The body is made to deal with physical issues, not psychological ones [draft]

Updated December 4, 2021

There is no extraordinary purpose for appearing to be or have a self, just like there is no purpose of pretending to be someone in a video game except for having fun pretending to be what you are not. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from having read about the perception ‘it is what it is.‘ This perception syncs you with the brain’s script. Hence you feel entertained. See hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy. You may also benit from having read hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one,

The special self dissociates itself from unpleasant feelings by imagining to dump them in the body. Hence, it can perceive itself as free from evil, so it is only something outside itself. But, although this has made the unpleasant feelings disappear from the awareness of the special self, they remain in the darkness of its consciousness as something believed to be hidden in obscure parts of its body.

There they may seem to be hidden for a long time. But sooner or later, their suppressed energy causes trouble. And since you believe in having buried unpleasant feelings in the body, you perceive the danger to come from there. Traditional medicine, nutritional supplements or massage, for example, may seem to relieve the pain. But it soon returns, this time maybe in another part of the body.

However, the cause of the problem is not in the body but in how you perceive yourself, namely as bad. You reckon if you this in obscure parts of the body, you will look so good that nobody sees the darkness in you. To heal the problems of this divorce from a part of you, you must bring back the darkness where it was deemed unwanted, namely in your perception. Thus you can see you are full of darkness that defines the brightness in you. In other words, darkness does not bring you down but enhance the brightness in you. Read more about that here.

If facing your darkness seems frustrating, you can instead use the unedited energy of distress to ignite a take-off into the empty breath. In connection with that, there is nothing but the bliss of emptiness. Hence there is nothing to face. See hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

The special self uses much energy to suppress the thoughts and feelings judged as negative or politically incorrect. This, it deems necessary for preserving what it believes to be or will become when it lives in the now, come from the heart or whatnot. On the other hand, the basic self has no desire to appear special and, therefore, no need to judge something wrong.

Besides, it knows negativity is just as crucial as positivity. For example, the combination of the negative and positive pole in an electric wire makes the energy required to publish this article on the internet. Read more about that here.

If your phone is out of order and it seems to make you upset, having the phone fixed may appear to address your anger as well. But the phone has neither the power to make you angry nor heal you. So even though the rage has disappeared from your awareness, it will return when something else triggers it. That is unless you dealt with the phone and your fury separately, so both of the problems can be corrected on their own terms. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you decide you are clumsy when continually dropping something, you may, by reflex, dump this feeling of silliness in the stomach. This may result in a sickness called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It is not physically measurable through blood or another kind of bodily analysis. Instead, the diagnosis is based on eliminating other measurable issues, indicating this one is a psychosomatic disorder.

That is probably why the problem is not solved through physically solutions such as excluding bread, onions and whatnot. Instead, the issue needs to be addressed where it is made, namely how you see yourself.

More friends or likes on Facebook will not make your insecurity go away.

This is not to say that you should not follow a diet like FODMAP in the case of IBS, it might be an excellent way to relieve stomach pain, so you have the strength to feel your insecurity instead of dumping it in the stomach. Your clumsiness is not a fact but an opinion of yours. If you do not try to hide this opinion in the stomach but perceive it as ‘it is what it is,’ you see you are not something specific because everything comes in pairs in a world of duality. Clumsiness is paired with grace.

An excellent shortcut for correcting a singular perception is to use the frustration from being clumsy as a take-off into the empty breath (see hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing). This brings you into a state of not-knowing. There the slate is wiped clean, so you return to the conscious experience of being someone as the basic self. Read more about that here. Since it automatically perceives its reaction to something as ‘it is what it is,’ the basic self always feels complete. Thus its appearance does not matter.

You cannot avoid events that may result in sadness, but you can refrain from interpreting them, so they do that. This naturally occurs for the basic self, which has no need for special events to make it happy. Happiness is the essence of all experiences when one does not interpret itself to stand out as exceptional.

No events can make you sad. It is your interpretation of them that causes sadness. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you have physical problems, do not try to solve physical problems with mental ideas of wellness. By doing that, you fuck up the biological system that the brain uses to support the body. The basic self would never interfere with the natural flow between the body and the brain because that prevents the latter from healing the body. This is not to say the body never needs the help of a professional physician. But that if it does, it will let you know.

However, the special self always thinks it knows better. Thus it forces the body to do extreme yoga exercises, heavy weight lifting, restricting diets, tantra sex, or other mental concepts of wellness that make the body appear to be a manifestation of the special self. The price is a body in pain, but since the primary concern of the special self is its appearance, it gladly pays that price.

If physical symptoms of illness trigger memories of endangerment and those two are combined so that the physical symptoms are perceived to cause a threat, a fusion of physical and psychological reality seems to have been established. The resulting psychosomatic disorder cannot be healed by the body’s biological system because it is made to deal with physicality only. And since the physical and psychological reality, like oil and water, do not mix, mental powers to heal the body are a mess.

Suppose the experience of the physical symptom, on the other hand, is not combined with the memories of the endangerment triggered by it. In that case, the symptom remains physical and the memories psychological. Therefore, the biological system is free to deal with the physical symptom, and the memories of danger can be dealt with psychologically.

The paradox in trying to heal a psychosomatic disorder is that it reinforces the fear of the physical symptoms and thus the result of this combo, namely a psychosomatic disorder.

Like a strawn is built to deal with fluid and not tangible things, the body is made to deal with physicality and not emotions, mental or spiritual matters. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To sum it up: When you appear to be sick, and your concern about the physical symptom triggers a past sense of danger that you interpret as caused by the present physical symptom, you develop a psychosomatic disorder. But since body and mind cannot be fused, no cure will work before the imagined combo of an immaterial feeling, and a material symptom is undone, and each problem can be dealt with on their own terms.

In a situation where you perceive yourself to be on top of it, try for a moment to perceive you do not know what comes next. Then feel which perceptions is followed by a free breathe.

This differentiation occurs automatically when you are the basic self because it relates to the stream of thoughts coming from the brain as it is and not as it should be according to socialism, capitalism, or another ism that tries to establish consistency and meaning where there is none. There is not something to learn from the thoughts streaming from the brain, nor when they turn out as dreams or spiritual experiences. They are made from nothing. Their only purpose is to make them look like something, so one can be entertained by nothing. Read more about that here.

If you want to be entertained by nothing instead of being frustrated by the belief in something like socialism, you give up being special by connecting with the empty breath. It immediately brings you in a state of not-knowing from where you shortly return to the consciousness of being someone with the slate wiped clean (read more about that here). Hence you are the basic self without psychosomatic disorders. Therefore, since all Alexius’ Duality Hacks eventually bring about this state,* and they apply themselves when reading Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings, all you need to become the basic self is to keep reading them.

In hack #5.3 The empty breath and the bliss of not believing to be someone, you can read about the empty breath and a state of not-knowing, which it immediately entails. If you do not want to read about it but simply connect with the empty breath, jump to hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

And if you want to know what happens if you do not leave a state of not-knowing before long but remain in it for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, go to From the bliss of not-knowing to the happiness of serving.

Being connected with the empty breath feels like sinking into the water and floating in nothing but bliss. See also What does the empty breath feel like?. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain repeatedly rewards the basic self with shots of happiness for being in sync with its script. It cannot do that for the special self because it makes a  perception of the script where everything judged as wrong is excluded. The special self imagines doing that by dumping negativity in the body.

This fantasy makes it presume that strained areas in the body are generated by the suppressed negativity. Hereafter, it concludes the natural flow between the brain and the body is broken, so it can take over and fix the body by ideas of mindfulness or other mental ideas unfit for the body because it is purely physical.

This mess you can undo by connecting with the empty breath. It brings you into a state of not-knowing from where you return to the consciousness of being someone definitive with a body that has been set free from suppressed feelings (read more about that in From the bliss of not-knowing to the happiness of serving).

Since that feels like starting from zero, you carefully stretch the body. Of course, this is not done in a system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation. But since it looks similar to Tai Chi or Qigong and the special self always seek out appearances it can mimic to occur spiritual, it assumes it can magically enter a state of not-knowing by imitating these slow movements in a focused mode. A state of not-knowing, however, does not arise from focusing but defocusing. See the hack No Focus = No World Defined By Time And Space. It can be found in Extra Duality Hacks.

When Alexius’ cat, Guinevere, lies in his lap, he projects a good feeling on this part of his body. Thus it is like the pressure of her body makes his body relax. But if a rat lies in the same place, the body would tighten.

However, neither the good nor the bad feeling is in the body. It is in the mental sphere where it is conceived due to what we have conditioned ourselves to perceive as pleasing and horrible. So if you want to remove the awful feeling you have projected on the body , you must bring it back in its mental sphere, so it can be dealt with where it is made.

The belief that physical and non-physical issues can be mixed is a confusion of levels – just like the physical connection you feel when you communicate with somebody on the internet is an illusion. There is no physical contact. The link is purely mental. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The result of this fabrication is a body messed up by the unfortunate belief in a fusion of physical and non-physical issues. But the body fights your mental attack on its physical integrity, perhaps by creating allergic reactions. But the special self never wants to face the reason for the allergy because that would expose the foolishness of the belief that physical and non-physical issues can be mixed.

Should you realise this and renounce the belief in such a fusion, the body is set free from your fear. Thus the biological system can communicate with the brain to heal the damages brought by your anxiety.

Alexius´ Duality Hacks perceive everything as they perceive themselves, namely as nothing. Hence that is how they see your problems. This is why they do not hold back Alexius´ Duality Hacks from undoing the belief that it is possible to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one.

In a world where there seems to be more than one, you appear to get rid of unwanted emotions by hiding them in the body and later free them from their imprisonment by bringing them back into the psyche, as described in hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues

But since there is no more than that which is One, and it takes more than one to be alive, what and where you believe in being is non-existing. Therefore, ultimately speaking, there is nothing to heal other than the belief that you are someone in a world where there seems to be more than one (read more about that here). Fortunately, this is what Alexius’ Duality Hacks do all by themselves when you keep reading Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings.

*) This does not apply to the enlightenment of that which is One as it takes more than one to be in a state, and it promptly deletes anything that calls for more than one.

NOTE: The article is part of hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.

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