(ROG) ++ The reward for being the basic self comes effortlessly

Happiness requires no effort for the basic self, whereas it takes hard work for the special self to get just a bit. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being in sync with the script of the brain, which you are when it is perceived to be a play made for you to feel entertained, it is like driving a car in automatic gear shift. Thus going fast seems as laid-back as going slow.

Do not try to perceive the stream of thoughts coming from the brain as something foreign, because if perceived like that, they do not result in happiness. Thus you have to find it where it is not, namely in the concepts of spirituality and whatnot.

It can also be compared to following a reliable weather forecast and thereby steer clear of the rain. In regards to the script of the brain, however, the result is the same whether you believe to follow it or not, because it always plays out as written. So if you are scripted to not get wet by the rain, that is how it will play out whether you believe to follow the manuscript or not.

The thoughts, however, that the brain makes available for the consciousness of the self to interpret the script are not fixed. They can be edited, so your perception is in sync with the script, which entails in happiness, or so that they are out of sync with the script and instead in sync with one of the wolds many isms, for example spiritualism, which results in an endless quest for happiness.

Those who believe to be independent of the brain make up a story where it is themselves who anticipate the whereabouts of the rain. They make sure, their story of themselves being in charge does not reflect, that it is a covering up their feeling of inferiority, so though they appeared to have managed to avoid the rain all by themselves, they did not escape the fear of not being good enough.

So whereas those making a perception that shows how the brain helped them to avoid the rain feels happy, those overriding the script of the brain with a story of themselves having avoided the rain are scared of not being good enough.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although it is easy to follow the stream of thoughts as they come from the brain – especially since doing so you are rewarded with shots of happiness – most do not want to follow it, so they choose to perceive it in such a way, that it seems to have been made by themselves.

As they want to be independent and better than the basic self the stream of thought is made for, they spent much time and energy on creating a perception that excludes those elements from the stream that do not make them appear to be in charge of their own life. Their apparent independence, however, does neither result in feeling happy or better but not being good enough.

It is not just ultimately speaking that the concept of being independent is an illusion. Also in the context of where it is made, because nobody is able to make thoughts themselves. They receive them from the brain – just like a self-driving car does not make the instructions, that it uses for driving, but receives them from the cloud. Read more about that here.

Thoughts have a life of their own beyond the control of you. So to make it looks like you are in charge of them, you rearranged into a story adjusted to the concepts of nationalism, capitalism, liberalism, communism, socialism, humanism, altruism, nativism, anarchism, nihilism, atheism, sexism,  spiritualism or another ism, that makes you appear to be in charge of your own life and at the same time part of something bigger.

Thus you have a predefined concept you can use to censor the perception of your experiences so the thoughts that do not fit into this concept can be excluded, and you end up with a story of you being better than those not following your particular ism.

But being a follower of it yourself, you are fooling yourself when you claim to be an independent being, which is free to do things in its own way.


Regardless you follow the inputs from the brain or not, you cannot plan for something to happen, which is not already scripted by the brain to take place. But if you follow the inputs, as they come from the brain through your biological system without interpreting them as if it is you are in control, you do not need to plan for anything to make you happy, because you are automatically rewarded with shots of happiness.


All your special ideas block you from feeling good because that does not require anything special but not to alter the stream of thoughts coming from the brain, as that is the purpose of them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Everything is always going your way. If it does not seem so, you are not going your way. Not in the sense that you are going a wrong way. That is not possible. But in the sense that you perceive it in a way that is not beneficial, namely as if the world revolves around you.


It is said, that when the native Americans in the last century were busy hunting, once in a while, they stopped running, so their self caught up with them because if not being in synch with it, their perception of the world became disoriented instead of oriented.


The basic self perceives what happens to be in the best interest for everybody because the script of the brain always takes the whole into consideration. The special self, on the other hand, perceives what happens as something that makes other realise how important it is. That is why it is out of sync with the brain and therefore with the whole.


Regardless of being a basic or a special self everything you appear to do is geared towards what is in the best interest of everybody. Officially the special self may agree with this, but behind the scenes, it has its own egoistic agenda based on the perception that it is better than others. This is why it does not get the satisfaction from being connected with others, but the dissatisfaction of being on its own.


As the special self always feel guilty for trying to get as much as possible for as little as possible on the expense of others – read more about that here – it feels relieved when somebody else is exposed for stealing and therefore can be used as a scapegoat.


For the basic self, satisfaction is something that comes from being in sync with the stream of thoughts coming from the brain. The special self, on the other hand, seeks comfort from being independent of it. Since that is not fulfilling, it spends much time on justifying its choice with the world so something that seems to be outside of itself can be blamed for the dissatisfaction, that comes from not being in sync with the script of the brain.


Those starting a new diet often twist it into something that reminds them of their past, instead of actually exploring it on its own terms. The same applies to most of those who believe to have become spiritual. They compulsively twist it into something that seems to be an extension of their past to avoid taking a dive into the unknown. They, for example, label their spouse as a soulmate instead of unexplainable.

But where you believe to come from has nothing to with spirituality, because it is that which is one and it takes more than one to come from somewhere. In other words, you are fooling yourself, if you perceive anything in a world where there seems to be more than one to be spiritual.


For the basic self, happiness does not come from a specific appearance but from being in sync with how you are supposed to appear. That is all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

All experiences of being a self inside a substantial body in a tangible world are fabricated by the brain – read more about that here – with the purpose of making the self happy. The brain, therefore, gets confused, when the consciousness of the self goes rogue and try to replace the experiences coming from the brain with something perceived to come from the heart, because no matter where something appears to come from, it is produced by the brain. Read more about that here.


The special self does not want to go back to the basic self, least of all to that which is one. The first option, it perceives as plain boring and the second one as a lonely path leading towards oblivion. So to avoid this, it chooses to understand everything it receives from the brain as a confirmation of its independence.

And to disguise the sense of separation that this entails, it talks about loving everybody or to be at one with them, which fools itself and others into perceiving it to be spiritual, although loving everybody or be at one with them is based on the belief in separation and therefore has nothing to do with spirituality.


There is no happiness without sadness because, in a world of duality, everything comes in pairs. Being in sync with the stream of thoughts, however, as they come from the brain, the exchange of happiness and sadness is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. Thus going down is as enjoyable as going up.


The special self always looks for something to fix its problems. It does not want, however, the solution, that in the context of a world where there seems to be more than one, would fix them all at once, namely to not perceive the brain as an enemy but a friend. Read more about that here.

Ultimately speaking the solution, of course, is to undo the belief that experiences are real – including experiencing to be someone who experiences something. As this is the end of being anything at all, the special self meditates, tries to realise itself or something else resulting in extraordinary experiences which are perceived to be more real, so the special self seems to exist as part of a higher reality.


Being at one requires more than one, as do any other kind of being and since there is no more than that which is one, whatever you believe to be is an illusion. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The sole purpose of the thoughts streaming from the brain to the basic self is to entertain it. The stream is full of natural pauses of thoughts so the basic self, emotionally speaking, can lie back and enjoy the adventure the stream seems to embody. The special self, on the other hand, considers this amusement to be a distraction because when it perceives the flow coming from the brain in a speculative way, the thoughts seem to multiply and thus to suggest there must be more than what there appears to be.

For the special self a relationship is not about sharing but to expand the image of itself by invading someone else – or to have one´s image enhanced by the invasion of someone else.

But since this speculative perception is out of sync with the very simple flow of thoughts and the quiet joy of connectedness that it entails, the special self tries to establish a constant connection with others by extending the communication with them into a speculative inner dialogue that just goes on and on. Read more about that here.

Yet it always feels like something is missing. The feeling does not change when there is an actual meet because nobody can live up to the expectations of the special self. They are just as unrealistic, as believing it is possible to be independent of the thoughts coming from the brain because they are what and where you are in a world where there seems to be more than one.


Feeling stressed by the flow of thoughts and choosing to meditate to slow it down does not solve the problem, because the stream of thoughts only seems speedy or confusing when your perception of it appears to confirm you are unique and independent. In other words, the solution to your discomfort is not to stop or change the flow of thoughts but to change your perception of it so that you do not appear to be in control but to be controlled, which basically is to perceive it to be as it is.

The brain is like Spotify in the sense that it has many playlists to choose from. But no matter what playlist you decide to stream, it will not bring happiness unless you are in sync with it.

The happiness that comes from being in sync with the brain can be compared to the joy, you feel when singing along with a song you like. And not being in sync can be compared to feeling disturbed by the very same song, because you want to concentrate on something you perceive to be better.

Fear does not prevent you from going on when you are in sync with the flow of thoughts. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Disturbed is also what you feel if you try to hike with a broken leg, whereas you feel happy if not doing anything but the laid-back things, the adjustment to your current situation gives you the time to enjoy. That being said, to be in sync with the brain may at first seems frightening, but as you do not feel alone when in sync with it, feeling scared does not prevent you from going on.

Following the stream of thoughts, you do not care about being grounded or educated to make things work, because you are in connection with everything. Not in a sense, that you are at one with it all, but that the apparent difference between you and everything else does not seem to make a difference.

In that which is one, nobody is being at one since that calls for more than one.

It is only the unconnected ones who talk about being at one. Not because they want it but because the idea enhances the belief in separation as it is only possible for us to be at one if we are apart.


If you need to meditate to relax, it is probably because you are fighting the stream of thoughts coming to you in an attempt to change it into something you judge to be better or maybe to completely stop it. However, perceiving the stream of thoughts as it is, you are satisfied with hating what you hate as well as loving what you love.


Going with the stream of thoughts as it flows from the brain, there is nothing to realise or worry about.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, which is still in the process of being written.