(POOL) ROG + To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts [draft]

Just like a self-driving car is totally dependent on The Cloud from where it gets its commands, a human is completely dependent on the brain. Not only does every impulse come from there, but every experience a human believe to have is also fabricated there, including the experience of being substantial or spiritual. So unless you have disassociated yourself from the brain, you are automatically connected with everything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The thoughts the basic self receives from the brain are tailored to its specific personality, and as that in the case of Alexius is a storeroom manager with an academic mind (read more about that here), he can pick up ideas for making a shopping list, if that is the frequency of thoughts he is tuned into.

When he wants ice cream, for example, the consciousness of the basic self automatically tunes into the default frequency of that.

If the thoughts received about ice cream are judged to be wrong in relation to a special diet, for example, he feels guilty about what he receives from the brain. But had he only related to what he received for what it is and not what it should be according to the rules of a special diet, he would have felt delighted.

In other words, when his perception is out of sync with the script of the brain he will not feel joy but guilt, regardless he ends up eating ice cream or not. And when it is in sync with the script of the brain he will feel happy regardless he has ice cream or not.

When one perceives to be a victim of circumstances, one is out of sync with the script of the brain because it has neither victims or culprits. Being out of sync does not feel good. Fortunately, all one need to correct it is to perceive feeling bad as shit  happens.

Being in sync with the script does not necessarily mean he understands it, nor that what he does is a success, or that he in any way can change it. A long time before writing Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings, he seemed to be scripted to go bankrupt as a businessman. And so he did without blaming others for it or in other ways trying to escape the feeling of going down because he was in sync with the script and, therefore, feeling entertained in the same way as going down with a rollercoaster (read more about that here). 

Alexius has lost several businesses, girlfriends and whatnot. Yet he feels no loss because his perception is in sync with the script of the brain. You are in sync with the script if you, for example, relate to it by saying it is what it is or shit happens. This photo is shot not that long ago after Alexius lost four businesses and his house and had to live with his girlfriend in a very little room he lent from a friend. Both the girlfriend and the room, by the way, he also lost because shit happens. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Had he, on the other hand, tried to escape the feeling of going down by perceiving it as his karma, for example, he would have been out of sync with the script of the brain because it is not built on rules of rationality but having fun going up as well as down. Being out of sync, however, going down does not feel fun.

To make long short, the script cannot be changed, but your perception of it can. The brain has made a pool of thoughts you can put together to shape your perception as you see fit. And if it is in sync with the script, you feel good no matter what appears to happen.

The basic self does not need to impress anybody, because it is everybody. Not in the sense that it is at one with everything, as that is an idea based on the belief in separation, but in the sense that it does not judge the apparent differences between itself and something else to make a difference.

But if your perception is adjusted to something that makes you appear to be in charge of your own life and at the same time part of something bigger – for example, nationalism, capitalism, fascism, Nazism, liberalism, communism, socialism, humanism, altruism, nativism, nihilism, atheism, sexism, satanism, spiritualism, or your own special combination of them – it is out of sync with the script. So instead of feeling entertained by it you feel dragged down by it.

The basic self does not see itself as the crown of creation, but as an equal to everything else, that appears to be in a world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

That is why you always want to make something better, when out of sync with the script of the brain, whereas when in sync, there is nothing is perceived to be wrong. Hence you feel good whether you seem to win or lose.

Being in sync with the script of the brain, you are the basic selfBut if the consciousness of the basic self goes rogue*** and perceive the construction of thoughts that constitute what it appears to be as it is made up by itself, so that is independent of the brain, you are the special self. It is, however, not that black and white.

As the special self, contrary to the basic self, believes to be on its own, it is very important for it to please those it considers as like-minded or better than itself, so that they do not exclude but include it their group of people judged to be right.

Since almost everyone has chosen to be special, the whole way of perceiving the world is adjusted to doing everything in one´s own way for one´s own benefit and maybe also for those judged to be like-minded. That could be a small group of people worshipping a guru who promises them to become more special. It could also be a whole country or part of it.

But no matter the size of the group and what seems to keep it together, it is bound to be split up in several divisions, because to keep up being special you must go on excluding somebody or something. Should a special self forget this, it becomes a basic self, which the group immediately reacts upon by threatening it with an exclusion, wherefore it quickly reverts to the collectively agreed concepts of the group and excludes what it has been established to be wrong.

Being grateful for the script of the brain sets you free from it, so if you do not want to feel imprisoned by it, do not try to change it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although being special does not seem attractive to the basic self, it must appear as if it is, if it wants to communicate with others because they only respect someone appearing to be special.

Even though this is only a matter of appearance, the basic self may sometimes forget that it is not special. Fortunately, it does not matter, because it does not care about appearance.

Just like everything is predestined in the world of a video game, so is everything in the world where we appear to be. But as the special self needs to believe it has a will of its own, it makes up stories where it, in retrospect, seems to always be in charge of its own life. The basic self, on the other hand, has no need to be that. It is happily serving the brain. Hence its personality is relative and therefore with no egoistic goals.

This does not mean that the basic self is enlightened. No kind of self can survive that. But it means that it is so close to the nothingness from where the brain fabricates the conscious experience of it as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one. In fact, it is only one second away from this nothingness (read more about that here) and thus from connecting with the empty breath and its bliss of emptiness.*

Returning from a state of not-knowing to the conscious experience of being a basic self you probably feel so entertained that you forget the bliss of not being conscious, and when you finally remember you may feel guilty about it. No worries. feeling guilty is also entertaining if you do not try to do something about. And should not be able to do ignore the urge to do something, the built-up frustration to ignite a take-off to the empty breath.*

As it takes the brain one second is the time to create the conscious experience of something from out of nothing the empty breath* take you back one second. Hence you are in the gap between nothing an something and, therefore, in a state of not-knowing* which is nothing but transparent bliss.

And then you laugh about having felt guilty as there is nothing to be guilty about since there is nothing to be conscious about. In other words, what you believe to be never has been and never will be something. It is nothing.

That being said, before you get to this point there may have been quite some time of unrest and days where you hardly could keep away. No problem, though. Time is nothing.

Happiness requires no effort for the basic self, whereas it takes hard work for the special self to just have a taste of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you perceive something to have happened because of what you and others have done or not done or that it was your karma, your perception is out of sync with the script of the brain, because you only experience something to happen because the brain has scripted it to do so.

That is unless the brains rendering of a self that experiences to be somebody substantial in a tangible world is bypassed. This any of the duality hacks facilitates. Yet you cannot bypass something you do not acknowledge you believe to be there, but instead, entangle in ideas of spirituality. The world where you believe to be is physical, so if you want to bypass the believe that you are there, you must forget all metaphysical ideas and start off as somebody substantial to become nobody.

You will not know when you turn into nobody because there is not somebody to experience it. Nor is there somebody to know that everything still happens by the script of the brain.

But if the brain for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, is not in a continuous feedback loop with somebody who has a conscious experience of its script, it falls into a coma and thus unable to execute its script of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one anymore. The rendering of you as somebody can, therefore, only be bypassed for shorter intervals of time if you want the script of the brain to go on.

Should you not want that, the enlightenment of that which is one** sets in after 20 minutes, 45 at most, but enlightenment is not the subject of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one. So we go on as if you return to the consciousness of being somebody, which you most likely do very quickly because you fear the enlightenment of that which is one** because it takes away everything that requires more than one, including to be blissful, conscious, in love and whatnot.

As somebody, you basically choose between being a basic or special self. When your perception, which contrary to the script can be changed and which you compile from the pool of thoughts the brain has made for this, is out of sync with the script, you have chosen to be the special self, and when it is in sync with it, you are the basic self.

Being in sync with the script is not a matter of agreeing with it or not but relating to it as it is. Not trying to edit it, regardless the script seems to make you happy or sad, angry or cheerful and whatnot, you will always feel entertained by it. And as that is the purpose of it, you are in sync with it.

In other words, to be in sync with the script of the brain and thus feel entertained, you do not try to change it by creating a perception from the pool of thoughts the brain has made where you are in charge. Instead, you say, for example, It is what it is, or Shit happens. In this way, nothing has been changed, and you relate whatever the script seems to make you feel totally unedited to its maker, namely the brain, so you are in a constant feedback loop with it.

If you perceive the stream of thoughts coming from the brain as something different from you, it does not result in happiness. Hence you have to find it where it is not, namely in a cup of coffee, the concepts of spirituality and whatnot. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To be in sync with the script of the brain, which you are when it is perceived to be a play made for your entertainment, it is like driving a car in an automatic gear shift. Thus going fast seems as laid-back as going slow.

It can also be compared to rely on a weather forecast and thereby steer clear of the rain. In regards to the script of the brain, however, the result is the same whether you count on it or not because it always plays out as written. So if you are scripted to not get wet by the rain, that is how it will play out whether you rely on it or not.

But whereas those in sync with the script are satisfied, those out of sync are not. Nor does they get satisfaction from the story they make to manifest themselves as someone who independently of the brain managed not avoid the rain. The story is just a cover-up for feeling inferior, and they did not escape the fear of not being good enough.

To be in sync with the experiences produced by the brain does not mean that you live in the now because it takes the brain one second to produce the experience of reading this now, for example. In other words, you have to go back one second to be in the now and one second ago nothing happened because each experience produced by the brain is made from out of nothing. That is why it needs one second to make it look like there is something and someone is experiencing it.

Thus to be in sync with the experiences produced by the brain means that you are in alignment with its fantasy of something in the void of nothing and thus feel the joy of participating in its game of being someone substantial in a tangible world.

If you think this adventure would have turned better if the void had been filled with socialistic or spiritual ideas, for example, and you, therefore, make a perception of the experiences produced by the brain based on these ideas and not the experiences as they are, you are out of sync with them and thus not in the happiness that comes from playing the game of the brain.

Instead, you feel frustrated from not being good enough because the experiences of the brain cannot be changed, only the perception of them, so your new socialistic or spiritual self in a better world never seem to manifest.

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NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, and it is still in the state of a draft.