POOL + Being a basic and happy self and not a special and sad one [draft]

For the special self, it is always about becoming better and bigger. Also when it disguised as a do-gooder sends love and healing to someone judged to have less than itself, because the motive is not only to confirm separation. It is also meant to show that the special self has more than the other one and the power to help if it deems the other worthy of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one is not about realising your real self or transforming it, but that there is no self at all because it requires more than one to be something and there is no more than that which is one. In other words, any kind of self or consciousness is make-believe.

Having been in a state of not-knowing* you stop believing to be someone. Thus the nothingness of you can have fun pretending to be each and every one. See hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.

A word of warning though, being free to pretend that you are someone in a world where there seems to be more than one requires a body, and as there is a tendency to forget how slow and dull it is, you might mess it up if not respecting its the limits. It is, for example, not able to fuse mind and body but limited to being physical. Hence it gets sick if you try to impose mental ideas about health, diet, yoga and whatnot upon it.

See also Nothing to heal but the sick belief that you are here or the hack No Body-Mind Connection in Extra Duality Hacks.

The self and its experiences are both thought constructions of the brain that cannot be changed. They seem to become manifest when they confirm each other to be made of solid matter, which is done each time the self makes perceives an experience as if it is something. Very few thoughts are required to do this unless the conscious the brain has built into the self wants to change the experience and in retrospect perceives it as spiritual, for example. To twist an experience like that requires a lot more thoughts than relating to it as it is. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A player of a video game cannot change or add anything in the way it progresses unless it is already built into the game. Likewise, someone who experiences to be in a world where there seems to be more than one cannot change the experience of it unless that is part of its script. But unlike a video game which is operated by somebody, nobody is using the script of the world. It is the other way around, What you believe to be is entirely managed by it, and it is not to be found outside of what you believe to be but as a construction of thoughts because the script of the world is made by the brain.

The appearance of someone who consciously experiences something is, therefore, determined by the brain and so are the experiences that self seems to have, regardless they are considered spiritual or mundane. In other words, what you believe to be is an illusion created by the brain. Consequently, free will is an illusion as well. You may seem free to go right or left, for example, but the subsequent effect of your apparent choice is prearranged by the brain – just like everything in a video game is fixed.

But since the script of the brain is nothing but a construction of thoughts, it does not seem to manifest as a tangible world outside a substantial self if not witnessed to be real. That is why the brain, besides the unchangeable construction of thoughts making up its script, has made a pool of free-flowing thoughts from where the consciousness it has created for the self is free to make a perception of the script as it sees fit.

The experience you believe to have of a tangible world outside of yourself is an illusion and so is the one believing to experience it, because there is no more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless and it takes more than one to experience anything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

This perception is used in an ongoing feedback loop between the self and its experiences, which both are fabricated by the brain, so the perception of a world outside of the self seems to confirm the existence of both the self and the world where it appears to be.

If the self does not agree to participate in this ongoing communication, the experience of something outside of it is exposed as an illusion, and thus also what seems to be inside it, as without an outside there is no inside. In other words, if not endorsing the script of the brain as it is there is nor a world or a self.

So to be someone definitive in a tangible world, the consciousness of the self made by the brain agrees to believe it resides in a substantial body within a capsule of time and space. Having made this agreement, the perceptions of the experiences that are needed to make them appear real automatically make themselves from the pool of thoughts the brain has created for this. Thus they are just irrelevant jabber in the background that does not bother you.

The sound coming from the collection of these thoughts can be compared to that which comes from the engine of a car you keep running while you stop to take a break in icy weather. You do not notice it until you again need the engine to move the vehicle.

When the script of the brain is not perceived as it is but how you want it to be, there seem to be more thoughts because you hold onto those that seem to prove your perception of being special.

But the thoughts are not an insignificant jabber in the background when you perceive yourself to be independent of the brain and its script. If so you are all the time aware of the thoughts made available by the brain for making your perception of its script because you must stop them from automatically doing this so you can make a perception of how you perceive the script should be.

If the egoistic purpose of the special self is exposed, it will either deny it or say it is sorry and then go on precisely as before. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Both the basic and the special confirms the belief that there is more than one and thus established what and where they believe to be as real. The basic self does this through regularly communicating its perception of the script with the brain and the special self by communicating its perception of how it perceives the script to be, socialistic for example.

As the perception of the basic self happens automatically, it does not notice the movements going on in the pool of thoughts the brain freely deliver for making this perception of its fixed script, so it is not bothered by the thoughts in the pool. The special self, on the other hand, is always troubled by them, because it steers up the pool so it can seek out thoughts that fit together in such a way that the special self seems to be in charge of its own life and thus of how it is scripted.

To confirm this, it always has an internal conversation with somebody perceived to be in its script. But as this is not how it is in the script of the brain and this is the one in effect, the special self is always disappointed and confused.

To make up for this, it seeks out more thoughts to compile into stories of how to change the world into a better place. But they are not about that but making the special self more remarkable as it assumes this will bring about the recognition it deserves and thus making it happy. The stories speed up the activity of thoughts and worst of all they do not relate to the world as scripted by the brain, but to the stories, the special self has made of a better one. Thus the special self always feels confused.

What the special self decides to do hardly ever work out, a diet for example, because it is not the one in charge.

From this, you should not conclude you are the special self if you feel disappointed or confused because this also happens to the basic self. The difference though is that the basic self is entertained by these emotions that it perceives to be momentary, whereas they make the special self feel irritated because it perceives them as lasting.

A broken leg does not prevent a cat from going on. Nor does something apparently bad prevent the basic self from going on and feeling entertained by the script of the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But what you can conclude from the above is that when one´s perception is in sync with the script of the brain, it feels entertaining to appear as someone substantial in a tangible world, also as someone spiritual in an astral world or someone immaterial in a dream world. And it does not require that much effort to make this perception because it happens all by itself unless you seek out particular thoughts to build a special one where you and not the brain seems to be in charge.

This calls for more thoughts than the brain has made available for making one´s perception, so they need to be multiplied. As that requires control and concentration and as that goes against the natural flow of them they cannot support the biological system of the body, so it always seems to lack energy. Hence everything is experienced as burdensome.

Meditation does not fix this mess, because its purpose is also is to generate thoughts for a particular concept, often peace or higher consciousness (read more about the false promises of meditation here).

You feel happy when perceiving the script of the brain like shit happens because then you feel equally entertained by any experience it seems to produce.

But if you in attempt to be free and independent of it make a perception synced with the concept of for example capitalism, socialism or spiritualism, you are out of sync with the brain and thus the world because it is rendered by it. Hence everything appears very complicated and speculative and not as shit happens.

Nor will it help if the special self gives up being special, as doing so enhance the perception of being in charge. The only thing that will help is to not to edit the perception that the brain automatically makes. An excellent way to start this is to simply perceive the script as shit happens or it is what it is. Doing so, the self is not inflated. It is what it is, namely a basic self that happily serves the brain.

The nature of something is that parts of it are always missing because if not, there is not something to look for. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Should the game of being someone in a world that looks as it is made of something not seem to be more appealing than being in the bliss of nothingness, all you need is to go back one second in linear time (read more about that here) from what you believe to experience right now, as it took the brain one second to process this experience from the gap it imagines to be in the nothingness outside of that which is one (read more about that here). Going back is done by not perceiving what you believe to experience right now as something, which all the duality hacks facilitate.

There is, however, nothing outside of that, as oneness is formless and therefore endless. Thus what you believe to experience right now, regardless judged to be spiritual or mundane, is just nothing disguised as something. This is revealed when what you believe to be is connected with the empty breath.

It takes you back to the nothingness from where the brain conceives the idea of something and renders it into a self it supplies with a consciousness that can perceive the experiences made by the brain of the self as substantial being in a tangible world outside of it and thus make it seem to be there.

Returning to this nothingness is not the subject of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one, so if you want to surpass the illusion of being something, skip this hack and go to hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing or hack #4.5 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone. But keep on reading this hack, if you want to remain as someone who happily participates in the brains adventure of nothing rendered as something.

In that which is one, by the way, there is neither something or nothing, because it requires more than one for anything to be there. For the same reason, what you believe to be is nor there or anywhere else. This is unexplainable in a world where there seems to be more than one, but also in that which is one, as it takes more than one to explain that or anything else.

When you continuously feel entertained by the script of the brain and thus have no expectations of being or having something better in the future, your perception is in sync with it. This you are the basic self that the brain intends you to be and feel just as happy if you have sex as not, for example. But if you override the script by trying to indulge in or refrain from sex, as if you are in charge of your life, you are out of sync with it and thus feeling bored as the special self because you do not consider the experiences you get to be special enough.

Ultimately, of course, it does not matter what you appear to be since all appearances are equally illusionary. But in the context of a world which seems to be made of something, it feels more comfortable to appear as someone whose perception is in sync with the flow of thoughts that the brain generates for the basic self because happiness comes effortlessly. But when you only perceive the fragments of the flow that you judge can be used to piece together a concept of a better self, it is hard work. And it does not make you happy but sad because something always seems to be missing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, and it is still in the state of a draft.