Hating or disregarding the brain is a mistake [under construction]

As the self is a construction of thoughts, the common hate against thoughts and the brain as such is caused by self-hatred. It is therefore not by blaming thoughts for your state of mind, but by acknowledging them for that which you are in a world where there seems to be more than one, which will restore the happiness that comes from being thus self, instead of replacing it with what you believe to be better., which is like a car trying to make a better version of itself. It is simply not possible, because its function is to drive where the driver decides to go. And that is it.

Likewise your function as a self is to go where the brain decides, and doing that you are rewarded. If you try to fight this and be an independent being in charge of its own life, you disassociate yourself from your biological system, wherefore happiness must be made by yourself. But as it comes from being a follower, and not from what you are doing, no matter what you do on your own, you will not be fulfilled.