BM1 [+] The belief in a body-mind connection ruins everything [draft]

The multiplication of thoughts needed to construct an image of you as an independent being causes brain fog, wherefore the fogged in messages reaching the body from the brain results in a tired body. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you do not suppress feelings by holding back the breath and you do not try to alter the breath with yoga exercises or something else that exercises control of it, you are effortlessly in sync with the flow of thoughts as they come from the brain.** And since not too many thoughts are needed to uphold the construction of you as a basic self, the flow of thoughts does not seem disturbing but entertaining.

That is until the consciousness, the brain installed in the basic self that it has made, thinks it knows better than its maker and plots against it to become independent so it can be in charge of its own appearance. This, however, requires a more complicated construction of thoughts than the simple one accumulated by the brain to fabricate the basic self in which the consciousness resides.

The rogue consciousness, therefore, perceives the basic self in such a way that enough fear is generated to stop the breath for a just moment, so the thoughts making up its perception, in an attempt to force their way out of this static moment, start multiplying themselves and keep on doing that when the breath is resumed.

In reality, nothing is missing because reality is that which is one, and it takes more than one to be missing.

The frantic movements of thoughts, however, are totally out of sync with the laid-back stream of thoughts, the brain produces in support of the basic self, so they restlessly search for the lost connection. But the rogue consciousness does not want them to find the rest that comes from being in sync with the basic self, because then thoughts stop to multiply and so it does not have enough to make up a plausible story of why it is the excitement of being special is better than the happiness of being basic.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Thus it organises the thoughts into pairs that seem to be connected with each other, not by love though but interdependency. The first pair that is in charge of all the other pairs consists of a judge, who determines which thoughts are good or bad. Its partner, who is an executioner, excludes the thoughts the judge has sentenced to be bad so that the rest, namely those thoughts judged as good, can be compiled into a construction that makes up a self that is believed to be better than the basic one made by the brain.

Read more about this twosome in the paragraph The world is a construction of fragmented thoughts in Every moment is the perfect moment – also for dying in the rainforest.

This image of a unique and independent self the rogue consciousness keeps together by hiding the thoughts that have been excluded in obscure parts of the body, where the suppression of them mess up the natural flow of the breath and thus the stream of thoughts used to keep the body healthy. The special self, therefore, concludes it is better that takes it care of the body itself. See also Nothing to heal but the sick belief that you are here or the hack No Body-Mind Connection in Extra Duality Hacks.

As you can see, to be special and independent requires much work, and since it is not rewarded with a sound body but one with psychosomatic disorders, the special self feels quite confused, contrary to the basic self who happily serves the brain.

This does not necessarily mean, however, that the basic self has a sound body. The script for its body may have been stitch together in such a way that parts of it do not function that well. But as the happiness of the basic self does not depend on appearance, this makes no difference. It may even be helpful. The bad functioning body of Alexius, for example, makes it easier for him to put everything aside and write Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings.

Please be aware, it is not possible to change the basic self into a special one. But it is possible to change the perception of it so that it seems to be special. But since this is not really so, the perception is out of sync with the script of the brain. And that is why it is so confusing to believe that you are special.

Fortunately, confusion, if not edited, ignites a take off to the empty breath,* which makes you indifferent to the exciting experiences that seem to come from perceiving oneself to be special.

Whether you want to go your own way or not, you are going the way that you are scripted to by the brain. Believing it is your own way it will probably be perceived to be full of obstacles, that you overcome one by one. Being in sync with the script of the brain, it will neither be perceived as a good or bad way, but a way that is what it is. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When there is no tendency to independence, what you appear to be is in sync with the basic self and, therefore, so close to the flow of thoughts making it up, that sooner or later it dawns on you, that what you appear to be is not something but nothing because the thoughts are conceived from out of nothing in an apparent gap of it, where the brain sees something and the empty breath nothing. As it takes the brain one second to render the conscious experience of something, the gap of emptiness is just one second away from what and where you believe to be right now (read more about that here). In other words, if you want to bypass the experience of being someone definitive, and be in a state of not-knowing,* you have to go back one second in linear time.

Any of the duality hacks, except the enlightenment of that which is one, brings about a state of not-knowing* the more you read Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings without trying to control yourself. You are, for example, automatically disconnected from the fantasy of the brain when you do not try to change your feelings into something better because then the uncontrolled energy of them leads straight back to the nothingness from where they seem to arise as specific feelings. Thus you are in the gap between nothing and something and as that is where the empty breath* resides you in the bliss of not knowing something.

A state of not-knowing* and the bliss of emptiness may last from a split second to 20 minutes, 45 at most. The after-effect of this state is that you return to the consciousness of being someone as a basic self and when the feeling that ignited a state of not-knowing* comes back, it is no longer perceived to be unpleasant but a symbol of bliss. Being the basic self you serve the brain, which has no personal preferences but automatically serves everybody. Thus the interest in the relationships you used to perceive as special most likely fades out (read more about that here). This after-effect may last from a few minutes to several months.

Being a servant, however, seems humiliating to the special self. It wants to be in control, so it tries to get rid of the unpleasant feelings arising from its perception of independence by editing them and exclude the parts perceived to cause stress via meditation or other means promising a better future totally controlled by themselves.

But since exclusion is founded on separation and that is the root of all problems, excluding something does not decrease but increase the unpleasant feelings. That is, of course, until the special self chooses not to exclude what it perceives as negative (read more about that in hack #3.3 Life is inclusive and not exclusive).

You can apply one or more of the duality hacks wherever you are in whatever order you see fit. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being inclusive, which you automatically are when and not being exclusive, is a great hack to apply. Also in the case of experiencing brain fog, because if not trying to be sharp by excluding unclear thoughts but include them, they meet their opposing clear thoughts. And as a contrast cancels itself out when the two sides of it meet, you are neither defined as fuzzy or sharp but just a somebody in sync with the basic self (read more about that in hack #3.5 Inclusiveness is pure bliss).

At other times the empty breath* may be a better choice of a hack – especially if you feel speedy and restless. Bu rather feeling tired and fatigued, pretending to be that may be the best choice of a hack, because what you pretend to be you are not (read more about that in hack #1.4 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation).

If you tend to justify everything unpleasant with somebody or something, perceiving everything as symbols of oneness may be the hack to apply. Alone together could also be a good hack in this case. Read more about those in hack #2.1 Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality rule out separation and hack #8.8 Alone together is the key to that which is one.

Please be aware, that the purpose of the duality hacks is to not to heal the body but the sick belief that you are someone in it, so if the body is sick, you better consult a healthcare professional.

That being said, the more this sick belief is healed, the more the body is set free from you trying to be in control of it. Thus the biological system of the body is not blocked off from repairing it. Sometimes nootropics, massage or acupuncture, perhaps, may be of help to kickstart this. Read more about setting the body free in the hack No Body-mind Connection, which you can find in Extra Duality Hacks.

When the body seems to bother you, it is out of touch with its biological system because your perception of it is out of sync with the script run by the brain. If you do not correct your perception, so the biological system can do its thing, but try to make the body better by taking over the control of it via yoga, fitness or other things forcing it into a specific shape, the body suffers from a psychosomatic disorder. See the hack No Body-Mind Connection in Extra Duality Hacks about the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection or read the next articles, which covers this in more detail.

This cannot be healed unless you acknowledge being mistaken and thus sets the biological system free from your control so it can reconnect with the brain and be used as it is meant to, namely to tell you what is in your own best interest. This, by the way, is no different from what is in the best interest for everybody, because the brain has no personal preferences.

It is relaxing, as well as energising, not to control your appearance but to go with the flow of thoughts, precisely as it comes from the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you project something onto others, it seems to have been excluded from what you believe to be and instead to have been established as what you believe others to be. But since this is based on your judgment, the transference is purely mental.

Consequently, nothing has been excluded from you except the awareness of it, which most likely has been accomplished by hiding the awareness of the eliminated in obscure parts of your body. The suppression of them, however, tightens up the body, so that the communication between it and the brain is hindered. You can, therefore, undisturbed by the natural flow of the biological system, further inflict the body with mental concepts to boost up the image you have of yourself, for example by forcing the body into extreme fitness, yoga, and meditation positions.

The thoughts coming from the brain are not meant to be perceived so that they seem to fit into mental concepts of spiritualism, capitalism or any other ism but for what they are, which you do when feeling entertained by them.

No matter how hard you try to make the concept of a body-mind connection work, the result is a fucked up body and mind.

Although it feels comforting to be in sync with the stream of thoughts coming from the brain, you do not need to be that to have the belief in being someone definitive undone. All that is required for this is that you do not pay attention to your interpretation of the thoughts coming from the brain – just like when your interpretations of the events in a game are not taken seriously, it is exposed as make-believe.

You cannot make the world better, but you can make your perception of it better so it is in sync with the experience that the brain renders of it to make you feel entertained.

In other words, there is no reason to change anything but the choice to believe that you are someone in a world duality, which it automatically is when you do not interpret your experience of it as if it is real but symbols of that which is. See hack #2.1 To see symbols of life in the world.

When everything – just like in a game – is interpreted as a symbol of reality, their apparent difference makes no difference. Consequently, there is not someone definitive with an urge to perceive itself as anything at all and therefore nor a need to project onto others what does not fit into being someone specific. Hence there does not seem to be something hiding non-duality, and as it is formless and therefore endless, neither that a world of duality is an illusion.

Since the sum of your memories is what you believe to be, namely someone in a world of duality, and that is stored in the brain, you are not in such a world but the brain.

*) Read about the empty breath and a state of not-knowing in the below hacks:

**) Besides being in the flow of thoughts as they come from the brain when not altering the rhythm of the breath, you are just one second away from the bliss of nothingness. Read about that in Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´.