When not perceiving to be doing something on your own, the belief in being someone gets undone [DRAFT]

Thanks for passing by. Alexius is still in the process of exploring to express the matter of this article. Hence, you may be better off reading another article. But you are, of course, welcome to take your chances.


You are not connected with the body any more than you are connected with a coat that is used to protect the body. You are connected with the brain, which is connected with the body and how it should wear a coat, for example.


those who think their body should be transformed and become more spiritual needs to be more physical. The body is solely material so it cannot be mixed with something immaterial. Believing you can do that is like believing


When your basic perception of what you experience is I know what it is, you are busy trying out different combination of thoughts that seem to prove you are right. Meditation is not going to stop this hectic and unpleasant movement of thoughts. But if any experience is perceived as it is what it is, there is nothing to prove and thus no need to hunt for thoughts that seem to confirm you you are right. Thus you are at peace.

You do not care about being right because this perception brings about peace.


Going with the flow probably sets you free from how you have conditioned yourself to be someone definitive, so you can be what the moment calls for. But as going with the flow or being something requires more than one, it will not bring you back to that which is one. Nothing will do that but the undoing of the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.


The special self is always under enormous pressure because it fights being run by the brain by collecting thoughts of how it wants to perceive everything it experiences.


The fastest way to repair your psychosomatic problems is to change the perception from I know what it is* to it is what it is* because then you dismiss the special self and reestablish the basic self. Since it perceives everything as it is what it is*, there are no psychological and physical feelings to combine and thus no psychosomatic disorders. Even if it forgets to perceive something as it is what it is*, the result is perceived as it is what it is,* so it does not consist of something specific.

If this sudden change of perception seems to be too much of a challenge, you can solve your psychosomatic problems more gradually by splitting up the one that pressures you the most, so it can be dealt with as respectively a psychological and physical issue. Be warned though, that since so many psychological problems have been dropped in the physical domain, every time a psychosomatic disorder has been dealt with by splitting it up, an old and forgotten one pops up.

Hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, however, assumes that this is how you will approach your psychosomatic disorders. At least until you are fed up with the miseries that come from perceiving yourself to be special and instead want to return to the happiness of being basic and you, therefore, are motivated to perceive any psychosomatic disorder as it is what it is. In this case, you can, of course, use any of the other duality hacks to accomplish that. You can, actually, try them one after each other, to see which one suits this the best for you.


It might seem very difficult to perceive the pain and frustration of a psychosomatic disorder as it is what it is. Spitting it up in a psychological and physical issue, however, it seems easier to perceive each of them as it is what it is. But then again splitting it up may seem difficult because you have distanced yourself so much from the psychological issue that it seems impossible to find it in the psychosomatic disorder. No problem, all of this confusion, you just perceive as it is what it is.

In other words, you can go on as usual. There is nothing you need to change but your perception of it.


Pushing something disguises it is nothing, but so does avoid that. It is not what you do that matters but how you perceive it.


Whatever is perceived in the psyche to have an effect on the body or what is perceived in the body to affect the psyche, this link is undone the moment you perceive the effect as it is what it is. And since your problem mostly originates from the assumption that immateriality and materiality are connected, you feel relieved in the psyche and thus have no need to inflict the body with it. Thus the body is free to deal with physicality, just like it was made to do itself. Should it need help from healthcare professionals, it will let you know.

Since you have been identified with this image, made of yourself as someone with the psychological sphere and physical domain united, you may feel empty when this image goes down the drain. No worries. Soon you realise how laid-back life is in the absence of this fake unity.

When a feeling, maybe vague, from the psychological sphere, pops up from the past is perceived as it is what it is, it is not something definable and thus not something that can be linked to a physical feeling to make it last. Hence it is just a fleeting moment of nothing although disguised as something not perceived to be that.

The same applies, regarding a present feeling of something physical. When perceived as it is what it is, the feeling is not defined by you, and a potential link to a psychological feeling is broken, so the body can deal with it in its own way.

However, it may be too late for the body or a healthcare professional to heal the problem. Having a chronic inflammation, for example, is, therefore, something, you perceive as it is what it is. Hence the irritation that may seem to arise from this is not linked to the physical feeling of the inflammation, and the body can help you live with it as it is.

When perceiving a problem as it is what it is, you step back from the idea of being in charge and thus of solving it. Both the psyche and the body can, therefore, deal with it without your interference. the breath xxxxxx

This does not mean that you do not assist the body by keeping it warm, supplying it with a place to sleep and if needed, supplement it with vitamin and minerals. Maybe via consulting healthcare professional. In the case of Alexius, he supports the body with far infrared pads from xxxx and a selection of nootropics.

But it means that you do not do pump up the body through fitness or try to change the rhythm of the breath, for example. Believing you can be in charge of yourself is really stupid. Just going down the stairs is such a complicated process that it would take you at least a day if you had to control it. And you would die in less than a minute if you had to remember to breathe yourself.


Should I have more or less? In most cases, you want more love but there are also cases where you want less love. If you already have a spouse and want more of what you have, it is disturbing to fall in love with another, so this love you want less off.

The purpose though is the same, namely to have your feeling appear as a form so that the world of forms appears as if it is real. If you just want love, neither more or less, your wish for love will not take a specific form. Your experience of love will be like the experience of a cloud. It is there, but then again it is not really there. The form may change any time depending on the wind and if you get close enough to a cloud you will see that it does not have a physical substance in the sense, that you can walk through it and probably also see through it.
In other words, if you are not looking for more or less the love you experience will seem transparent. Well, any experience will seem that way. This does not mean that persons, houses and other firms appear to be transparent to you, but that the appearances of the world do not appear to have the power to trap you there. You are free to choose being that which is you, namely the formlessness of that which is one because your feelings do not turn into forms you must own or disown.
This note turned out very differently from what I had imagined, but when I do not want to own it, I have no need of changing it, so it appears to have a specific form, that is consistent with the form of an overall idea about spirituality.


To be a hipster or in some other way to be something different from the established society is just another way of being together. Punks, hippies, hipsters, so-called spiritual people or other groups different from the established society all dress up and have opinions, that are specific for their special group. In other words, those ´contra´ groups have the same purpose like society, namely to be together.

If you want the sense of being together, you must conform to the ideas of a specific group, so if you say something that is not accepted as the right to look at the world in the group, you will sound like somebody from Neptune and the group will exclude you.

To accept yourself for what you are, you must stop trying to be approved by a group and instead accept exclusion from all groups. There is only one life – not the life of the world which always end – and there is no togetherness there. That being said, togetherness is also that which resonates with oneness, if you perceive that as being the purpose of being together – and if so that is what you will get.

There is only one, and that is what you are if you do not try to cover it up by a fantasy of being together.