BM1 The psychological and physical sphere does not mix [draft]

Psychologically concepts of how to attain physical wellness do not work, because immateriality is unable to experience form. Just like a bikini that follows the movements of a body has no way of experiencing it. Although the bikini and the body seem to be closely related, they function on each their own term. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

This article is, like the others in hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough about the disturbances caused in the body by the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection with you perceived to be the master of it – and how the body is healed when you stop inflicting the body with mental ideas of this belief in how to transform the body through yoga and breathing exercises, for example, so it becomes more balanced, spiritual or what you fancy will make it more perfect. It is advisable to have read hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one before reading this hack.


For years there has been a very unhealthy idea about uniting body, mind and soul and you as the master of it. This belief has done much harm to the body because it is a physical unit built to deal with physical matters and not mental, emotional or metaphysical ones. Besides, you are not the master of any appearance, whether material, immaterial or spiritual – only the perception of it.

The body is an expert in dealing with material problems, but not immaterial ones like the mental and emotional issues you exclude from your awareness by hiding them in the darkness of the body. Nothing can be done about the psychosomatic disorders that this causes before they are split into material and immaterial issues that can be dealt with on each their own term.

This division occurs naturally when you feel the immaterial problems where they were made, namely in the psychological sphere, exactly as they are without explaining or editing them. Practically speaking, you do this by feeling the pain where it seems to come from in the body, but without automatically perceiving it to be physical pain but that it is what it is.***

This frees the psychological part of the pain from the imprisonment in the body. Hence it is back in the immaterial sphere where it was conceived and, therefore, can be healed by feeling it as it is, which at first may feel as if you are going insane or being tortured. No worries, as long as you feel it as it is and do not prevent yourself from crying or screaming, for example, by hiding it in the body again, no feeling will remain for long because, unless they are trapped in the body, their nature is to pass on.

And the body, having been set free from immaterial issues, starts breathing freely and hence to heal its physical problem just like it is made to do. Should it need assistance from a health care professional, it will let you know.


The body functions the best without mental concepts of balance, love, spirituality and whatnot inflicted upon it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If the body is intolerant to a specific food, it is not mental ideas of mindfulness, for example, that it needs for its wellness, but that this food physically speaking is avoided.


The basic self* knows there is no need to unite anything because all experiences are produced in the brain, so it is the common factor. The special self,* on the other hand, believes all experiences are created by itself and that it is independent of the brain. Thus it tries to control what it experiences. But since they are made by the brain, this is not possible.

It is, however, possible to make a perception of the experiences in which everything that does not attest to being independent is excluded from the awareness of who the special self is so an image can be compiled of itself as unique. Since this is obtained by dumping the excluded it in obscure parts of the body, the special self ends up having psychosomatic disorders.


Feelings that are perceived to be painful or politically incorrect are often projected onto obscure parts of the body, so they seem to be out-of-the-way. But later, sometimes years, the suppressed energy of these feelings may cause the stomach to bloat, for example. No matter what the doctors do to heal it, however, the cause remains unhealed until it is dealt with where it was made, namely in the psychological sphere.

This does not come from understanding the cause or pattern of it, but the willingness to psychologically be the problem because then there is no need to exclude it from the awareness by hiding it in the darkness of the body.**


While appearing to be in a body, enjoy the physical sensations from food and sex, for example, but do not count on those bodily experiences for your emotional wellbeing. That the body cannot provide that. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To uphold the image of itself as a positive person, the special self* avoids all feelings perceived as negative, for example, sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger and rage, by hiding them in the body. And to make sure that nobody discovers that it still contains these feelings, it projects them onto the others.

But since everything in the script of the brain* comes in pairs, it is not possible to experience positivity without negativity, and vice versa. Thus the suppression of negative emotions does not make the special self* positive but someone living in denial and, therefore, out of sync with the script of the brain.*

Had the feelings perceived as negative not been excluded they would automatically have been included.** And since they, therefore, meet their opposing feeling of positivity, they are whole, which feels good. So does feeling happy/sad, that is the combo arising from losing the interest in the former relations based on exclusion.**


That negativity is terrible and not part of your personality is another story of yours which is rooted in the wish to be better than others. Yet most of your daily activities, among others reading this, requires negativity because, without the negative pole in an electrical wire, there would be no energy to replicate this article on the screen.

And Amethyst, for example, emits negative ions to produce biochemical reactions that create positive vibes and thus relieves stress. Likewise bringing back home your negativity from where you hid it in the body into your awareness will do wonders there.


The special self* believes everything would be much better if others would listen to it and follow its lead. Yet it seldom has a solution to the things it points out as wrong – at least not one that can be implemented. Its primary focus is to find faults in others so they can be blamed for having caused its negative feelings, and they, therefore, are disassociated from the special self, which thus appears to be positive.

Since blaming others for its own negativity makes the special feel guilty, it feels relieved when somebody else is convicted for a crime. This makes it feel that the guilty one has been found and it, therefore, does not need to feel guilty for making others wrong in order to make itself look right.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being the basic self* and thus perceiving every moment as the perfect moment (read more about that here) does not necessarily mean the body is perfect. But since the basic self perceives its condition as it is what it is,*** you feel good regardless of it. Alexius body, for example, has chronic inflammation in the lungs and he has had several operations in the heart, although he never has been smoking and always been eating healthy and exercising. One leg is shorter than the other, and one of his eyes hardly works. He has rhinitis and whatnot. The list goes on.

Most of the time, he does not try to change what cannot be altered. Sometimes, though, he turns into the special self* in an attempt to make things better. But since this attempt is based on not feeling good enough and therefore enhances that feeling, frustration builds up until he returns to the perception of the basic self,* namely it is what it is,*** and thus feels good enough as he is.

This is not to say, that you do not take care of the body when you are grounded in the basic self* because regardless of being that or the special self*, you are bound to follow the instructions of the brain, which includes taking care of the body by brushing its teeth, for example. The special self,* however, does not like to follow orders, so although it does what it is assigned to do, it covers up its obedience by a perception in which it appears to be in charge or going with the flow.

As this perception is out of sync with the script of the brain, the special self* does not feel happy but rejected which it projects on the body, that does not know how to deal with this feeling since it is made to deal with physicality only. Thus the problem turns int a psychosomatic disorder, that cannot be healed until the sick idea of mixing body and emotions is dropped, so the body is free to heal itself*, and the emotional problems can be dealt with in the non-physical sphere where they were conceived.


The special self* does not want to see itself for better and worse, so it excludes everything from its awareness of itself that does not ratify its high-minded image of what it is or will be in the future when it is transformed.


It is crucial for the special self not to feel any emotion as it is so that the image it has made of itself does not crack. Hence it suppresses all feelings and become so numb that it cannot feel anything but the fear of them surfacing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Should you have conditioned yourself to feel relaxed when you hear a specific kind of music, you find yourself as a part of a play, where you imagine what you should feel, every time you hear this music. In other words, you do not feel what you feel but what you imagine you should feel in this situation. And as most of what you believe in feeling rests on your conditioning, you are hardly ever in touch with your emotions but what you have been conditioned to feel. This suits the special self very well. It does not want to feel its feelings as they are, but how it imagines them to be according to the story, it has made up of who it is.


Stubbornly insisting on being in the right is going to stiffen the shoulders and/or neck and thus create an emotional blockage that prevents the feelings arising out of the body from being processed by the brain as they are. Hence you can take over to process them into what you imagine you should feel according to collectively agreed on concepts that justify what you imagine to feel, for example disrespected.

If that is what you, in your culture, should feel if someone is more than 15 minutes late for a meeting, you can in a rational way present others with collectively agreed reasons for being hurt and thus to be in the right, while at the same time escaping what waiting for someone in vain actually made you feel, because justifying a feeling suppresses it and so does rationally explaining it. Thus the only thing you feel is the satisfaction of being in the right.

But since that only last as long as someone is willing to listen to the story of your made-up feeling, the satisfaction fades out when they have had enough. No worries. If you perceive the story as it as it is what it is,*** nothing in it that adds up to something specific, so it cannot be used to justify being unfairly treated and therefore not suppress what you actually feel. Being in touch with that makes you feel so fulfilled that you do not need the satisfaction of being in the right.

The feeling you in this way have gotten in touch with will not trouble you as if not pinned on a story you or others have made up the feeling has nothing to cling onto. Consequently, it quickly makes a place for another feeling. Should that seem to be an unpleasant one, sadness for example, there is no need to avoid it because, in a world of duality, everything comes in pairs. So if not suppressed, its roommate, happiness, is also there, so you feel happy/sad.


Feelings only seem to be conflicting, if specific ones are judged to be wrong. When any kind of feeling is perceived as it is what it is, there are no conflicts. Thus feeling angry is not at odds with feeling peaceful but two sides of the same coin.


Willingness to feel the emotions that seem to scare us reveals that they are not something but nothing. Just like the sounds, you hear walking on an empty street do not scare you when you turn around and see they come from the wind playing with the leaves. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When something that makes you feel sad is perceived as it is what it is** sadness is also experienced as gladness. First of all, because everything comes in pairs but also because if something has not made you happy at some point, it cannot make you sad. When your cat dies, for example, your sadness is related to the many years of gladness you had had when it was alive.

If you feel sad and it does not make you glad, you have altered the automatically made perception of it is what it is to I know what it is.***

Should you, however, make a perception that states I know what it is,*** you will not feel glad as well as sad because the sadness becomes sticky by the story you make to justify that I know what it is.*** Not so much because of the story but because spent much time trying to make others believe it, so it can be established, you have been the unjustly treated, and that is the reason you feel sad.

Since IBS is a sickness that cannot be measured physically, it is most likely caused by psychologically problems you excluded from the awareness as something of yours by hiding them in the stomach.

In other words, the feeling has been replaced by a rational expression about it that you can use to suppress the real feeling from your awareness and hide it in the darkness of the body, often in the stomach, where the repressed feeling, in an attempt to escape its imprisonment, causes a psychosomatic disorder like IBS.


Marriage is a social convention that produces numbing sameness, prioritising concepts of love over being in love.


The special self does not know any of its feelings. Emotions are something it talks about but never feels. To prevent itself and others from knowing what it feels, it hides its emotions from its awareness by projecting them onto the body.

Feelings come in pairs, hate and love for example. To know when you are in love, you must have felt hatred and vice versa. But since the special self* always excludes the unpleasant part of a pair from its awareness, it never knows what it feels and thus what it wants, so everything nothing seems to be good enough. This, of course, is corrected the moment you stop excluding feelings perceived to negative. Since including them, however, would destroy the carefully created image of being perfect, the special self* keeps on excluding the feelings that destroy its image of perfectness.


Since feelings are shaped by the way we perceive something, what we feel is our own responsibility. Any kind of feeling, however, will entertain us when it is perceived as it is what it is.*** In regards to feeling amused it does not matter, therefore, what you have decided to feel when it is perceived as it is what it is.***

The stories that you make in which you appear to know how everything fit together, sooner or later clash with the actual experiences of the world where you appear to be.

If you do not perceive what you feel as it is what it is,*** but as I know what it is,*** you become numb because a feeling can only be perceived to be known when explained, and the explanation suppresses it. Thus you do not feel entertained but bored. To make up for that, you enhance the perception I know what it is** with stories that seem to confirm this and thus to make you feel good about how important you seem to be.

*) Read more about the script of the brain plus the basic and special self in hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one.

**) Hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is pure bliss is especially about inclusion versus exclusion.

***) See the article ´I know what it is´ vs ´it is what it is´ vs ´dunno what it is´.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, which is still in the process of being written.


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