Perceiving everything as ´it is what it is,´ any experience feels good [DRAFT]

A circle and a square cannot be mixed, nor can the psychological and physical domain of a human. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Thanks for passing by. This article is in its very first stages of being written. Alexius is in the process of exploring what to say and how to to do it. You may, therefore, be better off reading another article. But you are also welcome to take your chances.

The article is, like the others in hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, about the disturbances the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection, with you as the perceived master of it, seems to cause in the body. When you stop inflicting the body with mental ideas of how it becomes more balanced, spiritual, or what you imagine will make it you more perfect, the biological system is set free to healed the body.

In hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one there is a basic introduction to the basic and special self, the script of the brain and how to perceive it, so you automatically are injected with shots of happiness by the brain. It is advisable to read that hack before this one.

To distract yourself from experiencing anger as an emotion that comes from yourself, you exclude it from your awareness by dumping it in the darkness of the body – at least that is how a psychologist. But immaterial issues cannot be hidden in something material. What really happens when you according to a psychologist have dumped the psychological pain in the body is that you combine this feeling with the way you feel a particularly painful part of your body, for example a vulnerable part in the back.

When you once have concluded that your anxiety is caused by physical pain or have caused it, you by reflex look for the same connection every time you are worried about something. Thus you automatically search the body for a flaw in which some kind of pain can be detected, when you feel irritated. That is until you perceive everything as it is what it is* because then there is nothing, in particular, to worry about.

Since the irritation coming from the psychological problem, therefore, is experienced to be the same as the discomfort coming from the physical issue, the psychological problem seems to have disappeared. Hence you, in the future, automatically combine an immaterial problem with a material one to make it go away.

This fusion, though, is an illusion because an immaterial feeling cannot be combined with a material one. Thus its apparent result, namely a psychosomatic disorder, cannot be healed before it is divided into a psychological and physical problem which, therefore, can be dealt with on each their own term. You do this by being aware of the two different ways they are felt. When there is a sense of anxiety for something weird and diffused, you are in touch with the psychological part of the combo. In contrast, the physical problem is experienced to be more straightforward and matter-of-fact, a bit boring, actually.

Do not try to analyse or understand those feelings. Instead, experience them completely unedited and then perceive each of them as it is what it is.* This takes the edge of the psychological problem, so there is nothing unpleasant to hide by combining it with the way a physical problem is experienced.

If you want to be free from worries and troubles, the belief that you are someone in a body must be undone. The obsession with it – the look and performance you expect from it – causes much trouble. And the few moments of pleasure is hard work.

Since the body, therefore, does not feel attacked by your emotions, it does not desperately defend itself by attacking this and that. Instead, it uses its energy on healing physical problems. It should be added, that the function of the duality hacks is not to heal the body but the sick belief that you are in it. You may, therefore, need professional assistance to solve the material part of a physical/psychological combo.

Being in your natural state of happiness is not perfect in the sense that apparently, negative things do not happen to you. You might get wet by the rain, for example, but since you perceive this experience as it is what it is,* it is as entertaining as any other experience. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

No worries. First of all, the physical part is often the smallest part of the combo. And even though the duality hacks ´only´ heal the belief that you are someone in a body, having that belief undone, ever so slightly, set you free to deal with physical problems on its own terms. Just like you support a self-driving car with electricity and once in a while send it to the garage for a checkup.

In the case of Alexius, he uses Nootropics supplements to assist the brain and far-infrared heating pads from UTK to support the physical healing of his body. This is not to say, you should do the same. Bodies are different, so your body may ask for something else. If in doubt, consult a health care professional. Read more about Alexius´ approach to his body here.

In hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, we talk about the awkward sense of something unfamiliar that comes when psychological and physical feelings are combined into a psychosomatic disorder. If not trying to change the awkwardness into something more pleasant, the unedited energy of it ignites a take-off to the empty breath** that replaces the pain with the painless feeling of emptiness

This may at first be experienced as more disturbing than a psychosomatic disorder because it sets aside the sense of being someone. If that, however, is not avoided you are walking on clouds of bliss.

Alexius and his cat, Guinevere. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In the early childhood of Alexius, his father enjoyed playing games with him. But soon his father lost interest in doing something together, so Alexius was left on his own. This, he assumed was because he was not lovable. Thus his love for his father turned into hatred. To justify this change, he looked for something in his father, he could judge as evil. Since this, psychological speaking, was an attack on his father, Alexius expected him to retaliate. Hence he looked for something that seemed to confirm this, which was easy because his father every now and then burst out in rage and hit him across the dinner table.

Since Alexius was a kid and thus not able to physically defend himself and his father often got angry because of something he had said, Alexius started using silence as a defence from being attacked. The silence was loaded with aggressivity, but Alexius hid it from his awareness as an emotion coming from himself by projecting it onto his father. In that sense, they were the same. They both used each other as a scapegoat for their own aggressivity. But whereas Alexius´ father attacked him physically, Alexius attacked his father psychologically.

On top of that, Alexius tried to look like a victim, by acting sad and getting sick, to make his father feel guilty for the way he treated him (read more about making others feel guilty here). He did not succeed in that but in hiding his wish for revenge from his consciousness by dumping it in the darkness of the stomach. And then he unconsciously tightened the shoulders to hinder the breath in fully extracting and contracting the body and thus stopping the free flow of physical info from the body to the brain, which he, therefore, could replace with mental ideas of his choice.

Let us return to nowadays to see what happens when you project something on the body. When Alexius´ cat, Guinevere, lies in his lap, he projects a good feeling on this part of his body because he loves Guinevere. Thus it is like the pressure of her body makes his body relax. But if a rat, for example, that he hates, lies in the same place on his lap, the pressure of it would not relax his body. On the contrary.

However, neither the good or the bad feeling is in the body. It is in the mental sphere where it is conceived due to what we have conditioned ourselves to perceive as pleasing and horrible. So if you want to remove the disgusting feeling you have projected on the body treating it with something, regardless you perceive it to be mundane or spiritual, does not help because the problem is not there but in the combo of immaterial and material feelings, that needs to be untangled so they can be dealt with on each their own term.

For many years it was not obvious that Alexius was afraid of the world he seemed to be born into. He had a very aggressive father who hit him a lot. Often out of the blue across the dinner table, for example.

Thus he blamed his father for his fear of becoming more controlled and less spontaneous. But that might have been a blessing because basically, he was so naive that everybody could con him.

To fend off the feelings from the body from being transferred to the brain, so you can avoid feeling the body as a physical thing, but a manifestation of light or something else perceived to be spiritual, part of it is desensitised by blending the sense of it with mental ideas or psychological feelings. This is most successfully done in the upper part of the neck because that makes sure the signals from the body do not reach the brain and therefore do not prevent you from processing them in your own way.

Since this, however, most often is a mental way, it does not work on the body. On the contrary, the body is material and sees the immaterial ideas imposed upon it as an attack on its being. Thus it fights it by continually keeping the shoulders in a backward or forward position, so the body respectively is held in a mode of attack or defence. On top of that, the hips and/or the loin might be locked or very tense because the body tries to balance out the issues in the top of the body with others in the lower part.

It could also be that the body´s attack on your mental and so-called spiritual ideas started in the lower body and thereafter are counterbalanced in the upper part of it. And it could also be that the issues in the upper or lower part of the body were initiated by yourself to interrupt the flow of the biological system, so it cannot communicate with the brain, and you can take over the control of the body and impose it with your mental ideas of wellness.

This is, of course, just one of the many ways, the body is used as a means to establish your perception of being an independent being who is in charge of itself. The body suffers from this, and so do you, because you are meant to perceive yourself as a servant of the brain. Not doing that, you are out of sync with the experiences produced by it because in all of them you serve the brain – just like a self-driving car serves The Cloud, that tells it when and where to go. Likewise, you are nothing without the brain except in your own perception of being someone living its life in its own way and pace. This perception, however, does not change anything but that you are not able to receive the happiness the brain makes for every one of its beings.

It may at first seem dangerous not having the body in a position of defence or attack. But since the basic self perceives everything as it is what it is,* it is in sync with the script of the brain and thus continiously being injected with shots of happiness by the brain. Thus any kind of feeling, so-called positive or negative, is amusing.

In regard to the duality hacks, it does not really matter in what way the body is mistreated to uphold a perception of yourself as the master of it. They bring you in a state of not-knowing in which the slate is wiped clean, so when you return to the consciousness of being someone, it is as the basic self.

And since it perceives everything as it is what it is,* it is in sync with the script of the brain, and, therefore, in the happiness that this entails.

At least, until there is something that seems so special that it forgets to perceive it as it is what it is.* But if it does not know why and its perception, therefore, is dunno what it is,* it is in a state of not-knowing from where it again returns as a basic and happy self.

If it seems complicated to find out what is what, you just apply one or more of the duality hacks to tell you that. Do not expect an answer, though, because in their eyes there is nothing to solve than seeing that and thus be in the bliss of nothing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius certainly agree that it can be a challenge to divide a psychosomatic disorder into a material and immaterial problem. And that, it, therefore, seems impossible to deal with them on each their own term. In this case, his best advice is to forget all about what is what and simply perceive the combo as dunno what it is.* That paves the way for the empty breath.**

Since it is indifferent to differences, it does not see something entangled and thus not something to resolve. Your body, therefore, is no longer in a state of defence/attack against something unknown. Instead, it is at peace. As your psychological problems, therefore, do not affect how you feel the body. And as there is no cause without an effect, they vanish. So does the fear of them, of course. Read more about cause and effect here. Thus you are in the bliss of emptiness.

That being said, this may at first be felt like nothing has been accomplished. And you are right, but that is why it is so blissful. When there is not something, there is nothing to cause problems. Hence there is nothing but bliss.

If connecting with the empty breath** seems too abstract, any other duality hack, except the enlightenment of that which is one, will do. You can, for example, use hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation, which makes everything you do unimportant in the sense that the one doing it is not real since being someone is a pretence. Thus it makes no difference if you mess up something, which is such a relief because then it does not matter if you are good or bad.

Applying hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of life brings about the same because when everything is a symbol of life, then whatever you appear to be or do is a symbol of that. Thus it is not crucial if you are angry or peaceful. The same happens when you perceive everything as it is what it is.* See hack #4.2 Being a self or no-self.

When you apply hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is pure bliss, you feel complete no matter what you appear to be and have, as nothing is excluded, so nothing is missing.

Any of the above hacks and the others in Duality Hacks, Extra Duality Hacks and More Duality Hacks can be applied whenever you feel like. Actually, the hack that is most beneficial in a particular situation pops up and apply itself when continuously reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings

*) See hack #4.2 Being a self or no-self.

**) Read more about the empty breath in



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