+ To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts [under development]

Just like a self-driving car does not consider its self to be real and thus not special, the basic self does not consider itself to be independent, nor to be at one with everything but to be everything it is connected with. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The thoughts the basic self receives from the brain are tailored to fit its personality, and as that in the case of Alexius is a storeroom manager with an academic mind – read more about that here – he receives thoughts that are good for organizing a shopping list, if that is the frequency of thoughts he is tuned into.

Thoughts come from different frequencies, so if It is ice cream he wants, the consciousness of the basic self automatically tune into the common frequency of that. In regards to Alexius’ Enlightened Non Teachings, it steps asides until they have typed themselves, whereupon it tunes into the frequencies of writers to receive thoughts for fine tuning and proofreading the often rather chaotic non teachings.

If those thoughts are not changed into something that seems more correct in regards to a specific concept, he is in alignment with the frequency the consciousness is tuned into and thus in sync with the script of the brain. Being in sync does not mean he always is successful. In fact it seems he was scripted to go bankrupt as a businessman and so he did. In other words, the reward you get from the brain for being in sync with its script has nothing to do with appearance, but that you feel good no matter the appearance.

The basic self does not need to impress somebody, because it is everybody. Not in the sense that we all are one, since that is based on the idea of separation, but in the sense that it does not judge the apparent differences between itself and others to make a difference. Just like there is no separation in a dream unless you believe its apparent differences make a difference.

But not being in sync with the script of the brain, you still go bankrupt, if that if that is what you are scripted to do because the script always plays out as it is written. Yet not being in sync with it, you care much about appearances and thus feel very bad losing your businesses. All in all, you are very concerned about loss, when not following the script, whereas when following it you do not perceive any loss, because you and the script is perceived to be the same. This you feel good whether you are a bit too warm or cold, whereas not being in sync nothing is good enough.

If you follow the script of the brain, you are what Alexius’ Enlightened Non Teachings call the basic self, and if the consciousness of this self has gone rogue and manipulated the thoughts making up the basic self into a self that appears to be independent of the script of the brain, you are the special self. It is however not so black and white. You are probably a bit of both.

If you are in sync with the natural flow of thoughts or not makes no difference in regards to what you experience but how you perceive it and thus how it seems to make you feel. If in sync your perception of your experience makes you happy, whereas you feel troubled from the perception coming from not being in sync, because it never feels good not being connected. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Following the natural flow of thoughts as they come from the brain can be compared to following the flow of a movie. Everything is set so you can just relax and enjoy what is coming your way.

The director has added special music that leads up to dangerous scenes in which the bad guys drive in black cars, so you know to feel scared and who to like or not. In other words, when you follow the hints of the movie, what you seem to think and feel does not come from you but the director.

And that is why it is so relaxing to watch. That is if you do not think you know better than the director and imagine you can edit the story line or change the characters, so everything fits into the concepts of spiritualism, capitalism or some other ism you believe is gonna save the world.

In other words, when you do not question the director or doubt the story line of the movie, but take it for the tale it is, you have a good time experiencing to go somewhere, while you actually go nowhere.

Om a practical level in the world where we appear to be this means that if you live in Germany, for example, you most likely speak German and vote for Angela Merkel. But as our world cannot be experience without contrasts, this does not hold good for everybody.

Thus you may be an immigrant, who does not want to be integrated in a system you do not like. For the same reason you may not vote for Angela Merkel, although she probably is the reason you are allowed to be in the country. Do not try to look for logic or consistency, least of all fairness, but align yourself with the script.

The multiplication of thoughts needed to construct an image of you as an independent being causes brain fog, wherefore the fogged in messages reaching the body from the brain results in a tired body. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Not holding back the breath or in any way manipulating it, you are effortlessly in sync with the flow of thoughts as they come from the brain, and since not too many are needed to keep the construction of you as someone definitive together, the flow of thoughts does not seem disturbing but entertaining.

That is until the consciousness, the brain has built into the self, thinks it knows better than its maker and plots against to become independent and do things in its own way and pace. This independence, however, requires a more complicated construction of thoughts than the simple one accumulated by the brain to make the self in which the consciousness resides.

Hence it uses a simple combination of thoughts to generate fear enough to stop the breath for just a moment, so the thoughts imprisoned in this moment can be multiplied into more thoughts, that jeep om multiplying those coming when the breath is not hold back.

Since the natural flow of thoughts now is broken, fragments og it is restlessly searching for the lost connection, which the rogue consciousness replaces by a judge, who determines which thoughts are good and bad, so the executioner, who the has also been created from out of the multiplied thoughts, excludes the thoughts judged to be bad, wherefore those judged to be good seems to be a special group of thoughts making up a better self than the basic one made by the brain.

This unique and independent self the rogue consciousness keeps together by storing the excluded thoughts in the body, where they make such a mess, that the natural flow of breath Is fragmented and thus also the stream of thoughts the brain uses to maintain the body. Hence the body only seems work when the special self is in charge of it.

As you can see, contrary to being in sync with the thoughts of the basic self and thus dependent on the brain, it is very hard work to appear as if you are independent of it. And as you probably know from yourself, believing to be on your does not bring lots of pleasure but much fatigue and confusion.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Fortunately this confusion, provided it is unedited, ignites a take off to the empty breath – read more about that here – which makes you indifferent to all the exciting experiences that seems to come from being special. Not looking for something special you are in sync with the basic self and maybe even so empty, that you are in the bliss of emptiness. Read more about that here.

Be warned though, that being in sync with the basic self you become indifferent to the relationships you used to perceive as special, because the basic self serves nobody but the brain, which means you serve everybody, because the experience of you as someone in a world amongst others is a fabrication of the brain, it assembles from the info that seems you come from your sensory system. Read more about that here.

Being a servant, however, feels degrading to the special self, so it tries to solve the confusion and disconnectedness arising from the thought construction of independence by excluding the thoughts judged to cause these problems via projection and meditation, for example.

But since exclusion is the root of all problems, excluding something does not reduce but increase problems. That is until the special self chooses not to exclude but include what it judges as negative. Read more about that in hack #3.3 Life is inclusive and not exclusive.

Being inclusive and not exclusive is a great hack to apply. Also if brain fog seems to be your problem, because if not trying to be sharp by excluding unclear thoughts but include them, they meet the opposing clear thoughts. And as a contrast cancels out itself when its opposing sides meet, you are neither defined as fuzzy or sharp but just a nobody in sync with the basic self.

There are plenty of duality hacks to choose from. You can apply as many as you like and change between them as you see fit.

At other times the empty breath, which has already been mentioned, may be a better choice of hack – especially if you feel speedy and restless. But if you believe to be tired and fatigued, pretending to be that may be the best choice of hack, because what you pretend to be you are not. Read more about that in hack #1.6 Pretending is a way out of duality.

If you are justify everything unpleasant with somebody or something, perceiving everything as symbols of oneness may be the hack to apply. Alone together could also be a good hack in this case. Read more about that in hack #2.1 To see symbols of life in the world and hack #8.8 Alone together is the key to that which is one.

The purpose of the duality hacks is to not to heal the body but the sick belief that you are someone substantial, so if the body is sick you better consult a health care professional.

That being said, the more this belief is healed, the more the body is set free from your special ideas it. Hence the biological system constructed by the brain to automatically take care of the body take over, so it is most likely healed. Read more about setting the body free in the hack No Body-mind Connection, which you can find in Extra Duality Hacks.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one