Meditation, the basic & special self

To define something as small, it must be contrasted by something tall. The special self, however, always tries to exclude one side of a contrast. For example, it wants love but not hate and positivity but not negativity. Thus the special self, therefore, excludes hate and negativity from itself by projecting it on others. But as you cannot experience one side of a contrast without the other, you exclude love and positivity when you exclude hate and negativity. So if you perceive to be free from hatred, the love you believe to experience is fake. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The function of the brain is to create entertaining thoughts for the self that it has fabricated. Therefore, if thoughts do not seem to please but frustrate the self, its consciousness most likely perceives the flow of them so it appears to comply with theoretical concepts of capitalism, socialism, spiritualism or another ism meant to make the self feel there is something better than the natural flow of thoughts from the brain.

But since this perception is founded on a particular belief system, it is restricted by its concepts. And since self-discipline does not make you feel delighted but sad, you neither get the fulfilment your belief system promises to deliver. Instead, you get stress and confusion – especially because the thoughts you have compiled to keep your perception in line with your belief system do not like your manipulation. Hence, they move faster and faster to escape your domination.

No worries, if you do not try to stop this restless energy, it automatically ignites a take-off into the empty breath, where the slate is wiped clean for all misperceptions. Read more about that in hack #5.3 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone. Hence, only one perception left, namely the one that makes you happy because it is in sync with the experiences the brain produces of a world outside of you. Fortunately, you do not have to compose it yourself. The brain does that automatically when you do not interfere with it. Read more about that in hack #4.2 The brain´s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.


The special self likes to believe that manipulating thoughts into visualising something specific makes it happen. This idea makes it appear to be in control of its life.

But it is like thinking the TV show you turn on by hitting the remote control is made by you. Somebody else has made the show, and the only thing you can change is your perception of it. This is also how the basic self has been transformed into a special self, namely by perceiving the basic self so that it seems to have become an independent being in charge of its own life.

But the special self needs constant approval from others to feel this is so. To get that, it often establishes a family, which can be manipulated into giving it the confirmation it needs. If that does not work as intended, the special self may pay money to a psychologist who will ratify its uniqueness. Still, it does not realise how dependent it is on those supporting its perception of being independent.


Having established itself as someone in charge of its own life, the special self needs to meditate or something else that seems to make it able to control thoughts to fool itself into believing that thoughts are not produced by the brain but itself. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since the basic self is relative to the experiences created by the brain (read more about that here), it is not someone definitive. Thus the inexact flow of thoughts coming from the brain seems natural. But the special self thinks it does not make sense because it wants to be someone definitive.

To distance itself from the brain, it composes a perception in which the basic self seems to have been transformed into a being independent of the brain. However, this twisted perception calls for more thoughts than those few the brain has available to make a perception aligned with the basic self. Thus, the special self meditates to generate more thoughts.


Those who perceive themselves as unique beings with the power to do things in their own way and pace need many thoughts to justify this twisted perception. However, the movement of all these thoughts soon becomes so hectic that they try to slow them down via meditation.

That is the official reason. But as anybody who has meditated knows, thoughts multiply when trying to control them. And that is the real reason for meditating because many thoughts are needed to construct an appearance of being unique.


The basic self does not feel disturbed by the flow of thoughts that come from the brain. On the contrary, it loves this quiet flow because it makes it able to serve the brain in a laid-back way. But the special self who want to be the master of the brain feels troubled by thoughts. However, the thoughts from the brain are few.

The frantic flow of thoughts, the special self experiences, has been generated by itself. It has multiplied the simple flow, the brain develops to maintain a basic itself into a large group of thoughts from where it can compose a perception of itself as an independent. Read more about that here. Then, when it needs a break from the multitudes of thoughts, it looks for something mind-numbing like alcohol, drugs or a mantra.

Should it really manage to relax, it feels horrified because, without all the special thoughts it has generated, the image of being in control falls apart. Thus there is no self-deception to hide that being someone you are dependent on, the brain, which depends on you to confirm its experiences as real. However, not fighting this interdependence, there is nothing to hide, all the brain´s experiences of you as someone in a capsule of time and space are as unreal as you being someone in a video game. Therefore, appearing to be in a world defined by time and space feels as entertaining as playing a game.


The special self feels dominated by the natural flow of thoughts coming from the brain. But it is dominated by nothing other than its perception of the flow. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain works like nature. Therefore, serving it, you also have fun throwing seeds here and everywhere without worrying about the outcome. But those who believe to be in charge of themselves think much about the result of their actions. They want to get as much as possible for as little as possible (read more about that here). Hence they organise the seeds in straight lines, which results in much profit but no fun. Some solve that by buying things that make them happy, and others try to find something spiritual inside them to feel good. But the way to feel good is to serve the brain because it has created you to do that.


When you are scripted by the brain to feel sexual lust, you will feel horny no matter what you do. However, you will not enjoy your passion if you try to suppress it through meditation or tantra sex. Read more about sex here.


If you perceive yourself to be detached from the experiences you seem to have, you fool yourself because you need them to prove this.


When you try to solve absent-mindedness by mindfulness meditation or grounding exercises, you make it worse because you do not know how to take care of yourself. Only your maker knows that. And since it is the brain, the solution, in the context of believing to be someone, is to be aligned with the stream of thoughts coming from the brain instead of using meditation to distance yourself from the stream of thoughts.


Mindfulness is for those who cannot help exploiting others – just like in ancient times, meditation was introduced to the barbarians seeking shelter in Ashrams, so they could learn to control themselves and not abuse others.


The basic self enjoys being aware of itself as someone substantial by continually perceiving the experiences the brain produces as tangible. However, if it twists its perception of these experiences, so they seem to be spiritual, for example, they are not perceived as they are but how the self thinks they should be. Consequently, the self disassociates itself from the brain and thus itself, since what and where it appears to be is a product of the brain.

In other words, the self´s perceived independence of the brain is a disassociation from itself. And every act that the self perceives to do in its own way and pace deepens the alienation. That is why meditating to become purer, higher or whatnot enhances the feeling of remoteness instead of closeness. Thus you do not get the joy of appearing to be someone substantial in a tangible world, nor do you get around to undo the belief that being definable is real because that is suppressed by the imagination of being spiritual.


The special self needs alcohol, drugs, meditation or something else mind-numbing to escape the fear of repercussion that its control entails. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since it is impossible to alter the stream of thoughts that the brain produces to uphold the basic self it has created, the consciousness that the brain has installed in it make a perception of the stream that establishes itself as the maker of it. Then, like a god, it says, »This is my creation.« And Bam! The world, as it perceives it, appears to manifest. Next, it says, »I am an independent being.´ And Bam! The perception is ratified as a fact.

Third, it builds a character with a few flaws, so it always has something to improve through meditation, Tai Chi or something else that makes it seem to be in control and thus able to be and have something specific. This makes it feel unique but not satisfied because it is all on its own.


The sun seems to go up and down regardless of what you think. Likewise, you go up and down no matter what you think. You only hang onto some thoughts, such as »I better do this now,« to appear as if in control. If you do not desire to be in charge you would not do this. Consequently, you have no need to get rid of thoughts through meditation and whatnot.


The basic self has no need to relax or transform itself through meditation, yoga, fitness and whatnot. On the contrary, since its perception is in sync with the stream of thoughts that come from the brain, it is rewarded with shots of happiness. And since this regularly makes it forget to remember being somebody, it knows there is nothing to transform.

On the other hand, the special self never forgets to remember being somebody. It is always on a mission to become more and be part of something greater. But since that never turns out as expected, it settles for following a guru or something else that seems to improve its social status.


If you need to relax, you are on a mission to be someone definitive. To achieve that, you make a perception of the stream of thoughts coming from the brain where thoughts perceived as upsetting have been excluded. However, this does not result in peace but fear of the repressed. Not trying to edit the ever-changing flow of thoughts but perceiving it as ´it is what it is,´ you are not someone definitive but relative to the present experience produced by the brain. Thus hating what you dislike feels just as exciting as loving what you like. Hence there is no need to relax.


Nothing appears to be good enough for the special self because it interprets the noise in its head as a voice whispering, ´there must be more.´ This is also the voice it follows when it meditates to find more peace. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self always looks for something to fix what it perceives as wrong. But it objects to the solution that would fix everything immediately, namely not perceiving the brain as an enemy but a friend (read more about that here). By doing that, everybody becomes a friend because the experience of somebody is produced by the brain.

Ultimately speaking, the solution is to undo the belief in being someone who experiences something. As this is the end of being anything, the special self avoids it by meditating or something else that seems to confirm it exists.


If you perceive the brains basic rendering of you as someone in a capsule of time and space to be a bit boring, the special self sets in by offering you more exotic ways of perceiving it, for example, by coming from the heart (read more about that here), living in the now or having direct experiences.

But since all experiences – no matter where you believe they come from or how they seem to be experienced – are a construction of thoughts (read more about that here) fabricated by the brain, the perception of having such special experiences is nothing but a reconstruction of the thoughts made by the brain.

However, this reconstruction does not work because it is not in tune with the brain´s rendering of you in a capsule of time and space. The experience the brain creates of the present consist of all thoughts popping up now, including those of the past and the future. When in sync with the whole bunch, every moment feels perfect. See hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.

But this is not how it feels if you eliminate some of those thoughts so you can adjust to concepts like coming from the heart, living in the now or having direct experiences. This makes you feel disconnected. The same applies when you try to follow a plan.


The self, that the brain has fabricated from nothing (read more about that here) and continuously administer so it appears to be something, feels restricted when it imagines the freedom it could have if not managed by the brain but itself. But the self cannot be changed, only the perception of it. So no matter how you perceive yourself, you are still the same self that the brain has created and managel.


It is foolish to think you are someone in a video game just because it seems to make you feel something. Whatever you believe in feeling is based on your interpretation of computer-generated events. In other words, what you feel is made by you. The same applies to what you feel in the world where you believe to read this. If you feel good about it, it is because you choose to interpret it so you feel this way. It is also make-believe if what you read makes you angry. You get this feeling because you have chosen to perceive this article in a way that makes you upset. Thus it is your choice whether you feel good or angry.

It is also your own doing to conclude that a god, higher consciousness or whatnot is making the world where you believe to be. There is neither god nor you, as that requires more than one, and there is no more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless.


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