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Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Make no mistake, in the world of appearances what and where you appear to be remains the same whether you follow the empty breath and its bliss of nothingness,* the basic self supported with happiness by the brain, or the special self and its quest for something better and bigger. It is just like when you in Monopoly, for example, are commanded to go to jail, the colour of your car or state of mind does not change the instruction.

The notion of yourself as special is based on how you experience to affect others and what they think about it. Thus you constantly rewrite their response, so it seems to confirm what you believe to be. See also The closer you look the less you see.

If the basic self has to go to jail, it does so without asking why because it is it used to follow the commands of the brain, which knows what is in the best interest of the basic self and everybody else since the experience of being someone amongst others is its fabrication. Read more about that here. This is not so for special self, that is an altered version of the basic self from which its consciousness has subtracted everything judged to be wrong, so the result seems to be a new self in charge of its own life. To keep up its independence, it always tries to find workarounds for following commands. Thus it spends much time figuring out how to avoid going to jail.

Everything the special self does is done in sync with the flow of thoughts, that it receives from the brain. Thus it has no need to explain or defend itself. The special self, on the other hand, does not want to follow any flow but what it judges to be its own. Even that does not come easy, because it always doubts what it is unless it can manipulate others into believing it is very special.

And when the special finally realise it has to follow instructions, and go to jail, it makes up stories about being unfairly treated. The stories it discusses with everybody in an attempt to get their support for being a freedom fighter and thus in charge of its own life. The wish for revenge is suppressed by he special self if it has read about transforming itself and the world to something better, as hate is not part of that concept.

Following the empty breath* does not change anything in regards to how the world appears except that none of its appearances is believed to be real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Following the empty breath* entails, and thus being in a state of not-knowing,* there may also be feelings of injustice and wishes of revenge, but as there is no conscious of being somebody in this state, there is nobody to act upon them.

Searching for something, you can never bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one, because it takes more than one to search for anything.

If you do not follow something at all, the enlightenment of that which is one is bid welcome, and as it terminates the belief in being someone – see hack #5-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one – nobody is enlightened. Yet somebody who at times steps aside, so nobody seems to hide the formlessness of oneness is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one.

Alexius is such a person. That is why his non-teachings are founded on that which is one and, since it requires more than one to offer something, have nothing to give. Most other teachings, however, are founded on the belief that there is more than that which is one, so they appear to offer a lot, for example, to become someone with more energy, power, wealth, love and freedom. Read more about that here.

Continuously following the empty breath* or the basic self, this sooner or later becomes so automatic, that nobody is following anything and the enlightenment of that which is one, therefore, is bid welcome. This does not happen to the special self. It never goes with the flow, whether it is the flow of love, sex, socialism and whatnot because it needs to be in control so it can keep others at such a distance, that they do not see the frailty behind its image of perfection.

No worries. If the special self for just one moment does not try to be perfect, the uncontrolled energy of its frailty automatically ignites a take off to the empty breath,* which entails a flow of bliss that is so pleasant, the special self forgets to suppress its feelings. As this, however, seems to open the door to hell, the special self probably regrets that it lost its control and followed the flow. But if it does not attempt to get rid of the apparently unpleasant feelings popping up, the uncontrolled energy of them ignites a new take off to the empty breath.*

The more you are going back and forth between the flow of the empty breath and the restricted self-concept of the special self, the fewer feelings seem to be troublesome. Thus there is no frailty to hide and consequently no need to be perfect, which means the stream of thoughts coming from the brain does not have to be altered and you as the basic self sooner or later forget this stream and bids welcome the enlightenment of that which is one.

Alexius often forgets, that he is supposed to conceal from the world that it is not real, so he smiles, when somebody talks about karma or other concepts that seem to establish them as an effect of something instead of nothing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius nature is to not exclude but include, so since a special self is made by excluding what is judged to be bad in the basic self, he is not able to build that. Yet he is able to simulate the appearance of a special self by imitating its behaviour, so he appears to be part of the race to be and have more – just like he is able to simulate he is someone in the world of Monopoly, who wants to have everything on the expense of others.

At times he is so successful in appearing to be special, that he starts to believe he is, and thus feels as confused like others appearing to be special.

But since he does not exclude the confusion and its chaotic energy, it is free to ignite a take off to the empty breath* so he again is indifferent to what and where he seems to be and as nobody can pretend to be somebody. Read more about that in hack #1.4 Pretending to be someone definitive.

*) In the below hacks you can read about the empty breath and the bliss of nothingness arising from a state of not-knowing 

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one, which is still in the process of being written.