Up and down is equally enjoyable for the basic self

Even though you seem to be a dreamer of a dream, you are not in control of it. Nor are you in control of the life you seem to have in a world where there seems to be more than one. It is a game solely controlled by the brain, wherefore not trying to stop the thoughts it is providing but following them unedited is what makes you feel good appearing to be someone in its game. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

As the special self basically attempts to eliminate the basic self, the biological system provided by the brain to keep the body healthy perceives the special self as an intruder, so in the act of desperation, it tries to use the immune system to fight the commands of the special self.

But since these commands are mentally based and the biological system is built to deal with physicality and not the mental ideas that the special self inflicts on the body, it can neither prevent or heal the psychosomatic diseases this brings about. See also the hack No Body-mind Connection in Extra Duality Hacks.

When attacking or condemning somebody you expect them to retaliate, and whether they do or not, you look for something to interpret as you are under attack and thus must be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one.

Thus the special self, which is furious with the body that seems to be the cause of its problems, fill it with all kind of medicaments or maybe have parts of it cut off or replaced – or try alternative solutions like meditation, aura transformation and whatnot.

As long as you believe you be someone definitive all problems are your own, but when this believe is undone there is no problems, because what and where you believed to be does not appear to be anymore.

Yet none of this solves the problem, which is the belief that you are a unique being in control of its own life. But just like you are not in control of a dream you seem to be having, neither are you in control of what you appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one.

If you do not believe to be somebody, there is nobody to save. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The only choice you have is how to perceive it. And as the special self chooses to perceive it based on its manipulation of the experiences the brain has given it, it is out of sync with the world the brains rendering of the world, wherefore the special self seems to fuck up both that and itself.

No worries. That is not possible except in your exclusive way of interpreting it. If you choose the interpretation, that is in sync with the brains rendering of the world, nothing is fucked up – just like you are not lost when going down for full speed on a rollercoaster. Going up again is built into your trio. Likewise when tripping the world rendered by the brain.

For the special self it is not so important if it is going up or down, but that it has time to rewrite what happens into a story where it seems to be in control, for example by having an allergy that can justify its demands.

Trusting that, you enjoy going down as much as going up, and therefore have no need to be special.

Since the special self is developed by excluding those fragments of the basic self, that the rogue consciousness of the basic self judges to be bad, the fundamental instinct of the special self is to divide everything into good and bad and exclude everything bad from its sight. It excludes, for example, the fragments of a spouse judged to be bad by overlooking them or asking the spouse to exclude them in its presence.

If the consciousness of the basic self has gone rogue, it acts as a spell checker, that automatically correct every thought received from the brain into something that appears to be more special, so that the self originally made by the brain appears to be a new and better self in charge of its own life and therefore independent of the brain.

That is of course if the basic self accepts all the changes its consciousness is carrying out not only by altering the thoughts coming to the self but also by multiplying them into endless possibilities of what it can become and have. As that seems extremely exciting, the basic self without further ado enthusiastically follows the hectic flow of thoughts, that before being multiplied always resolved around doing good for the whole and not only for itself.

The present is not of much interest anymore. It seems dull compared to the promises of a better future that this hectic stream of me-me-me thoughts seems to imply will come.

The special self finds it especially exciting to be high up, whereas the basic self does not consider up to be better than down, but two equally exciting ways of experiencing a world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In other words, when the basic self except the spell checking performed by its rogue consciousness of the thoughts coming from the brain, the altered thoughts seem to turn it into a special self, which is independent of the brain and therefore capable of thinking itself and thus to make plans for a better future than the basic self, that does not seem to have an exciting future ahead, as it just like zombie follows the stream of thoughts as they come from the brain.*

But in the world where the basic and the special self appears to be, they have the same future. Nobody can change that. Just like you cannot change anything in a movie you are watching, except your perception of it. The altering of thoughts has changed nothing else than how the self and world is perceived. The actual future of the special self is the same.

In other words, in the movie of a world where there seems to be more than one everything works out as planned no matter what you think. If you do not try to invent special perceptions of it, but go with the flow of it as intended, it is like riding a rollercoaster, where going down is just as exciting as going up.

But if you based on selected parts of the movie have made your own special interpretation of it, you cannot enjoy the rest of the movie as intended by the author, as you will overlook the parts of it that are not aligned with your special interpretation of it. To make long short, the special self, which is a modified version of the basic self, is never satisfied with the way things are, whereas the basic self enjoys everything as it is because it is what it is.

The essential sorrow of the basic self turns it into one big walking heart, when the sadness is seen for what it is, namely compassion for everything that just like you appear to be what they are not, wherefore you stop perceiving yourself as different from everything and thus to be someone definitive. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The application of one or more of the duality hacks will restore the basic self because they entail a state of not-knowing from where you return with the slate wiped clean. But returning to the basic self may seem disappointing because it is very close to the essential sorrow that comes from believing to be a limited being and not the formlessness of oneness. Thus it does not feel there is anything special to look forward to in a world defined by time and space.

So you again go along with the hectic stream of thoughts making up the special self and thus hope for being able to make a better future for yourself.

That is, until you are totally lost in speculations of what to do and weighed down by heavy feelings, and do not try to exclude the chaos of it but include it exactly as it is (hack #3.5 Inclusiveness is pure bliss) or use it to ignite a take-off to the empty breath (hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing), as those duality hacks like all the others entail a state of not-knowing from where you return with the slate wiped clean, so that there are no altered thoughts hiding your identity as the basic self.

This may happen many times before you settle with the fact, that as long as you believe to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, there is nothing else to be than the basic self fabricated by the brain. Read more about that here.

The essential sorrow, that we all have for believing to be what we are not, and the wish to avoid feeling it often leads to the fabrication the special self. Yet the sorrow can also be used to ignite a take-off to the empty breath in which eyes, it is not sorrow but compassion with everything that just like you seem to be what they are not, wherefore you stop perceiving yourself to be different from everything and thus to be someone definitive.

The undoing of that belief is not the subject of this article. Suffice it to say, that it is much easier to undo, if the essential sorrow is used to ignite a take-off to the empty breath, as in its eyes it is seen as compassion for everything, so the more it is seen like that the less you seem to differ from everything, wherefore the definition of you as someone definitive vanishes.

It is only the special self, that assumes to know what it is. So if you are confused about what you are, you are well on the way to not knowing what and where you are, which is the invitation the enlightenment of that which is one has been patiently is waiting for.

That being said, you do not have to be the basic self, pure or anything else to have that belief undone. All that is needed is forgetting to remember what and where you are, as that is the invitation the enlightenment of that which is one is waiting for. Read more about that here.