To set the body free is to set you free [draft]

By concentrating a lot, you may be able to find, something that appears to be a person in this image, and so you may extend this appearance by imagining what that person is like. But if you do not focus, you will not see anything definable there, and so you are well on your way back to that which is you because there is nobody in the image – and you are not definite. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Imagine that while sitting in a bathtub, you get glimpses of something that looks like a world in the steam coming up from it. Or imagine you look at a drawing or painting of some persons and start to sense their emotions. What you experience to see and feel is make-believe because there is actually nobody in a painting, nor in the world, you grasp in the steam coming from the bathtub. Yet imagination can make it appear as if something is going on in a lifeless painting or a stream of heat.

Though projections are not real, they appear to be if you hide their apparent effect is self-made.

Depending on the thoughts project onto the persons in a painting, they could be experienced to feel good or bad, and experience this to come back to you from them and not yourself. Hence it feels like the persons in the painting are alive.

By adding more thoughts to your love story – for example, that the persons are coming from the heart – more good vibes seem to come from outside of you, and so you seem to have a loving connection with someone that is not you. But it is a fantasy. There is nobody but you. And that is also a fantasy because, without anybody to define you, there is nothing.

This is to illustrate, that what and where you experience to be is made from fragments of things you imagine to be outside of oneness. It does not explain everything, though. Who is it, that see something, and is it possible to see anything when there is no more than that which is one?

You cannot explain the world in this image, because the elements of it are mixed in a way that is not possible except in fantasy. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

No, it is not possible, and for the same reason, it is not possible to be someone. In other words, nobody is having the experience of a world outside of themselves, neither of something inside of themselves. Yet that which is not possible in reality may be possible in a fairy tale. However, it is not possible to logically explain how something is possible in the world of a fairy tale because there is no logical way to describe something that is not real. If there were, it would be genuine. That is why so many like to ask, Who am I?

To exist is an illusion because it requires more than one to exist, to be or to have a consciousness and there is no more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless.

Even though nobody has ever found an answer to that, they reckon the question implies, that there is one and that it will prove they exist.

It is just as crazy as to ask, who is the writer of this article and then start looking for the writer in the article. The re is nobody in it, neither in the world where you appear to be. Nor can that which is real be explained, as it takes more than one to do so.

So there we are – or at least we appear to be in a fairy tale of a world where there seems to be more than one. What to do about it? Doing nothing is the way out because doing something is what makes you appear to be there.

This does not mean that you should not deal with the problems that seem to arise from appearing to be there but that since the brain is the writer of it, you accept the brain as your director. Doing that the body is free to take care of itself as it is made to do. But you help it, of course, when the brain instructs you to brush its teeth, for example.

You do not, however, try to set the body in balance. The biological system automatically keeps the body in balance when you do not interfere. Nor do you try to connect the body with spiritual powers. The body only wants to be connected with the thing that makes you experience it to be physical, namely the brain. Everything else confuses it. Also your attempts to make it more perfect or pure through fitness and yoga.

A woman wants to look perfect, and a man wants to be seen with a perfect woman. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The attempts to project your ideas of perfection onto the body come from your misperception of the experiences produced by the brain that otherwise would have helped you to keep the body healthy.

These misperceptions may cause you to think you must get rid of orange peel, obtain six-packs and other things that go against the natural order of the body. You can, therefore, make it easier for the body – and thus you as you believe in residing in it – by not projecting thoughts onto the body but keep them in the mental sphere where they belong. Doing that you keep the physical and psychological reality separated so they each can function on their own terms. As the biological system, therefore, is free from your tyranny, it can do what it is made to, namely to take care of bodily and not mental stuff.

This acknowledgement of the physical and mental reality as separate systems is also very helpful in regard to departing the tale of being someone substantial in a tangible world since that is the end of anything tangible. In other words, by keeping the physical and mental reality separated, your time in the tale of a tangible world feels better, and you can leave it without clinging onto the body.

In a world defined by time and space, everything travels in time. It takes, for example, eight minutes for the light of the sun to reach the Earth. Likewise, when the body has been set free, it takes time to register it.

Nothing seems like a lot, when there is no need to be and have anything, as before there appeared to be something, there was nothing.

Thus the reflex to stop the natural flow so you can be in control may still prevail. But if you acknowledge you are mistaken doing that, you set the biological system free to decide for you, and it always chooses what is best for everybody, because that is what you are since the experience of others is a fiction made in your brain.

If pain in the mind is not denied the words that seems to cause the pain cannot hurt, but words projected onto the body – your own or somebody else´s – seems to be able to hurt and confirm the believe, that you are a person to be defined by time and space.

Feelings or thoughts that you do not like, you hide from your awareness by dumping them in the body. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

It is in the mental and/or emotional sphere that you perceive yourself to be someone definitive in a body defined by time and space. But as that which is you is formless, and therefore without beginning and end, it is painful to be reduced to someone with a beginning and an end in a world by time and space.

Yet it is pain, that makes you appear to be someone in a material world. When you pinch yourself to discover whether you are dreaming or not, it is the experience of pain that makes you feel alive as someone definitive in a world by time and space.

Since feeling alive, therefore, is bracket together with being in pain, you need to suffer. And since your sole existence as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one is based on the denial of the formlessness of oneness, denial is also what you resort to in making the pain bearable. You simply turn down the worst part of it, namely the psychological pain, by hiding it in the body, which as a side effect appears to be more real when the suppressed pain sooner or later causes physical discomfort.

Having established yourself and like-minded as good and others as bad, you live in constant fear of attack from those you judged to be evil. Hence you turn the body into a weapon of defence or attack by either keeping your shoulders deadlocked in a backwards or forward position (respectively the attack and the defence attitude). Since the muscles, therefore, become inflexible and eventually start to ache, you have actually used the body to attack yourself.

A way to to keep unwanted feelings hidden inside the body is to hold the mouth closed, so no evil feelings slip out. But you cannot selectively exclude one kind of feeling. The exclusion of one feeling rubs off on the others, so the more a feeling is denied from your awareness by hiding it in the body, the number it becomes and the less alive you feel. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

At that point, you have forgotten that the pain in the body has been caused by yourself, and you blame something in the world for your discomfort. Your body, therefore, becomes a weapon of defence or attack against the world. To effectuate this, you keep the shoulders pushed forward into a position of defence or pushed back into a place of constant readiness to attack.

The tightened body makes you feel safer and thus to be in control. Especially if you also push one or both shoulders upwards to further tighten the area and thus prevent the feelings of the body from passing the blockage, so the brain, cannot process them but you mentally can explain and thus escape the feeling of them.

This rational explanation of your feelings seems less frightening than to actually feel them. Most either suppress the incoming flow of feelings to the brain or the outcoming flow of the processed feelings from the brain. In general, a woman does not prevent the incoming flow of feelings from being processed by the brain, but instead, they prevent the processed feeling from being expressed by making up a mental story where they have the power to choose to what, when and how much they want to express, and thereby being able to manipulate somebody into serving them.

Men, generally, do the same as a woman and for the same purpose, but in the case of men, it is instead the incoming flow of feelings they prevent from being processed by the brain. But whether it is the incoming or outcoming flow of feelings that are held back, the resulting blockage in the shoulders or neck shortens and/or extends the muscles, so the natural balance in the body is destroyed.

There are many ideas of how to restore the balance of the body, but as the cause of the imbalance is not there but in the mental sphere, all they accomplish is that the symptoms in the body are moved or momentarily relieved. To solve the problem, it must be faced where it is made, namely in the mental and/or emotional sphere where there is a sense of not being good enough as you are.

Not feeling loved as you are is a misunderstanding based on the perception that you are something else than the brain has created you to be.

The only thing that will heal the pain in the mental sphere is the undoing of the sick belief that you are someone definitive. This healing, however, most want to avoid, as it results in being nothing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

And as there also is a nagging feeling of being nothing, you wonder how you can ever be loved? Because you are nothing. Only that which is not real can be loved because it takes more than one to love or be loved, and reality is that which is one. So just like you love to hear music coming out of the speakers, although it is not real, the brain loves you as if you are something, although it has made from out of nothing. Read more about that in hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one.

Perceiving to be rejected or misunderstood is often a way to justify being depressed or angry and thus to suppress that it is your choice to be so. This is not to say that you should stop that or anything else but that if everything is perceived as it is what it is*, you have nothing to be depressed or angry about.

You will not feel loved, though, if you keep on filtering the feelings you receive and/or release to make it look like you get what you expect, for example disappointment for being let you down. If not filtering what you get and/or give and perceiving that as it is what it is*, to be abandoned feels just as entertaining as to be supported. Since no feeling, therefore, needs to be escaped, you do not feel stressed but relaxed, regardless of what you get and/or give.

This does not mean that common sense should be set apart. You may find its best not to express your deepest feelings to your boss. But just like you keep wearing a big sweater in the wintertime even though you feel like wearing something lighter, there is no need to suppress the light feeling.

Nor should common sense be set aside in regards to the damage that has been caused in the body by the suppressed feelings. Apart from feeling them, you most likely need to stretch the shortened muscles in the body, energising them by doing Nordic Walking, or softening with far-infrared heating pads, for example from UTK. The latter also makes it easier to be with feelings as they are. To make sure there are no serious problems with internal organs, you may have to consult a qualified physician. Read more about taking care of the body here.

It is not likely that the physical symptoms caused by suppressed thoughts and feelings will ever be entirely fixed, but since these thoughts and feelings can be brought to light, their leftover physical effect is perceived like the basic self would do, namely that it is what it is.*

Should you, by the way, have distanced yourself so much from the thoughts and feelings you cut off from the awareness in the past and, therefore, cannot bring them back to the mental and/or emotional sphere where they are made, you can, instead, bring them back in one trunk by feeling the discomfort of the strained parts in the body that the suppression of them have caused.

Doing that without justifying the displeasure in the mental and/or emotional sphere with something, nor yourself, it will eventually be replaced by pleasure. Until then, however, you will probably feel that this is the end of you. No worries. The only thing that ends is the special image of yourself that you have worked so hard to keep together.

Facing the sum of mental and/or emotional discomfort in the above way is, of course, much quicker than facing one thought or feeling after the other. Even faster, though, is the enlightenment of that which is one because it erases all experiences, also that of being someone. See hack #6-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one.

The other duality hacks do the same but over time. Thus you can enjoy the belief in being someone definitive while slowly but surely having it undone. Hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing gives you a taste of how it is to be indifferent to this belief by bringing you into a state of not-knowing and shortly afterwards return you to the consciousness of being someone definitive, but with the memory of that being nothing, so you experience to be in the world but not of it.

This is until that memory takes over completely, so you no more seem to be somebody who can hide there is nothing but the formlessness of oneness. See hack #5.3 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone.

*) Read about this perception in ´I know what it is´ vs ´it is what it is´ vs ´dunno what it is´.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, which is still in the process of being written.


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