceptions are that. As you, therefore, feel entertained whether something seems to be a success or a fiasco, you have no unpleasant feelings to hide in the body, so you will never make it suffer from psychosomatic disorders.

If your perception of the natural flow of thoughts is synchronised with it or not makes no difference in regards to what you experience but how you feel about it. If in sync, any experience makes you happy, whereas you feel troubled if your perception is out of sync because it never feels good not being connected. The perception is out of sync with the script of the brain, when it does not relate to it as it is but to a version based on spiritualism, capitalism, socialism or any other ism of the world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

• To make nothing appear as if it is something, the brain constructs a self with a built-in consciousness which through its perception of the experiences that the brain continuously fabricates confirms they are something and thus also the one who appears to have the experience of something outside of itself (read more about that here).

• No matter how you experience the appearances on a computer screen and where you believe the experience to come from, what you experience to be there is not there. Every part of it is an illusion generated by the computer, and it only seems to be real because that is how you want to perceive it.

• Just like a dream is a construction of nothing that never leaves the dreamer although it seems to be here and there, the self and the world that appears to be outside of it is a construction of nothing that never leaves the brain, regardless where the self may seem to travel and what it believes to realise.

Being in the natural flow of thoughts as it comes from the brain can be compared to following the plot of a movie. It is straightforward because it is full of hints, so you instantly know how to perceive what is going on.

The director of the movie has, for example, added emotional music leading up to exiting scenes in which the bad guys drive in black cars. And since black – at least in the Western world – is associated with evil, you know how to perceive it. In other words, when your perception of a movie is in sync with the hints made by the director, the film automatically set in motion what you based on your past reckon you should feel about it.

Thus you can just relax and have a good time watching the movie. That is if you do not think you know better than the director and imagine how to edit the storyline or change the characters so that everything fits into the concepts of spiritualism, capitalism or some other ism you believe is gonna make you and/or the world better.

When you do not get the plot of a movie it feels boring. Hence you look forward to the movie to become better and seem to be stuck in it. Likewise, in a world where there seems to be more than one.

Since the plot is that there is more than that which is one, you do not try to be at one, detached or whatnot, but have fun pretending to be separated from what you experience. Going with the flow of that, you have a laugh and thus affirm your indifference to the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.

So when you do not question the director or doubt the storyline of the movie, but jump into the adventure as it is, the experience of being engaged in a world where you are not is entertaining.

On a practical level in the world where we appear to be this means that if you live in Germany, for example, you most likely speak German and maybe vote for Angela Merkel. But as a world of duality cannot be experienced without contrasts, this does not hold good for everybody.

Perhaps you are an immigrant, who does not want to be integrated into the German system because you do not believe in democracy. Hence you do not vote for Angela Merkel, although she may be the reason you were allowed into Germany. Perceived in a rational way the script is neither logic or consistent and least of all fair, but if your perception is in sync with it, you feel good no matter how it plays out.

None of the characters in a movie enters the place from where you experience them. They are not on the screen either. If it is a digital one, there is nothing but zeros and ones added together in such a way, that the brain seems to receive the combined result as a world in 3D. If it is an analogue movie, it is nothing but reflections of light, that the brain interprets to a world defined by time and space.

Everybody makes up their own version of a movie, and they believe everybody else has seen it the same way. Likewise, the special self always twists the script of the brain into a story where it is on top of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The reason that it is in your best interest to coordinate your perception of the world with the stream of thoughts coming from the brain is that it is this stream that makes up your experience of the world and you being someone there. And it is not fun having these experiences if not in alignment with the maker of them. Just like it is not fun to play a game like Monopoly, for example, if not in alignment with its world in which you capitalistically and egotistically profit on others until they have nothing and you have everything. If not going along with the premise of the game, it seems boring.

If your perception of a movie is in sync with the flow of thoughts that the brain automatically produces in response to it, you feel entertained. If one of these responses produced by the brain is a feeling of lust and you suppress it by perceiving the object of your desire to be too young, old or something else judged as wrong, you are out of sync with the flow of thoughts that the brain produces in response to the movie. Hence you do not feel entertained but frustrated by it.

The same applies when you watch a movie. It is meant to invoke familiar emotions so that you feel involved in its plot. The brain searches your memory bank for something that can support it. And if you do not start doubting the subsequent interpretation of the characters and try to make it better but follow it to the letter, you feel entertained by the movie (read more about that here), whereas it seems to bore you if you break up its story by judging the characters by concepts unrelated to the film. See also To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts.

When you are in sync with the scheme of a movie or its flow of colours, for example, you feel great being part of flow but not of it. Likewise, following the stream of thoughts that renders a world of duality, it seems entertaining to be part of it, although that is not real since there is no duality as non-duality is formless and therefore endless.

The above is meant to illustrate that if there is no attempt to alter the stream of thoughts coming from the brain by making a perception of them that implies they are spiritual, for example, the subsequent physical experience of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one brings about happiness because that is what the thoughts produce if not overridden by a perception not relating to them as they are.

In a world where there seems to be more than one, you appear to be able to get rid off feelings by hiding them in the body and get them out by expressing them or heal the problem of suppressed emotions in the body by bringing them back into the mental sphere, as described above.

But since there is no more than that which is one and since it takes more than one to exist, you do not exist, nor does the world where you experience to be. So ultimately speaking, there is nothing to heal than the belief, that you exist (read more about that here). Fortunately, this is what the duality hacks do when you keep on reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings.

*) Read more about the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection in the other articles of this hack or in the hack No Body-mind Connection. The latter you find in Extra Duality Hacks.

**) Returning from a state of not-knowing to the consciousness of being someone definitive (read more about that here), one´s first movements are prolonged. And as the special self is used to mimic what it wants to achieve, it thinks a state of not-knowing will magically arise by imitating these motions in a systematic way like Tai Chi or Qi Gong. A state of not-knowing, however, does not arise from focusing but defocusing. See the hack No Focus = No World Defined By Time And Space, which you can find in Extra Duality Hacks.

***) In the below hacks you can read about the empty breath and its transparent bliss of nothingness

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one.