The special self tries to control thoughts, whereas the basic self serves them

What you believe in being does not control the events in a dream where you appear to be, nor are you in it. You are in your bed. Likewise, you are not in a world where there seems to be more than one. Nor are you anywhere else because it takes more than one to be somewhere, and there is no more than oneness since it is formless and therefore endless. Nevertheless, while you believe to be someone in the fantasy of a world where there seems to be more than one trying to control, it feels frustrating, whereas going with the flow of it makes you feel good. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self attempts to control the body by eliminating its self-sustaining system and inflicting it with ideas of a mental and not physical nature. Since the biological system only knows how to deal with physicality, it cannot heal the psychosomatic disorders caused by this attack on the body.

The immune system gets so confused from the mental ideas inflicted upon the body, so it starts shooting off here and everywhere. This makes the special self conclude its problems come from the body and not how it deals with it. Thus it fills the body with all kind of medicaments prescribed by a doctor to resolve the problems. But since the course of them is in how the special self perceives the body and not in the body, the source of the problem is not healed. Thus the symptoms remain no matter if they are treated by traditional or alternative health professionals.

To make long short, the problem must be resolved where it is, namely in the perception that the special self has of itself as a unique being in control of itself. This is as foolish as to believe you control what and where you appear to be in a dream you experience to have. Everything is made by the brain. You can only control how to interpret it.

For example, in a video game, the game’s creator has designed what and where you appear to be. You cannot change that, but you can choose to perceive it in a way that is in sync with the plot or not. The latter is frustrating and the former entertaining. The same applies to the tangible world where you appear to be someone substantial. What and where you seem to be is a fiction made by the brain, and it cannot be changed – only your interpretation of it.

The special self finds it exciting to be high up. On the other hand, the basic self does not consider up as better than down but two equally exciting ways of experiencing a world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If that is in sync with the brain´s script, you feel entertained by the idea of being someone substantial in a tangible world. It feels a bit like going up and down on a rollercoaster. You scream of fear when going down and shout of joy when going up. And it is equally entertaining. Hence there is no need to judge part of the entertainment as wrong. Fortunately, because in the brain´s script, everything comes in pairs, so you cannot have one without the other.

This is not the way the special self sees it. It has excluding what it judges as wrong in itself to appear in the way it thinks it should be. Thus, its fundamental instinct is to perceive everything divided into right and wrong and exclude the latter from its awareness as something in itself. And since going down is deemed wrong, this is not an experience it sees as equally entertaining to going up. Actually, the special self never really enjoys any experience because it is busy excluding those judged as wrong to control its appearance.

And though it never works out as planned, it insists that everything will eventually get better by doing things in its own way and pace. On the other hand, the basic self has nothing to make better because it is happily managed by the brain.


The special self is an expert in flattery, which it uses to manipulate others into feeling appreciated. It wants them to become so dependent on the compliments that they are willing to submit to the special self to get more.

However, this does not work on the basic self. It has no need for approval because it does not perceive itself as definitive but relative to the way the brain renders the present moment.


When the special self says it needs time to process something new, it needs time to interpret it based on the past, so nothing seems to disturb its conditioned view of what and where it is.


The special self is always on the run from something. If not avoiding it, it fears losing control.


The idea of keeping an open mind excites the special self because it seems to confirm the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self only talks about feelings in a speculative fashion like ´do I really love this person?´

But the special self does not love anybody because to uphold its perception of being in control, it avoids feelings of intimacy by being with specially selected people who collectively have agreed to focus on the metaphysical energy of emotions and not their emotional impact.


Since feelings tend to mess up the perception that the special self has made of itself as an independent and unique being, it wants to keep them at a distance. But as this collides with its need to show off as an open person, it lays the blame for fencing off feelings on its spouse, for example, who it criticises for being closed and thus making it impossible for the special self to express its feelings.

This perceived unapproachableness of others is a favourite topic of the special self. And although its own feelings are unrecognised, it is an expert on the feelings others hide from it. At least in its own opinion, but what it sees in others is its own suppressed feelings (read more about that here).

The basic self, on the other hand, has no need to suppress or express feelings. On the contrary, what it sees outside of itself reflects what it has inside and vice versa because the brain produces all the experiences, and it is aligned with them.


Since the basic self perceives the thoughts experienced to come from inside it to manifest a world as if it is outside of it, the apparent difference between inside and outside is not perceived to make a difference.


The special self is all about survival, whereas the basic self is all about serving.


The special self does not want life to tear it down, so it perceives itself to be in control of it. When events seem to go its way, this is perceived to be caused by itself. But if they do not seem to be going its way, the special self blames somebody else for it.


The basic self is all about survival as somebody specific, whereas the basic self is about serving and thus being nobody. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To uphold the image of being in charge, the special self condemns the brain if it does not succeed. Therefore, when the special self criticises the basic self for its commitment to the brain, it projects its own need for the brain onto the basic self because the special self needs the brain as a scapegoat.

The basic self does not see the brain as a fall guy. On the contrary, it is the master, and the basic self is its servant and thus of everything because all experiences are created by the brain. But the special self does not want to be a servant, so it makes sure to perceive all experiences as it is the master of them.

The special self likes to be together with others, but on one condition, namely that others accept its perception of things, so that it is what shapes their relationship.

As the shaping of thoughts that this misperception requires is quite nerve-racking, the special self spends much to get rid of thoughts deemed as disturbing. On the other hand, the basic self has no need to get rid of anything because its happiness comes from serving everything as it is.


The appearance of the self, whether basic or special, changes with the natural flow of thoughts coming from the brain. The changes are, like in a dream, not necessarily consistent. However, the special self denies this inconsistency by making a perception where every change seems to align with the principles of a specific religion, political affiliation, philosophy, or spirituality, for example.

But what you try to escape, you enhance. Thus a sense of being inconsistent with the principles you believe in following is what you get from interfering with the flow of thoughts coming from the brain. In contrast, you feel good enough as you are when you do not edit the flow.


If one of the special self´s perceptions is exposed as self-deception, the special self diverts the focus from itself by making up a new perception in which it is unjustly attacked.


The basic self has no need to edit the experience of the world into something that complies with special concepts of being together in harmony, balance or whatnot. On the contrary, everything it experiences is created by the brain, so it is together with everything, no matter the appearance. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When Alexius, whose basic self is a store-room manager (read more about that here), goes somewhere, the brain automatically registers the things passing by to be added to the map already established in his brain of the area. In other words, his joy does not come from watching the beauty of the scenery he passes but from being in sync with his basic nature by collecting and organising data.

The special self sees this as unfavourable. One should be detached from thoughts or stop them, so there are no thoughts of the past and the future to disturb you from enjoying the beauty of the present moment. At least, this is the special self´s official explanation.

But the real reason for trying to stop the natural flow of thoughts is that when thoughts are pushed down, via meditation for example, they try to exceed the limits laid upon them by multiplying (read more about that here). And the special self needs more thoughts than the brain has in circulation for making a standard perception of the experiences the brain produces. The special self wants to construct a perception that is out of sync with the experiences but in sync with concepts such as being centred, living in the now and coming from the heart. Lots of special thoughts are required for that.

More about meditation in the following article Meditation, the basic & special self and Meditation is a con trick conducted by the rogue consciousness of the self.

But not all the multiplied thoughts are useable for the perception the special self wants to build. In this context, those judged as wrong, probably the ugly thoughts, the special self excludes so that it can perceive itself to be in the beauty of the now. But as nothing can be experienced without its contrast, there is no beauty without ugliness. Therefore, since its perception of living in the now is manipulative, it is not joy but confusion that arises from it.


A dream only seems real when you believe in being someone definitive doing something specific in it. The same applies to your appearance as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one. It is all make-believe. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you do not argue with the gamemaster in a role-play, it feels entertaining to follow the rules.

You do not even have to care about returning to that which is real because the gamemaster knows that being in its game is make-believe.


By stating ´we all are one,´ the special self thinks it expressed spirituality. And it might deceive those who, like itself, believes in separation because this statement is founded on that belief. Hence it is spirituality but separation, the special self wants to enhance when it says ´we are all one.´


The special self expects to be more loved when seen as positive, so it always excludes what it judges as unfavourable from its appearance. However, it is not positivity but exclusivity that the special self is adored for because exclusion seems to confirm separation, wherefore those believing to be special are established as independent beings.


Those who consider themselves special split up into different groups that fight each other about what is right. But in general, none of them has an alternative to what they judge as wrong. Instead, they focus on blaming another group for being wrong. This gives them a feeling of being united in their own group without giving up the belief in separation because that is kept alive through the shared hatred of the other group.


Social media is a system based on clicks, likes and sharing. The more a post enhances hate and separation, the more it is clicked, liked and shared. Therefore, it helps the special self spread the basic lie that we are somebody substantial in a tangible world. This is so widespread that it is believed to be a fact, although science states the world we experience as substantial consists of empty space, which is especially evident for the internet.


Since the basic and special self is equally illusionary, the differentiation between them in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings is only meant to point out that, as the basic self, you, just like in a self-driving car, can sit back and enjoy the ride and step out when you like. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To be living in the now is a concept used by the special self to appear more genuine than others. But since all experiences are processed by the brain, and it always needs one second to produce an experience, what you believe to be living in now took place in the past. Read more about that here. So, in other words, living in the now is not genuine but fake.

Should you be sick and tired from trying to make this or other concepts of the special self appear to work and just want to enjoy being a basic self, this hack is for you. It will undo the belief that you are in charge so you can support the brain that, in return, rewards you with shots of happiness.

Being happy, you will be attracted to those duality hacks that bring you into a state of not-knowing. From there, you can bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one or return to the experience of a world where there seems to be more than one. Since you do that with the slate wiped clean, you continue as the basic self until you are so glad that there is no more to ask for and thus not something that seems to hide there is more than that which is one.


Whether you believe to be a basic or special self, the future is the same. You cannot change that. Just like you cannot change anything in a movie you are watching, except your perception of it.

But if you make an interpretation of a movie based on selected parts of it, so it seems to be similar to a film from the past, you cannot enjoy the rest of it as intended by the director because you will overlook the parts that are not in alignment with the old movie.

This is why the special self, which is made from the perception of selected elements of the basic self, never enjoys its appearance, whereas the basic self enjoys every part of it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one.

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