[+] BM08 The duality hacks are not meant to be integrated with the body, nor to transform it, but to leave it in peace [DRAFT]

There is no brain fog to get rid of if facing that you, just like anyone else, are just as bad as you are good. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If anybody else has objected to the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection with ourselves as the perceived master of, Alexius has not read about it. Hence he had to compose a language this himself that can illustrate the ignorance of this belief. He started writing without no idea of how to do that, but on the assumption that in the process, it would become more evident, that just like water and oil do not mix, nor do body and mind. You see how that turned out in the previous articles of hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough.

Below you can read his latest notes about it. He had a hard time to catch the words for them, so bear with him if they seem incomplete.


The body, like everything else experienced, is a construction of thoughts. Nevertheless, it is made to only interact with structures that, just like itself, appear to be material. That is why it interprets the attempts to integrate it with your feelings and ideas of spirituality and whatnot as an attack, it has to defend itself against.


The excitement of a movie may seem to be felt in the body. But your body does not see the film, and it has no power to do anything with your body. The reason the body seems to react is that what you feel is judged to be too much because if you go with it, you lose control. thus you try to hide the feelings in the body, and that is why it reacts. it cannot be mixed with something non-physical, so it repels the emotions by tightening the body until you withdraw them


To imagine that the body is a product of how you perceive the world or of something spiritual is like thinking, there is a connection between the body and a coat, it is wearing. Though the coat seems to go where the body goes, there is no communicative link between them.


The belief in a body-mind connection is a confusion of levels – just like when you feel your body is connected with somebody, you are talking with on the internet. Though there may be a mental connection, there is no physical contact. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If suppressed emotions are about to surface they may seem so scary that instead of experiencing them, we feel nauseous, or if they are so close to being brought up, that it feels like hell is relished we often throw up instead.


What we perceive to be the weaknesses of our personality, we project on the parts of the body that seems weak, for example the stomach. As they, therefore, are excluded from our consciousness of ourselves, we seem to be improved. But later, when there for physical reasons only are problems with the stomach, you link them with the memory of the perceived personality weaknesses you once projected there and thus conclude they are the cause of the physical problems.

But the physical construction of the stomach does not mix with the non-physical structure of perceived problems in the psyche. Thus problems in those areas must be kept apart so they can be solved on each their own terms. When the projection of psychological problems on the stomach has been reversed (read more about that here), the breathing is not felt to be stopped by suppressed emotions but to empower the body, so it has the energy to heal itself. And when the psychological problems are faced where they are made by feeling them as they are, it is not scaring to be bad as well as good.

See hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one about being a basic self that perceives everything as it what it is.


To think that you can hide unpleasant feelings in the body is like thinking, you can hide them in a wall. Your emotions are immaterial, so it is not possible to bury them in something material. It is, however, possible to believe this. And if you do that, you will look at the body or wall as if there are hidden problems in it, even though there is nothing but matter there and the hidden issues are in your perception of the world.


Alexius and his cat, Guinevere. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In the childhood of Alexius, he got disappointed when his father lost interest in playing with him. He experienced it like he was not lovable. Thus his love of his father turned to hatred. To justify that, he looked for something in his father, he could judge as wrong to make himself right. Since this was an attack on his father, Alexius was sure he would retaliate, so he always looked for something to confirm he was under attack, which was not so difficult because his father every now and then burst in rage and hit him across the dinner table.

Since Alexius was too little to physically defend himself and his father often got angry because of something he had said, Alexius started using silence as a defence. It was loaded with aggressivity, but Alexius hid it from his awareness as something coming from himself by projecting it onto his father. In that sense, they were the same. They both used each other as a scapegoat for their own aggressivity. But whereas Alexius´ father attacked him physically, Alexius attacked his father psychologically.

On top of that, he tried to look like a victim by acting sad and becoming sick, so his father would feel guilty for how he treated him (read more about making others feel guilty here). He did not succeed in that but in hiding his wish for revenge from his consciousness by dumping it in the darkness of the body. He used the shoulders for this and the fear of retaliation he hid in the stomach. This projection of negativity on the body either stiffen or soften it – in this case, tightened shoulders and loose stomach – which seems to be hinder the breath in fully extracting and contracting the body.

Let us return to nowadays to explain what happens if you project something on the body. When Alexius´ cat, Guinevere, lies in his lap, he projects a good feeling on that part of his body because he loves Guinevere. Thus it is like the pressure of its body makes his body relax. But if a rat, for example, that he hates, lies the same place on his lap, the pressure of it would not be felt to relax his body. On the contrary.

But neither the good or the bad feeling is in the body. It is in the mental sphere where it is conceived due to what we have conditioned ourselves to perceive as good or bad. So if you want to remove the disgusting feeling you have projected on the body it is not done by treating it with something, regardless you perceive it to be mundane or spiritual because the problem is not there.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you suppress the feelings you perceive to be wrong, those seen to be right are excluded as well because, in a world of duality, everything comes in pairs. Since you always look for approval and that couples with shame, you do not suppress that. Hence you cannot help but feel the shame of being a suppressor.

To not feel it too much, though, you project it partially on others, your father or boss for example. But doing so, their approval only seems to be partial. Thus you feel, you are not good enough. If perceiving that and everything else, however, as it is what is, it is just as fine to be good as not, so you do not have to look for something wrong to exclude to be right.

The more you exclude/suppress, the less complete you feel. Unfortunately, you will probably conclude more needs to be excluded for you to become purer. And on it goes, until you are so fed up of not being good enough, that you do not try to become better, but have the unedited frustration ignite a take-off to the empty breath,* that wipes your slate clean so you perceive everything as it is what it is, and thus are equally entertained by so-called bad things as god ones.


Should the body seems to get better, when you feel connected with the empty breath,* it is not due to that – at least not directly – because it does not know of something that needs improvement. Indirectly though it is due to the empty breath.* In its presence, you are not in your default mode of doing something about something, so the body is not disturbed by the perception that you are the master of it.

That the condition of the body is linked to what you think, is like assuming there is a connection between you and the world in a movie you are watching. This connection is entirely imaginative. The world in the film is unaffected by the thoughts or feelings you appear to have about it, and it is self-deception when you imagine it has caused them. The movie does not have such powers.

In other words, if you perceive that pain or sickness in the body has been caused by the mind, the soul or something else not physical, it is an idea you project on the body. And this idea can only he corrected where it is conceived, namely in the mental sphere.

Trying to correct it in the body is frustrating because the problem is not there, although it may be felt to be there and there may seem to to be symptoms of it in the body. Unfortunately, this is generally perceived as proof of a connection between the body and mind and/or soul instead of a warning against believing there is such connection.

Fortunately, the empty breath* is indifferent to whatever you seem to think or feel, and so are you when connected with it. This does not mean it fixes the body, but that it liberates it from the sick ideas you have forced upon it so that the biological system can take care of the body without your interference but maybe with a little help of qualified health care professional. Hence you can correct your ideas where you made them. If you are used to projecting them onto the body, you may, however, have a hard time figuring out what is what. No worries. Joining the empty breath* you see everything experienced as it does, namely as nothing.


If it seems complicated to find out what is what, you just apply one or more of the duality hacks to tell you that. Do not expect to get an answer, though, because in their eyes there is nothing to solve than seeing that and thus be in the bliss of nothing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you feel, it is difficult to see what is material and immaterial problems, Alexius certainly agree. His best advice is to forget why you have used the body like a garbage bin for unwanted emotions and not to think what you need to get on from there but simply let the empty breath take care of that. How it does that, he does not really know, but he guesses it sees nothing to defend, nor to attack. Hence your body no longer is a weapon of defence or attack against the world. Instead, it is at peace. And as your psychological problems, therefore, do not have an effect and there is no cause without it, they vanish. So does the fear of them, of course.

In the case that connecting with the empty breath seems too abstract, any other duality hack, except the enlightenment of that which is one, will do. You can, for example, use hack #1.4 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation, which makes everything you do unimportant in the sense that the one doing it is not real since being someone is a pretence. Thus it makes no if you mess something up, which is such a relief because then it does not matter if you are good or bad.

Applying hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of life has the same result because when everything is a symbol of life, then whatever you appear to be or do is a symbol of that. Thus it is not crucial if you are angry or peaceful. The same happens when you perceive everything as it is what it is. See hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one.

When you apply hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is pure bliss, you feel complete no matter what you appear to be and have, as nothing is excluded, so nothing is missing.

Any of the above hacks and the others in Duality Hacks, Extra Duality Hacks and More Duality Hacks can be applied when you feel like. Actually, the one you need in a particular situation will pop up and apply itself when you keep on reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings

*) The empty breath you can read more about in


This is the last article in this hack about suppressed feelings. There are a bit more in the article What does ´the empty breath´ feel like?

The above article is part of hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough.