To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts [draft]

Just like a self-driving car needs instructions from The Cloud to drive, a human entirely relies on the brain. Not only does every impulse come from there. All experiences are fabricated there, regardless they seem to be yours or others, physical or spiritual. So unless you perceive yourself to be independent of the brain, you are automatically connected with everything in the world you experience. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from having read hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one.

The thoughts that the basic self receives from the brain are tailored to its specific personality. And since Alexius is a storeroom manager with an academic mind (read more about that here), a shopping list, for example, is naturally compiled when thoughts pop up about his supply of food.

Likewise, ideas of what to choose automatically present themselves when he is scripted to have ice cream. Read more about that here. If the suggestions are deemed inappropriate per common health ideas, he may feel guilty about choosing one. But if he only relates to his passion for the flavour and not to a mental fitness concept, he feels delighted.

There is nothing magic about following the GPS instructions when driving your car, nor about following the instructions of the brain when moving your body. It is as easy as pie when your perception is in sync with the thoughts coming from the brain.

To make long short, when his perception is out of sync with the brain´s script, he does not feel joy but guilt. And when it is in sync, he feels happy no matter what he gets because happiness comes from having a perception in sync with the brain.

When one perceives itself to be a victim of circumstances, one is out of sync with the brain´s script, because it has neither victims or culprits. Fortunately, all what is needed to correct this mispercetion is to change it to ´it is what it is

Alexius has lost several businesses, girlfriends and whatnot. As the subsequent sadness was perceived as ´it is what it is,´ he did not say no but yes to the script. Thus the brain rewarded him with shots of happiness for being sad. This photo is shot not that long ago after Alexius lost four businesses, his wife and a house at the beach. After that, he lived with a new girlfriend in a very little room he borrowed from a friend. Soon he lost that too, but since ´it was what it was,´ feelings of loss did not get sticky. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A long time before writing Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings, Alexius seemed scripted to go bankrupt with the four businesses he had for 12 years. And so he did without perceiving it as unjust but as ´it is what it is.´ Since his perception, therefore, was in sync with the brain´s script, going down felt as entertaining as when he was going up – like in a rollercoaster (read more about that here). 

On the other hand, had he tried to be detached from going down, he would have been out of sync with the brain´s script. It only causes one thing: happiness, which you get regardless of what and where you appear to be when your response to the script is perceived as ´it is what it is,´ because this perception is not singular but twofold. Thus it is in sync with the brain´s script of duality.

Believing to be somebody, you can either be the basic or special self. If the brain´s script is perceived as it is, you are the basic self. But if the perception rest on how the script could be, you appear to have changed it and thus to in control as the special self.

It is not a matter of agreeing with the script but accepting that it cannot be changed. That is why your response to it is perceived as ´it is what it is.´ This does not mean you cannot choose between going right or left, for example, but the following steps are scripted by the brain – just like an aeroplane on its way to Spain continues as scheduled whether you change your seat.

So not hiding the script behind a perception that does not relate to it as it is but how it could be, you are in sync with the brain´s story of duality. Therefore, as all your feelings are twofold, you are never specifically happy or sad. Instead, you feel happy/sad.

But suppose the consciousness that the brain has built into the self goes rogue and insist on being only happy. In that case, it tries to manifest it by making a perception of the script where happiness comes from socialism, liberalism, communism, humanism or another ism that exclude sadness. But since this perception is out of sync with the script, no matter how beautiful a picture it paints of a merry-go-around world, it does not result in satisfaction (read more about that here).

It requires no effort for the basic self to be happy, whereas it takes much work for the special self just to have a taste of it.

The basic self does not need to impress anybody. It is the whole world because it is in sync with the brain´s script and the entire world is in it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

That is why those clinging onto specific perceptions always look for something specific to make them satisfied. Happiness, however, does not come from something definitive but the perception ´it is what is.´ This reveals that the feelings perceived as specific are twofold. Therefore, because you are in sync with the brain´s script of duality, you feel fulfilled.

Since almost everyone has chosen a special perception of themselves in which they are in charge of their life, the whole way of perceiving the world is adjusted to doing everything in one´s own way for the sake of oneself and those judged as like-minded. This may be a small group of people worshipping a guru who promises happiness will come from following his/her teachings. But it can also be a big group, such as a country, where you feel together by following the national concepts.

But no matter the size of the group and what seems to keep it together, it is bound to be divided into several smaller groups because to keep up the image of being special, you must exclude somebody. Should you forget to be exclusive, you are not a special but basic self, which the group immediately reacts upon by threatening you with exclusion unless you revert to the agreed concepts of the group and exclude what it decides is wrong.

Although the basic self has no need to be part of any group, it has to show off as if it wants to communicate with the world because knowing the right people is what counts. Fortunately, such adjustment is easy for the basic self. It is happily serving the brain, so its personality is not definitive but relative and, therefore, without egoistic goals. Read more about that here.

This does not mean the basic self is enlightened. On the contrary, no kind of self-awareness survives the enlightenment of that which is one (read more about that here). But it means the basic self is closer than the special one to the nothingness from where the brain has conceived it. Hence it is easy to change the perception from ´it is what it is´ to ´dunno what it is´ and thus be in the bliss of not-knowing. Read more about that here.

If you perceive something happened because of what you and others did or not did, or it was your karma, your perception is out of sync with the brain´s script, because all experiences, regardless they appear to be physical or immaterial, are caused by the brain.

If you perceive the stream of thoughts coming from the brain as something different from you, it does not result in happiness. Hence you have to find it where it is not, namely in the right kind of coffee, religion or whatnot. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Having a perception in sync with the brain´s script cannot be compared to steering clear of the rain when in sync with the weather forecast. Because if you are scripted to not wet, this is how it plays out regardless of being in sync with the brain´s script

Your perception is in sync with the brain´s script when you do not feel something specific.

And if you are scripted to jog every second day, you cannot run every day no matter how hard you push yourself – just like a movie remains the same regardless of how you want it to be. When your reaction to this is perceived as ´it is what it is,´ you are in sync with the movie’s script. Likewise, you are in sync with the brain´s script when your response to it is perceived as ´it is what it is´ and not how it ought to be. Doing that everything feels good enough as it is, whereas perceived regarding how it ought to be, nothing feels good enough as it is.

Pinching yourself in the arm, the brain registers a physical feeling. Hence you conclude, you are alive. But since the experience of a physical sensation is created by the brain, this conclusion does not prove you exist as someone substantial in a tangible world outside the brain – just like you are not in the dreams composed by the brain.

To be in sync with the brain´s script does not mean you live in the now because the brain has used one second to manufacture the experience you believe in having right now. Hence you have to go back one second in time to be in the now. But one second ago, nothing happened because every experience produced by the brain is made from nothing. However, the brain claims it renders them from the info coming from your sensory system. Although you only have the brains word for that, you choose to believe it is a fact, as otherwise you are exposed to be a fantasy of the brain.

Practically speaking, the music you hear via AirPlay, for example, travels in the air for more than a second to reach your speaker. Therefore, to meet the origin, you must go back in time. But going back to the digital media from where the music comes from, there is nothing but ones and zeros. And they make no sounds before an app created by a specific combination of ones and zeros translates them into something your speaker can reproduce as sounds perceived as music. It is purely mechanical. There is no soul or anything mystical involved. Likewise, the experience of being someone in a world of duality.

All that is needed to feel good is that your reaction to the brain´s fantasy of a world of duality is twofold. Having a singular response, you are not participating in the fiction as it is made by the brain but how you think it should be according to a specific philosophy. And since this does not change the brain´s fantasy, like your perception of a movie does not change its course, you do not feel good enough.

Being in sync with the brain´s script feels like using the right tools for an assignment.

Fear does not prevent you from going on when in sync with the flow of thoughts. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Feeling stressed by the stream of thoughts coming from the brain and trying to slow it down by meditating does not solve the problem because the flow of thoughts only seems speedy or confusing when you perceive it to be different from you by making a perception that says you are independent of it. In other words, the solution to your discomfort is not to stop or change the flow of thoughts but to change your perception so that you do not seem to be in control of it but to be controlled by it. This is basically achieved by perceiving your reaction to the stream of thoughts as ´it is what it is

The brain can be compared to Spotify in the sense that it has many playlists to choose from. But no matter what playlist you decide to stream, it will not bring happiness unless you are in sync with it.

The happiness that comes from being in sync with the brain can be compared to the joy you feel when singing along with a song that you like. And not being in sync can be compared to feeling disturbed by the same song because you want to concentrate on something you perceive better.

You also feel disturbed if you try to go hiking when your leg is broken, whereas you feel happy if you adjust to your current situation. That being said, to be in sync with the brain´s script may at first seems frightening, but as you do not feel alone when in sync, fear does not prevent you from going on.

In that which is one, no one is at one because that calls for more than one.

Being in sync with the stream of thoughts, you are connected with the brain and all the experiences it makes. Thus the apparent difference between the experiences and the experiencer is not perceived to make a difference. However, his is not the case with the special self. It wants to stand out, so it uses the experiences to highlight itself as better than others.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The brain´s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

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