+ The reward for being the basic self comes effortlessly [under construction]

Happiness requires no effort for the basic self, whereas just fleeting moments of happiness takes hard work for the special self. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Following the script of the brain for how to be a basic self is like being in automatic gear shift, so going fast feels as laid-back as going slow.

Do not try to stop thoughts, because without them there is no way for the brain to reward you, so you have to find fulfilment where there is none, namely in the achievement of more.

It is like following a reliable weather forecast on a day where the rain is on and off. It saves you from getting wet that day. Not following the basic self though, you will not get wet that day either, because the script of the basic self always plays out as written. It is only the thoughts accompanying it, that are edible.

In other words, by editing the thoughts the brain produces on a rainy day, it seems that you are able to think yourself and in charge of that day – especially when the day is seen is retrospect and you exclude those thoughts that do not seem to confirm you are someone special in charge of its own life.

But although the special self during the day escaped the irritation of getting wet, it did not escape getting upset, because all the speculation required to be on its own makes it feel stressed, and as its solution to all problems is to exclude something, it tries to get rid of it by blaming somebody else for having caused it

So whereas the basic self feels happy from not getting wet, the special self is not satisfied, because although it did not get wet, it has created other problems. So contrary to the basic self, who had a light day, the special self had a heavy one.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is easy to float along with the thoughts the brain is bringing forward, and thus feeling good appearing to be the basic self fabricated by it. And though it is very difficult to rearrange these thoughts and exclude those of them you do not like in order to appear as if you are someone special in charge of your own life, and though this result is a constant sense of loss and loneliness, almost everybody worship this concept of being independent.

Not only ultimately speaking is this concept is an illusion but also in the context where it is made, because nobody can think themselves – just like the ´thoughts´ of a self driving car, for example, do not come from the car but the cloud. Read more about that here.

Thoughts have a life of their own in the brain independent on what you believe to be. So to appear as if you make them you rewrite them in accordance with an ism of the world  – for example nationalism, capitalism, liberalism, communism, socialism, humanism, anarchism, nihilism, atheism, sexism or spiritualism – so you have some a predefined concept, that you can follow in order to exclude the wrong thoughts coming from the brain.

In other words, you believe to be independent you are not less of a follower than when you follow the script of the brain for how to be a basic self.


Everything is always going your way, and if it does not seem so, you are not going your way – not in the sense that you are going a wrong way but that you are perceiving it in a way that is not beneficial for you, namely as if you are someone special.


When the native Americans in the last century were busy hunting they sometimes stopped for a while, so that there self would catch up with them, because if you are out of sync with it, the brain is cut off from the biological system of the body, wherefore it cannot guide you and thus neither reward you for following its guidance with dopamine, for example.


All your realisations blocks you from feeling good, because that does not require anything but to be in sync with the script the brain has for being a basic self.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.