The duality hacks are not meant to be integrated with the body, nor to transform it, but to leave it in peace [DRAFT]

Psychologically concepts of how to attain physical wellness do not work, because immateriality is unable to experience form. Just like a bikini that follows the movements of a body has no way of experiencing it. Although the bikini and the body seem to be closely related, they function on each their own term. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

For years there has been an unhealthy idea about uniting body, mind and soul with you as the master of the combination. This approach has done much harm to the body. First of all, you are not the master of any appearance, whether material, immaterial or spiritual – only the perception of it. Secondly, the body is a physical unit built to deal with physical matters and not mental, emotional or metaphysical ones. Just like the digital media where you are reading this is made to deal with the digital world and not the physical one.

In other words, you cannot combine anything immaterial with the body. You can, however, combine an immaterial feeling with a material one and perceive the combination to be physical. This is, actually, how you exclude what you do not like about yourself from your awareness so you can appear to be more important. Your psychological problem is combined with how you feel a vulnerable part of the body, so it seems to be hidden in the darkness of it.

The vulnerable part of the body feels unfordable with this combo because it does not understand the psychological part of it. Actually, it considers it to be an intruder, so it starts to fight it. But since it does not know where it is, it shoots off here and there. Thus you end up with psychosomatic disorders that cannot be healed before the psychological issues are removed from the physical ones, and they can be dealt with on each their own term.

This removal of the psychological part of the pain experienced to come from the vulnerable part of the body occurs naturally when you are willing to feel the psychological problem where it was made, namely in the immaterial sphere, without analysing or editing it. Practically speaking, it is done by feeling the pain where it seems to come from in the body, but not perceiving it to be physical but that it is what it is.*

This may seem at first as if you are going insane or being tortured. No worries, as long as you feel it as it is and do not prevent yourself from crying or screaming, for example, by hiding it in the body again, no feeling will remain for long because, unless they are perceived to be in the body, their nature is to pass on.

The body that has been set free from the apparent attack of immaterial issues starts to breathe freely and thus to heal its physical problem just like it was made to do. Should it need assistance from a health care professional, it will let you know.


There is no confusion to get rid of if realising that like everybody else you are just as bad as good, and as sad as glad. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The body, like everything else experienced, is a construction of thoughts. Nevertheless, it has been made to interact with structures that, just like itself, appear to be material. That is why it interprets attempts to integrate it with non-physical feelings and ideas of spirituality as an attack, it has to defend itself against.


What we perceive to be the weaknesses of our personality is projected onto the way we feel apparently vulnerable parts of the body, for example the stomach. As our perceived flaws, therefore, are excluded from the consciousness of what we are, we seem to have improved ourselves.

Later, when there is a problem in the stomach caused by a physical irregularity, you associate how you feel it with the old sense of something wrong in your personality that you once disassociated yourself from by projecting it there. Since this combination seems to establish something immaterial has caused a material problem, you conclude the psychological and physical domain is connected.

But there is no connection. The problem in the stomach is physical, and the perceived obstacle in the personality is psychological. They do not blend except in fantasy. In other words, just like the physical gifts you thought you got from Santa Claus when you were a child did not come from him, nothing in a body is caused by emotional or psychological states.

To believe that is as crazy as to believe it is not possible for an old man to fly in the sky on a sleigh driven by reindeers and crawl down the chimney with presents to all the good children in the world. The sledge is too heavy to ever set off. Even if it did, the old man is too fat to crawl down the chimneys, and he would never be able to crawl down them all in one night.


You will never find anything physical in the digital world. It is solely digital. Likewise, you will never find something physical in the psychological sphere or vice versa. That is why the concept of a body-mind connection is a scam.

When the digital world is combined with the physical one, the fusion generally is experienced as if it is physical when you have a virtual reality headset mounted on the head. But this experience, like any other, is an illusion.


The belief in a body-mind connection is a confusion of levels – just like the bodily connection you feel when you communicate with on the internet is an illusion There is no physical contact. The connection is purely mental. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The excitement of a movie may seem to be felt in the body. But your body does not see the film, which has no power to do anything to the body. The reason it seems to react is that what you feel is judged to be so intense that if you go with it, you lose control. Thus you try to hide the psychological excitement in a physical feeling. That is why the body is experienced to react. It does not respond to the movie though but to your attempt of mixing it with something non-physical, which it sees as an attack on its integrity. Thus it defends itself by tightening the body, for example, until you stop using it as a means to get rid of something undesirable.


Imagining that the body is a product of how you perceive the world or of something spiritual is like thinking, there is a connection between the body and the clothes that follow it where it goes. The clothes have no love or anything else to give the body and vice versa. The clothes and the body are not communicating with each other at all.


To think that you can hide unpleasant feelings in the body is like thinking, you can hide them in a wall. Emotions are immaterial, so it is not possible to bury them in something that is material. It is, however, possible to believe this can be done. And if you do that, you will look at the body or wall as if there are hidden problems in it, even though they consist of nothing but material elements and the hidden issues are in your perception of them.


The special self is built on combining the psychological feelings that it judges to be negative with physical ones so that this combo hides them from its awareness and it, therefore, appears to be a positive person. To prevent concealed feelings from surfacing and thus destroying this image, it never allows itself to relax unless in a structured way. The basic self, on the other hand, has nothing to uphold and hence no need to keep specific psychological feelings at a distance by hiding them in physical ones. Consequently, relaxing happens naturally.

This does not mean that the basic self never explodes of anger, but, contrary to the special self, it does not attempt to hide this feeling amongst physical ones, nor does its rage trigger suppressed anger from the past. There is nothing to trigger because everything is perceived as it is what it is.* For the same reason, the present anger is another fleeting emotion that seems as entertaining as any other feeling produced by the brain.

That being said, the basic self is not perfect so there may have been something, it has forgotten to perceive as it is what it is* and instead perceived in a specific way it felt a need to hide. No problem. It is never too late in perceiving something as it is what it is,* so when the hidden feeling shows its face, this is how it is perceived.


If emotions buried in the stomach are about to surface, it may seem to be so scary that we prevent them from coming up by throwing up disgusting stuff from the stomach instead, or simply disguise them in a feeling of nauseousness. We may even choose to die rather than feeling the suppressed, although that is not what we fear anymore. What frightens us is the fear itself.


Alexius is not spiritual because it takes more than one to be something and spirituality is that which is one. For the same reason, he is not at one with anything. But since he does not perceive the apparent difference between him and others to make a difference, appearing to be one or two is not essential. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

There are physical and psychological feelings plus a feeling of emptiness, which is pure bliss (see hack #5.3 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone. But there are no spiritual feelings because spirituality is that which is one, and it takes more than one to feel something. Since oneness is formless and therefore endless, there are no feelings at all, unless you believe it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.

Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings are written within the context of that belief in which hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough takes a closer look at the combination of physical and psychological feelings. That combo brings about a psychosomatic disorder, which feels as if being in a cage made of grievances, fear and anxiety as long as it is kept together. But when broken, physical and psychological feelings in each their own way results in joy.


Although you feel rejected by somebody, there is no reason the body should not feel good. Nor is there any reason you should not feel good if the body suffers from a broken leg, for example. That is if you do not mix a psychological problem with a physical one. Doing so is a level of confusion, that you can correct by acknowledging the nature of the psychological and physical problems is different and that they, therefore, must be dealt with on each their own term.

Should it seems too complicated to untangle a combo you have made of psychological and physical issues, you simply perceive it as it what it is. Since the elements of the combo, therefore, has no specific effect on you and since there is no cause without an effect, the combo is empty.


You want to believe that you can see what somebody thinks or feels in its facial expression. The body, however, is solely material and so is what it reflects. Thus seeing immaterial thoughts and feelings in the face is make-believe.


If you pinch yourself in the arm, for example, you feel something physical. Concluding this means you are alive, you combine the physical sensation with a mental statement to make it tangible and thus as proof of your existence. But that which is real needs not to be validated. Actually, its existence cannot be proved because it is that which is one, and it takes more than one to authenticate anything. In other words, when something can be verified, it is not real. That is why there is a need to prove it is real.


It does not rain because you feel sad, nor does the rain has the power to make you feel bad. That is unless you choose to perceive such a course and effect. Likewise, the body does not have the ability to make you feel sad, nor does feeling sad makes the body bad, unless you imagine such a connection. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you see a scary movie, it is experienced to be real because it is like the fear manifests in the body. The film, however, does not have the ability to scare you and what you feel in the body is purely physical. It is not caused by the frightening events in the movie but your perception of them. You only seem to be scared because that is what you are conditioned to feel when seeing certain things. And to make it real that you feel afraid, you project the idea on a body part, that already is tense and seems to get tenser when you give it your attention. Thus it feels as if the movie makes you scared.

Sometimes, it goes the other way around. You have a stomach ache, but it does not make you special to have that. So you imagine, it is caused by something psychological. Unfortunately, this combination results in a psychosomatic disorder that is incurable, especially because the psychological part of it most likely is made up, so in regard to that there is nothing to heal but the belief that there is someone who can be conditioned to feel this.


A psychological feeling, good or bad, is established to have a physical effect by finding a part of the body where a physical sensation is experienced as similar and thus as if it is connected with the psychological feeling. Thus a specific physical feeling in the chest, for example, establishes a particular psychological feeling, maybe heartache, as physical.

This combo, however, that is built on a fantasy about being an individual who is a whole being, will sooner or later become displeasing because the psychological sphere and the physical domain is not compatible. Thus it sooner or later makes you feel incomplete, which you block from your awareness as a feeling of yours by projecting it on somebody else.

The combo, however, remains in the darkness of the awareness as a diffuse sense of something strange which every now and then bring about a feeling of heartache that triggers a sensation in the chest in which there seem to be a feeling of being incomplete as well. Consulting a doctor for the pain in the breast does not help because physically speaking there is nothing wrong.

Since the distress is purely psychological, it must be withdrawn from the chest and returned to the psychological sphere. This does not mean, that there you must deal with your heartache. Nothing needs to be done than to perceive the unedited experience of it as it is what it is. When not perceived as something specific, crying is just as beautiful to experience as anything else.

PS: You should, of course, consult a healthcare professional in case of physical pain.

*) See hack #4.2 Being a self or no-self.