BM00 The mental and physical sphere does not mix [draft]

An ice-cream may give a physical sensation, but it will not solve any mental or emotional problem. The mind must be dealt with by the mind. This, however, does not necessarily result in a physical sensation, because the mind and the body are two very different systems. But it will result in a relaxed mind, and such a mind has no need to project problems from the mind onto the body so that it is free to take care of itself without being interrupted by mental ideas like unconditional love and whatnot. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

For years there has been a very unhealthy idea about uniting body, mind and soul – or that the mind should be the master of the body. This idea has done much harm to the body, as it is a physical unit built to deal with physical matters and not mental matters.

A self-regulating system
The body is an expert in dealing with physical problems, but mental or emotional problems hid in the body blocks its ability to heal itself. It has no way to heal the resulting so-called psychosomatic problems.

Mental or emotional problems can only be healed in the sphere where they are perceived, so they need to be withdrawn from the body and brought back to the mind. This is not a mental process or steps to actively doing something. It is to see – without trying to explain or correct it in any way – that what you do not like is in your mind. It takes less than a second to re-establish the flow of energy in the body that in return sends a whole breath* throughout the body.

It is the same story about projecting problems in your mind onto other people or the world. By doing so, the world will seem fucked up, even though the mess is in your mind. The world is neither wrong or right. Even if it would be corrected according to your ideas of a better world, you would still not be content, because the problem has not been healed where it is, namely in your mind!

The body works best without the interference of the mind. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Feelings that seems too hard to deal with are often projected onto obscure parts of the body so that they seem out-of-the-way. But years later, these feelings may appear as physical symptoms. Maybe the stomach or the back has tightened up or become loose due to what has been hidden there. Such problems doctors have a hard time to diagnose, and even if they succeed in removing the symptoms, the cause of the problem remains unsolved and so new symptoms appear elsewhere in the body.

If a body is intolerant to gluten, you do not help it by projecting love or other mental concepts upon it, but eat gluten.

The body is built to heal different kinds of physical illnesses, but not psychological problems projected onto it. They have to be dealt with where they are made, namely in the mind. All that is needed for healing a psychological problem is to expose it in the mind instead of denying it by projecting it onto the body.

The mind is not part of the body – just like a bikini is not part of the body wearing it. They are two separate things. At times the bikini seems to follow the body. Yet there are no connection and it has no sense of the fragile reality of the body.

Well, one more thing is needed, namely, that you do not do this in the attempt to get physical relief or experience some physical sensation. If that is what you wish for, you should go to a fitness centre or attend to your body in other physical ways. The healing of a problem in the mind may result in a relaxed body, but that is not due to a connection between it and the mind, but due to the relive it is for the body when mental problems are not projected onto it.

To expose a problem in the mind is not to understand the cause or pattern of it or to understand anything at all, but to be it in the mind.

In other words, when you have a problem in the mind, forget all about the body, and attend to the problem in the mind, where you will also experience the resolution. Experience may not be the right word, because exposing the problem in the mind, it is included where it was excluded, and as it is only what is excluded that is remembered, you will not remember it, and so there is nothing to experience.

While appearing to be in a body enjoy the physical sensations from food, sex or other pleasurable things, but do not count on those bodily experiences for your wellbeing, as that will be all too exhausting for the body.

Wellbeing comes from not being exclusive but inclusive.** because then there is no need to hide the excluded in the body.

The special self believes everything would be so much better if others would listen to it and follow its lead. But it seldom has a solution to the things it points out as wrong – at least not one that can be implemented. This, however, does not bother it, because its primary interest is to find faults that it can use to justify its dissociation from its negative feelings. Read more about that in hack #4.3 To be a happy self or not.

Since getting rid of its unpleasant feelings by projecting them onto others makes it feel guilty of attacking them, the special self fears their retribution. Thus it is very relieved every time someone is convicted of a crime because this makes it feels the guilty one has been found and that it is off the hook. In other words, the way it has dissociated itself from what it feels has not been detected, so no reason to feel guilty for making others wrong in order to make itself looks right.

The above should not be understood as the special self must change its behaviour, as that would imply it is real, but that the special would be better off by not excluding but including its feelings. See hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is pure bliss.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To uphold the image of itself as a positive person, the special self avoids the feelings that it perceives to be negative by hiding them in the body. And to make sure nobody discovers it still contains these emotions – for example, sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger and rage – it projects them onto the others.

But since everything in the script of the brain comes in pairs, it is not possible to experience positivity without its contrast, negativity, and vice versa. Thus the suppression of negative emotions does not turn the special self into a positive person but someone living in denial and, therefore, out of sync with the script of the brain.

Willingness to feel the emotions that seem to scare us reveals that they are not something but nothing. Just like the sounds, you hear when walking on an empty street, do not scare you when you turn around and look because then you realise that the scaring sounds just come from the wind playing with the leaves.

But if those feelings perceived as negative are not avoided, they do not seem to scare but assure you, because now they can be combined with their contrast so that the two halves make a whole. And what is whole feels good. So does feeling happy/sad, which is the combo that may arise from having lost the interest in the former relations based on exclusion.

Being the basic self and thus having a happy life does not necessarily mean that the body is perfect but that you feel good regardless of its condition because your perception of it is that it is what it is. Alexius body, for example, has chronic inflammation in the lungs and he has had several operations in the heart, although he never has been smoking and always been eating healthy and doing exercises. One leg is longer than the other, and one of his eyes hardly works. He has rhinitis, IBS and whatnot. The list goes on.

Most of the time, he does not try to change what cannot be altered. Sometimes, however, he turns into the special self in an attempt to make things better. That is until the frustrations coming from never feeling good enough makes him settle for the perception that it is what it is and thus feel good it is enough being the basic self.

This should not be understood as you do not do take care of the body when you rest in the basic self because regardless you appear to be the basic or special self, you are bound to follow the instructions of the brain, and it will most likely direct you to do something for your body. Maybe not something comprehensive, but at least small things like brushing the teeth etc. The special self, however, does not like to be instructed about anything, so although it does as it is told, it covers it up with a story wherein the body seems to be ruled by its ideas of love, balance and whatnot.

As this is out of sync with the script of the brain, it does not entail happiness but a feeling of rejection which is projected on the body, that does not know how to deal with it, as it is made to deal with physicality only. The result seems to be a psychosomatic disorder, that cannot be healed before the sick idea that spiritual concepts can heal something physical are withdrawn from the body, so it is free to heal itself, and the spiritual cis can be dismissed in the mental sphere where they were conceived.

*) Read about wholly breath in the article To accept is to not be someone definitive, which is to not exclude but include everything, and in hack #4, A state of not-knowing is nothing but bliss, where it is called the empty breath.

**) Hack #3.1 Inclusiveness is a perfect moment, and hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is pure bliss is especially about inclusion versus exclusion.


  • The above is not written in the context of that which is one but in the context of a world where there seems to be more than one.
  • This article is part of hack #4.3 To be a happy self or not, which is still in the process of being written.


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