(+) Happiness comes from not interfering with thoughts and emotions, whereas editing them brings sadness [under construction]

If you do not interfere with thoughts and emotions feeling good is your reward. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain constantly injects shots of happiness into the basic self for backing it up by following its instructions. The special self, however, does not see any reason to follow the instructions coming from the brain. On the contrary. It always believe to have a better way itself coming from the heart and whatnot. But as its exclusion of specific thoughts and feelings often is carried out by burying them in the body, it tightens up – especially in the shoulders, the neck and the jaw – with the result that emotional communication with the administrator of the body, namely the brain, is hindered.

Instead it is administered by mental ideas of aura transformation, body-mind connection and whatnot blended into a speculative mix by the special self in an attempt to create its own unique version of what is happening – or rather to control the perception of what is happening, so that it is in line with the image it has fabricated of itself as being someone special.

It may also be the other way around, so that the info from the brain to the body regarding what to do is blocked by the tensions you built up, so that you do not seem able to respond to the world in a natural way.

But as the biological system cannot keep the body together in a healthy way without communicating with the brain, it starts creating pain in different parts of the body in the hope that if it is intense enough, the messages either to or from the brain can pass by your mental control of the body. In an attempt to get through to the brain via intense pain it may even try to distract you, so you fall and break a leg – or rather break the pattern of holding back that may be stored there.

After watching a movie everybody has their own version of it to tell, because all the time they made a story of their own on top of the movie. This is the way of the special self.

So if you are tired from always having to be in control and make up your special stories about what is happening, follow the pain and have the body set free, so it can take care of itself. It will be so grateful, that it will shower you with feelings of wellbeing.

The brain is happy, when you do not block information going to or from it – and so is the body, because then the biological system works in its favour. And since the self you believe to be is a construction of the brain, you are also happy when not blocking anything going to or from the brain.

This is not to say, that there is no pain without gain, but that if you are completely stuck in a self-destructive pattern, it may at first seem painful to break it. But as this pain is just a way of denying yourself to feel good, the denial will not work when pain is not blocked out by mentally justifying and/or explaining it, but felt as it is in all its apparent horror.

The same applies to rage or any other strong emotion, that is sent to or from the brain to the body without being filtered by you.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.