All experiences are make-believe [draft]

Having established itself as someone in charge of its own life, the special self needs to meditate or something else that seems to make it able to control thoughts so it can fool itself into believing, that thoughts are not produced by the brain but itself. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self, which is an altered version of the basic self, is always looking for mistakes in the person it perceives to have become so that it can correct them and therefore appear to be in charge of itself. The basic self, on the other hand, does not consider itself to be in charge of anything but a servant of everything, because it is adjusted to the flow of thoughts coming from the brain which does not care for personal preferences but what is in the best interest of the whole.

If the special self has a personality of a faultfinder, every mistake it finds makes it angry, whereas the basic self gets happy because that fulfils its function.

Perceiving the flow of thoughts as ´it is what it is,´ does not mean that you stop being a faultfinder if that is how the brain has made your personality. Instead, it means that finding faults makes you happy because doing so you fulfil your nature.

Since the special self has removed itself from its basic nature in an attempt to not be a servant to the brain but its master, finding faults do not make it happy but guilty for having failed as a manager. Yet it likes feeling this because it confirms its status as special and capable of making a difference.

And it reckons that this prestige will bring about mature happiness and not the childish kind that it perceives the basic self is rewarded with by the brain from serving it without bother.


Should you be in the habit of going with the flow, fear will not seem to separate you from oneness but set you free, because totally being in the flow of fear, you are not anything but that, wherefore there is not something to define the flow, so you are in the bliss of nothing.


There is no moment without the past and the future. To keep the balance on a wheel like in this photo, you must be in contact with both. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Happiness is a mechanical product of the brain, which needs to be counteracted with sadness for you to know whether you are happy or not. This is the way of duality, and ultimately speaking, there is no solution to this ongoing change of contrasts than having the belief in duality undone. This, however, does not result in something because in non-duality, there is no more than that which is one, and it takes more than one to get a result.

As it also takes more than one to experience being someone, what you experience to be is no more. Should you want to prolong the experience of being someone but not being burdened by the nature of duality, you relate to the natural flow of thoughts as it comes from the brain without trying to alter it through a special perception of yours, because that makes sadness just an entertaining experience as happiness.


When you watch a movie, not only your experience of it but also what you experience the participants to experience is made up by the brain. This is the same, no matter what and where and with whom you experience to be. Every experience, whether you or others seem to have it, is made by the brain from out of nothing as if it is something so that you appear to be someone definitive in the experience of a physical, spiritual or dream world amongst like-minded ones.

Most are aware that the experience of being someone in a dream is an illusion since they are not there but in their beds. But most, however, are unaware that the same applies to the experience of being someone in a physical or spiritual world. That which is you is not there, because it is no different from that which is one and it takes more than one to be somewhere.


The experiences the brain produces to make you feel that it is you who have them can, in many ways, be compared to the news that Facebook generates especially for you. Based on the info Facebook has gathered about you, it collects what its artificial intelligence predicts you wish to see, regardless it is fake or not. Unlike Facebook, however, the brain has all your info so what you get from it is based on what you have. Thus what you see is what you are. This cannot be altered – only your perception of it.


Whether living naked in the forest is an experience you are daydreaming of or actually is having is the same to the brain because it does not differentiate between what you believe to be real or imaginative. It is the same nothingness that it fools you into experiencing as something. This also applies to the acknowledgement of this. There is nobody to be deceived and nothing to be acknowledged, as that requires more than one and there is no more than which is one since it is formless and therefore endless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain processes all experiences in one higgledy-piggledy by the very same organ, because it does not differentiate between the experiences you believe in having when awake, at sleep, watching a movie or meditating. Nor does it separate what you perceive to be yours and others experience, or divide them into real or imaginary, authentic or fake, physical or spiritual.

Just like the browser that generates the letters in this article does not know how you perceive them, the brain does not know you that you label its experience divided into opposing categories like fact or fabrication, negative or positive, real or imaginary, the writer or the reader of this article. To the brain, it is all the same, namely something it renders from out of nothing to make you feel entertained.

The practical implication of this is that you do not have to avoid fantasies of for example sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger, rage or something else you perceive to be wrong, because for the brain it is the same whether you indulge a fantasy of it or actually act it out. It processes both experiences by the same organ from out of nothing. This, the basic self instinctively knows, so without holding back, it devotes itself to the fantasies popping up, and thus makes the brain happy by joining in one of its stories made for entertaining you. See also Far from Home.

The above also means that even though you due to the rules of society, or yourself, must hold back certain feelings of aggression and love, for example, you do not have to repress those feelings but can live them out in fantasies. This also applies to whatever feelings you in the past may have hidden from your awareness by storing it in your body. Read more about that in hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough.

It is never too late to live out repressed feelings in a fantasy. Should you be unaware of what feelings you have suppressed, and do not know what to fantasy about, you can use the pain they cause in the body in fantasies where you escape imprisonment, for example. The relief that this cause does not make you feel more spiritual. On the contrary. Believing to be spiritual is a mistake because it takes more than one to be something and spirituality is that which is one.

But it is going to make you feel more in line with your physical appearance as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, and thus to be happy. Eventually so much that you do forget to uphold the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.


The world of the basic self is not without sadness, but as that and happiness are two sides of the same coin, you cannot be sad without being happy.. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You believe the experiences you seem to have are establishing there is more than one. But this only seems to be so because you are holding back. If not doing that but including everything as it is there is no sense of time and space and thus no separation to prove the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.


Since the basic self is not exclusive but inclusive, and since everything in a world of duality comes in pairs, the inclusion of happiness contains sadness and vice versa. Feeling unhappy, therefore, is not a clear-cut state of sorrow. If you, for instance, feel depressed because your cat is dead, you also are in touch with the happiness you experienced when it was alive. Actually, happiness is the reason you feel sad.

This does not apply to the special self. It is not inclusive but exclusive, and therefore not able to feel sadness and happiness simultaneously. Nor is it able to feel any of those emotions on its own, because it suppresses sadness to feel happy, and without it, you do not know when you feel happy. The special self, however, does not know, that it has distanced itself from its feelings because it has replaced them with speculative explanations of what and where it is.

Should the intensity of a feeling manage to surpass its speculations, the special self is devastated. Yet that is nothing compared to the annihilation it faces by experiencing happiness and sadness simultaneously because when two opposing feelings meet, they cancel out each other (read more about that here). Thus there is not something to define it as special anymore, and that feels like the death to it.

The basic self does not have this problem. It does not exclude life from death. So if it fears death, it meets life as well, and since opposing elements cancel out each other when not kept apart, there is nothing left but emptiness, which is pure bliss. See hack #5.3 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone.


The brain renders a world where there seems to be more than one from out of nothing in which there appears to be somebody who can confirm the authenticity of this world, that it in return attests to the existence of the one making this confirmation. That is all. It is all fictionary, and so is the story about the brain making fiction because there is no more than that which is one and it takes more than one to make or experience something. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius nature is to not exclude but include, so since the special self is made by excluding what is judged to be wrong in the basic self, he is not able to perceive himself to be special. Yet he can simulate being that by imitating the behaviour of the special self, which is to always be and have more – just like he can simulate to be someone in the world of Monopoly, who wants to grab everything.

At times he is so successful in doing this, that he starts to believe he is special, and thus feels as confused as others believing this.

But since he does not exclude feeling confusion, its chaotic energy is free to ignite a take-off to the empty breath so he again is indifferent to what and where he seems to be and as nobody can pretend to be somebody. Read more about that in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive. And check out hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing for how to ignite a take-off to the empty breath.


You are not reading this, and it has not been written. It is not possible, because there is no more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless. Yet it seems possible to believe, there is more than that which is one. And since you appear to be reading and Alexius to be writing this, you and he are one in that belief. Thus to believe there is more than that which is one is a positive confirmation of oneness.

So even though the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one appears to hide that which is one, it does not deny it, because this belief would not be possible without oneness since there is no more than that which is one.


Science believes that no thought comes out of nothing. Yet they cannot say where it comes from, and the reason is that all thoughts come from nothing. The experience of any thought as something is make-believe.


As most unconsciously sense that what and where they experience to be is a manifestation of thoughts, they assume they can also manifest something from thoughts. But nobody has made a single thought of their own. They are all produced by the brain, and they do not manifest anything at all.  It is all make-believe.

Consequently, both the experience of being someone substantial in a tangible world and the explanation that the brain is fabricating it is a deception, and so is that somebody is being deceived by somebody. Just like nobody is deceiving anybody in a dream because there is not somebody in it and nobody is making it.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you suppress the feelings you perceive to be wrong, those seen to be right are excluded as well because, in a world of duality, everything comes in pairs. Since you always look for approval and that couples with shame, you do not suppress that. Hence you cannot help but feel the shame of being a suppressor.

To not feel it too much, though, you project it partially on others, your father or boss for example. But doing so, their approval only seems to be partial. Thus you feel, you are not good enough. But if perceiving that as it is what is, you feel good enough. Thus you do not have to blame somebody for being wrong to feel right.

The more you exclude/suppress, the less complete you feel. Unfortunately, you will probably conclude more needs to be excluded for you to become purer. And on it goes, until you are so fed up of not being good enough, that you do not try to become better, but have the unedited frustration ignite a take-off to the empty breath, that wipes your slate clean so you perceive everything as ´it is what it is,´ and thus are equally entertained by so-called bad things as god ones.


You do not want to know, it is nobody but what you believe to be who deceives you into experiencing that it is real because knowing that would expose what you believe to be as nothing and thus being deceived by nobody.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one, which is still in the process of being written.


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