NZR +++ The reward for being the basic self comes effortlessly [under development]

Happiness requires no effort for the basic self, whereas it takes hard work for the special self just to get a little. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Following the script of the brain for how to be a basic self is like driving a car in automatic gear shift, wherefore going fast seems as laid-back as going slow.

Do not try to stop or edit the stream of thoughts coming from the brain, because if altered they do not result in happiness. Thus you have to find it where it is not, namely in your own way of doing things.

It can also be compared to staying clear of the rain when following a reliable weather forecast. In regards to the script of the brain, however, the result is the same whether you believe to follow it or not, because it always plays out as written. Only the thoughts laid out by the brain for the consciousness of the self to use for interpreting its script can be edited.

And this is what those believed to be independent of the brain do to make a tale, where it seems as if it was themselves and not the brain, that saved them from getting wet.

But although they during the day escaped the discomfort of getting wet, they did not escape getting upset, because the speculation required to make their story of independence triggers their fear of not being good enough.

So whereas those not manipulating the thoughts of the brain feel happy from escaping the rain, those manipulating them are scared, that what they did is not good enough.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although it is easy to follow the stream of thoughts coming from the brain – especially as doing so the brain rewards the follower with shots of happiness – most do not want to follow the stream as it is but spent much time and energy on revising it and exclude those elements that do not make them appear to be a unique being in charge of its own life, regardless this independence does not result in happiness but a constant sense of not being good enough.

Not just ultimately speaking is the concept of being independent an illusion but also in the context where it is made, because nobody is able to make thoughts themselves – just like the ´thoughts´ of a self-driving car do not come from the car but the cloud. Read more about that here.

Thoughts have a life of their own in the brain independent of what you believe to be. So to make it look like you are the creator of them, you rewrite them in accordance with the ideas of nationalism, capitalism, liberalism, communism, socialism, humanism, anarchism, nihilism, atheism, sexism, spiritualism or another ism. Hence you have a predefined concept, you can follow in order to censor yourself and exclude those thoughts, the ism you are following, judges to be wrong.

In other words, believing to be independent you are not less of a follower, than if you followed the stream of thought the brain produces for your entertainment.


Regardless you follow the inputs from the brain or not, you cannot plan for something to happen, which is not already scripted by the brain to take place. But if you follow the inputs, as they come via thoughts or impulses from your biological system, the brain rewards you with shots of happiness, so you have no need to plan for something to make you happy.


Everything is always going your way, and if it does not seem so, you are not going your way – not in the sense that you are going a wrong way but that you are perceiving it in a way that is not beneficial for you, namely as if you are someone special.


It is said, that when the native Americans in the last century were busy hunting, they sometimes stopped running so their self could catch up with them because if not synchronised with it, their perception of the world was out of sync, wherefore they seemed to be disoriented instead of oriented.


All your realisations block you from feeling good because that does not require anything but to be in sync with the script the brain has for being a basic self. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Whether you are a basic or a special self all activities are geared towards what is in the best interest of everybody. But as the special self conceals this behind thoughts of how to become and get more than others, it does not get the satisfaction, it is to be in sync with the stream of thoughts as they come from the brain, but the dissatisfaction from manipulating it to justify its egoism.


For the basic self satisfaction is something that comes from doing everything in accordance with the stream of thoughts from the brain. The special self, on the other hand, seeks satisfaction from not going with the flow of that, but what it judges to be its own flow. Since that is not fulfilling, it spends much time on justifying its choice with the world, so that it can be blamed for the dissatisfaction, that comes from not going with the stream of thoughts from the brain.


Those starting a new diet, vegetarian for example, often try to prepare the vegetables in ways that remind them of lasagna, burgers or whatever they were fancied in the past, instead of exploring the natural taste of vegetables. The same applies to those who want to be spiritual. They desperately try to make the concepts of spirituality fit into their past life by not having a spouse but a soulmate, for example – or not coming from coming from the brain but the heart.

But where you come from and what you have has nothing to with spirituality, because it is that which is one and it takes more than one to come from or have something. In other words, there is no spirituality in a world where there seems to be more than one.


The special self does not want to walk the way back to the basic self, least of all to that which is one, which it sees as a boring and lonely walk towards oblivion, so it makes sure to rewrite everything about oneness into something that needs more than one, for example, to love everybody or that we all are one.


For the basic self happiness does not come from an appearance in the world but from appearing there as what it is supposed to be. That is all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since all experiences of being somebody substantial in a tangible world are fabricated by the brain – read more about that here – with the purpose of keeping the self it has created happy, the brain gets confused, if this self insists on having its experiences from the heart, because the brain cannot inject shots of happiness through the heart.


As the world fabricated by the brain is a world of duality, there is no happiness without sadness. But following the stream of thoughts, as they come from the brain, the exchange of happiness and sadness is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. Everything is taken care of. Thus you can lean back and enjoy going up as well as down.


The special self is always looking for something to solve its problems. But it does not want the solution, that in the context of a world where there seems to be more than one, would fix them all, namely to reconnect with its source, the brain, by stopping to rewrite the experiences made by it into something else, so it without problems can enjoy them as they are.

Ultimately speaking the solution, of course, is to undo the belief in any experience as real and thus also the experience of being someone. This the special self, however, avoids by finding temporarily relieve in meditation, yoga or something else, where it still can control what it appears to be, so that it has the energy to make that even more special.


The stream of thoughts coming from the brain to the basic self is meant to entertain it, and since the stream is full of natural pauses, the basic self has plenty of time to feel amused by it. The special self, on the other hand, considers this amusement to be a distraction and that there must be more than that, which it proves by fragmenting the stream of thoughts coming from the brain in such a way so that they multiply.

But this breaks up the natural flow of thoughts and the entertainment it is meant to provide, the special self has to look for satisfaction outside of itself. That is why it looks for relations in which it can extend the communication into itself, when the connection outside of itself is dematerialised so that a constant conversation goes on inside with an imaginary connection to somebody – read more about that here – wherefore the special self feels entertained.

Yet the result is not satisfactory. It is like something is missing. And this feeling is unchanged, when there is an actual meet because nobody can live up to the expectations of the special self. They are just as unrealistic, as believing it is possible to be independent of the thoughts coming from the brain because they are what define you as someone.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.