You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it, Part 4 [draft]

It is not only Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings that talks about the body being used to hide repressed emotions. In Bioenergetics (see Wikipedia about that), it is the theory that you store negative experiences in the body, which, therefore, is altered. Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings says that it may seem so, but physiology and psychology do not mix, so the connection is imagined (see hack #4.3 The unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection). The way to undo this fantasy, and thus issues believed to be psychosomatic, is to follow the duality flow described in this article or elsewhere in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius is still in the process of exploring how to communicate this hack. Hence, you might be better off reading another one. Nevertheless, you are welcome to take your chances.

This is part 4 of You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it. Like the previous parts, it is about the perception ´it is what it is,´ that brings you into the duality flow. It is so vitalising that you, eventually, forget to define yourself as someone in a world of duality.

You must play the game of duality to have it undone

Since all perceptions are twofold in a world of duality, a singular perception, such as falling in love, is fake. That is why you feel disconnected when you hold onto such a singular impression. Your reaction to your attraction must be dual if you want to feel connected in a world of duality. So if you by habit perceive your reaction to something in a singular way, you undo the resulting disconnection by perceiving your fixed opinion about it as ´it is what it is

Then, in a state of expectation calling for nothing specific, your singular response turns inside out and unveils the opposite feeling inside it. In this case, love gently opens and out of it comes hatred. But just like breathing in and out does not happen simultaneously, you do not feel love and hate at the same time. The love you feel is defined by hate, which is determined by love. Hence there is no true love without hatred and vice versa. Should you, out of habit, try to suppress hate so you can hold onto a specific memory of love, it may take a day or two to remember that love and hate are coupled.

If you physically and/or mentally have pumped up your appearance with anger justified by perceived injustice, the way to set yourself free from the stiffness in your body, that you use to maintains the magnified image of you, is not to do something about your rigid body but perceive your reaction to it as ´it is what it is.´ Since this reveals it is twofold, there is not a specific reaction to maintains your glorious image.

This reveals hardness is complemented with weakness, wherefore the idea of being great no longer is written in stone. Since it also reveals that being special is paired with a sense of nothingness, you cannot help but laugh.

You may not observe that love turns into its counterpart hate, just like you may not notice breathing in is repaced by breathing out. Yet it happens anyway. In other words, you probably need time to acknowledge the constant movement between the opposing poles of duality – in this case, love and hate. And you most likely need more time before you sense the duality flow, like rolling waves without highs and lows, move throughout your body (read more about that in Notes on the duality flow). Nevertheless, since the perception ´it is what it is´ syncs you with the duality, you immediately feel connected.

When you perceive an experience as it ´is what it is,´ you suppress your reaction to it, wherefore the perception results in denial instead of acceptance.

That something is ugly is not a fact but the way you have decided to perceive it. This singular Interpretation prevents you from seeing it as it is because everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But this perception does not make you feel connected if you assume your response to an experience is the same as the experience. For example, when you see a picture of your hometown and mistake your nostalgic reaction to your past for the image, you will use the perception ´it is what it is´ to hide this mix-up, so nostalgia is not your reaction but what the image is. In other words, you use this perception to suppress your nostalgic response, so you can appear neutral. But nothing is middle-of-road. Everything is two-fold in a world of duality. Therefore, as your perceived neutrality distorts duality, you feel incomplete.

To hide this, you always avoid situations that could initiate concealed emotions of shortcomings. If, despite that, a repressed sense of failing manages to enter your consciousness, you quickly rise above it by working, shopping or meditating a lot. Another way is to blame somebody for making you feel imperfect or hide this feeling in a psychosomatic disorder like vertigo. Read about dizziness in You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it, Part 2.

If feeling sad is not complemented with being glad, sadness seems heavy and sticky. The resulting heartache many try to reduce or exclude by positive thinking. But the elimination of negativity makes you feel incomplete.

When you are willing to accept that everything is coupled with its counterpart in a world of duality, sadness is automatically complemented with gladness. Soom thereafter this polarity is automatically replaced by another one. This interplay of opposites is what makes you feel complete when you appear to be in a world of suality.

You are better off, though, if you do not prevent suppressed feelings from popping up. This is because everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality, so if feeling sad is not covered up, it paves the way for gladness. In other words, the more a feeling is acknowledged, the more its opposite side is revealed. And since you are in a world of duality, the experience of twofoldness makes you feel complete, whereas the experiences of singularity make you feel incomplete.

It is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. If you only go up or down, the trip is disappointing, whereas the interaction of up and down makes you feel fulfilled. In other words, when you accept the constant interaction between feeling up and down, you laugh when you feel on top without blowing yourself up, so you do not fall down. And you cry when you feel low without being afraid of being stuck there. Thus you have a splendid time in a world of duality regardless of feeling up or down.

When we pervceive something far away to be smaller, we are wrong. Fortunately, there is nothing to fix but our perception of it. Likewise, when we perceive a feeling to be singular. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When your opinion of the interaction with somebody is that you did the right thing, you cannot see the relationship as it is before your definitive opinion is perceived as ´it is what it is.´That reveals this judgment, like anything else you decide to see in a specific way, is dual. Hence there is not something specific to prevent you from seeing the relationship as it is.


If your body aches somewhere and you decide that this is the reason that you are worried, you cannot deal with the bodily problem in a physical way before your anxiety is perceived as ´it is what it is.´ This reveals that your anxiety, like any other psychological issue, is twofold. Hence there is not a specific psychological issue to prevent you from seeing the bodily problem as it is or require help from somebody who is trained in the physical realm.

All in all, it is not your experience of something that you perceive as ´it is what it is´ to feel the completeness of twofoldness. Instead, it is the specific response you decide to have to your experience of something. However, since the purpose of your particular reaction to something is to hide you feel victimised, it may take a while before you notice that you, by reflex, always choose not to have a two-fold response to an experience but a predefined single-minded one made to convince others that you have the power to do things in your own way and pace.

Yet, we are all subject to the law of duality that everything comes in pairs. Consequently, nobody has a definitive way to go, nor are anybody specifically let down like many people conclude based on their self-styled inflexible interpretations of events. Let us take a closer look at how to undo this stubborn single-mindedness.

Contrasts are the way of duality. So if something is interpreted as beautiful, you, eventually, deem something to be ugly. Going with this flow of polarity, you feel complete. But you will not sense that if you try to correct or remove the ugliness to uphold a particular view of beauty. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If your response to having been rejected is interpreted as sadness, and you acknowledge this specific interpretation, it can be perceived as ´it is what it is.´ That reveals it is not one-sided but twofold. Thus sadness does not settle into definite grief but gently opens up and shows gladness inside it.

In other words, when the definitive meaning you have assigned to a response is perceived as ´it is what it is,´ it is complemented by its opposite. Hence your reaction does not entail loneliness but togetherness. This twofoldness occurs as automatic as breathing in is followed by breathing out – and it feels as satisfying. Accepting one polarity, it is soon replaced by another one. And since you, therefore, are in the flow of duality, you feel satisfied.

This satisfaction does not come from something specific but the interaction of opposing elements like up and down, which feels like the fulfilment you get from listening to the ocean waves. Since the satisfaction of this interplay goes on when you are in the duality flow, there is no need to look for something specific to give you a peak experience. That is such relief.

However, if you slightly think you have your own way, the duality flow is not revealed immediately but over time. Thus the sense of being alone, which comes from doing things in your way and pace, is not cancelled out right away.

The perception ´it is what it is´ does not set you free from sadness, for example, but free to experience it paired with gladness. In other words, this perception does not make you free from duality but free to enjoy it. Actually, so much that you forget to remember it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Had you not perceived the definitive meaning you assigned to your response as ´it is what it is,´ but made up a story that enhances it, so you appear to be sad in the way heartache is supposed to show, your sadness is fake. Your genuine feeling is buried in your story.

Therefore, since you do not experience the interaction of sadness and gladness, you do not get the satisfaction of twofoldness but the dissatisfaction of disguising it. Most tries to cut off this disappointment from their awareness by hiding it behind a physical problem in the chest, for example. So when a psychological problem in the future triggers hidden dissatisfaction, the resulting feeling of unease in the chest is interpreted as a physical issue. Hence the past discontent remains hidden from their awareness. Read more about that in hack #4.3 The unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection.

There are, of course, instances where you feel relieved when someone leaves you, wherefore you want to extend that specific feeling. Hence you combine it with a sensitive part of the body like the chest. Thereupon you assume any physical sensation in the chest is caused by a psychological feeling, namely the sense of being relieved. But since relief is defined by pain and it has been suppressed to feel specifically relieved, this is not what you feel. Read more about that in Those looking for peace are full of shit.

You got to have judge something as inharmonious to know when you experience harmony. But as most people thereafter exclude the inharmonious, there is not something to define a harmonious experience. Consequently, all they get is an intellectual idea about being in balance.

When you think of what is going on and what your friends believe that means, it seems like a feeling is brought to mind. Especially if you spin a story about it, which you tell in a severe tone of voice enhanced by body language, that implies you feel this. Women often use this trick to appear as if they feel something specific, although their emotions are suppressed. Most men, on the other hand, think it is great having their feelings cut off. Hence they are not distracted by them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

What you believe in feeling is an intellectual construction that resembles being relieved when you put on a sad face and tell others about something unpleasant, whereafter you put on a smile because you have been freed from it. A phrase from a song can also be beneficial to create this impression of relief. If the conjured image of relief convinces others that you honestly feel that, you believe in genuinely feeling relieved. However, what you appear to feel is, just like the powers superheroes seem to have, totally fictitious.

To sum up, when your reaction to something is perceived as ´it is what it is,´ it is not limited to be a single-minded interpretation like shyness. Instead, you also get its contrast, confidence, so those contrasting feelings can define each other and, therefore, be established as genuine emotions.

Being amused by this potency, you go with the flow of duality. Hence the polarity of shyness and confidence soon is replaced by another enjoyable pair of duality. And so it goes until you feel so euphoric in the duality flow that you have no need for more, wherefore the belief in being and having more than that which is one is undone.

That is why you should not use the perception ´it is what it is´ if you do not want that belief to be undone. In this case, you are better off with the perception ´I know what it is.´ To make it work, though, you got to ignore the counterpart of what you claim to know. So, for example, if you want to appear as if you know the way, you must hide feeling lost from your attitude of knowing where to go.

But doing that, it feels as something is lost. And no matter where you look, you do not find it because you keep insisting, ´I know what it is.´ Hence you are on an endless quest for something to make you feel complete. However, in a world of duality, completes comes from twofoldness.

What you believe to be, only exist in the impression you imagine to have on the world outyside of you. And it only seems real because of what you imagine it does to you.

If you do not make a perception yourself, one that reveals this twofoldness is automatically created. Should you be too accustomed to doing things your way, you can even make a perception yourself that aligns you with duality. For example, when you choose to perceive your reaction to what you read now as ´it is what it is,´ it is revealed to be twofold. You may not catch the names making up this polarity because their interaction makes you feel so complete that you do not care about such details.

This, of course, only applies as long as you believe to be someone in a world of duality. In non-duality, it is impossible to be complete because it requires more than one to be something, and oneness is undivided.

*) This is not to say that you never need to think ahead to get something done. But that thoughts regarding that come to you automatically when you are in the flow of duality.

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NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality. It is a rough draft that will be continuously updated.



This reveals your response is twofold.

yourself to be sad, you perceive this single-minded opinion as ´it is what it is´

It is your perception of the relationship that must be dual if you want to feel connected in a world of duality. Suppose you are aware of that but momentarily forget to perceive the experience of the relationship as twofold- In that case, you undo the resulting disconnection by perceiving your fixed opinion about it as ´it is what it is