+ No-one but the special self wants to make a difference

As it is very lonesome to someone, who considers itself to be independent, the special self looks for something bigger to be part of. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The basic self is not that far from forgetting what and where it is and thus being in a state of not-knowing,* where the apparent different experiences continuously generated by the brain of a world where there seems to be more than one is not perceived to make a difference. Hence the experiences do not confirm the belief separation and thus neither you as someone definitive.

Just like the body must be used by the one believing to be inside it, thoughts also must be used to keep the brain working.

At first the brain does not notice this, because all experiences are part of the same illusion that it creates of a world where there seems to be more than one, so whether you experience something believed to be real, imagined, spiritual and whatnot it is all processed in one higgledy-piggledy by the same organ in the brain.

But if the self created by the brain for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, does not support it by perceiving the experiences it produces as real, nor the self or the experiences appear to exist anymore because the brain falls into a coma.

This, however, is very seldom a problem for the brain because most have replaced the basic self with a special one, and it never forgets to confirm the experience of itself as someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one to be real. Should it come close to forgetting what and where it is – for example from reading Alexius Enlightened Non-Teachings – the brain threatens it with total destruction, so the self does its best to uphold its past memories of what and where it is.


Those having established themselves as somebody in charge of themselves, need to meditate or something else that seems to make them able to control thoughts because, to uphold their image of being independent of the brain, they must manipulate its thoughts, so they appear to be made by themselves.


If the basic self fabricated by the brain is not judged by its consciousness to be inferior, there is no need be and/or have more, wherefore the few thoughts needed to keep the basic self together do not multiply into a self that appears to be bigger. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Following the stream of thoughts precisely as it comes from the brain is like having the brain blown out. It can be compared feeling totally absorbed by a TV show after having binge-watched it.


The basic self has no need to relax through meditation and whatnot because following the stream of thoughts coming from the brain it is rewarded with shots of happiness. And being happy, it has no need to learn what it is. The special self, on the other hand, thinks it exists to learn, that it is a unique being who is part of something greater.

When you think, you are in the world to learn who you are, you do not want that, because learning requires more than one and there is no more than that which is one.

And as it strains every nerve to accomplish this, it is in constant need for more energy. That is why the gurus, who praise humans as unique beings, always promise that those following them will not only realise their uniqueness but also be part of something greater, which supplies them with all the energy they need. See also The function of ´the empty breath´ is to not take the ego seriously.


Those who think we are here to learn something want to be someone definitive because only as such do you seem to be able to learn something. But being someone definitive you seem to cover that which is you. There is no need, however, to learn anything to uncover that. On the contrary. You need to unlearn everything because that which is you cannot learn anything since it is that which is one and it takes more than one to learn anything.


The special self likes to think that by saying »we are all one« it is spiritual. And it might deceive those that like itself believes in separation because this statement is founded on that belief.


You need the brain, and it needs you to experience its rendering of the world as if it is real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If the special self takes an interest in so-called spirituality, it has to be something with techniques for how to relax, because the special is always busy trying to be and have more.

Being busy though does not have to be a problem, because if stress is not controlled, it ignites a take-off to the empty breath,* and its bliss of not-knowing what and where you are.

But as the whole world of the special self is built upon knowing something, it rejects what really would make it relax, namely to not know what and where it is.


Most want something that reminds them of the past so that they seem to escape the present thoughts brought to them by the brain.


When you are nobody, there is not somebody to be bothered by thoughts. Consequently, only those who want to make a difference have a need to break away from thoughts via meditation, mindfulness or other techniques, that seem to be able to stop those thoughts judged to disturb what they believe to be.


If you perceive the brains basic rendering of you as someone in a world defined by time and space to be a bit boring, the special self sets in by offering you more exotic ways of perceiving it, for example by coming from the heart (read more about that here), living in the now or having direct experiences.

But since all experiences – no matter where you believe they come from or how they seem to be experienced – are a construction of thoughts – read more about that here – which are fabricated by the brain, your perception of having your own special experiences is a reconstruction of the thoughts made by the brain.


Whether the special self convinces you to indulge or refrain from sex, the purpose is to enhance the belief that you are in charge of your own life.


No matter how you experience the appearances on a computer screen and where you believe the experience to come from, whatever is experienced on display is not there. Every part of it is an illusion generated by the computer, which only seems to be real because that is how you want to perceive it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Most like to believe, that the thoughts produced by the brain are evil and of the ego. Yet they are not of something but nothing, as that is what every thought fabricated by the brain is made from. It is trying to stop or edit them that is of the ego because doing so they seem to turn into something that makes a difference. Thus the belief in separation is enhanced, and since the ego, which thrives from separation, it loves those who treat thoughts as if they are something and not just a binary code of nothing.


As no belief can be upheld without an effort, you undo the belief in being a basic as well as a special self by not making an effort to make it looks as if you are someone. Being nobody there does not appear to be somebody hiding the constant fire of enlightenment, which you at first experience to see, hear, feel or taste with your inner senses, which have nothing to with how you see, hear, feel or taste with the outer ones. Read more about that here.

But since the enlightenment of that which is one cannot be experienced, as that requires more than one, this experience only last the split second it takes to erase every bit of what you believe to be, so that there is nobody to experience that it takes no time for nothing to spiral through a black hole until it graciously descent into the formlessness of oneness. See The ins and outs of a black hole.

The enlightenment of that which is one, therefore, seems to be the end of a world where there seems to be more than one. But as there is no more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless, the enlightenment of that which is one is not the end of anything but the belief, that there is more than that which is one.

If ending this belief appears to be fearful, you will probably hold onto something that seems to confirm the belief, it is possible to be and have more than that which is one. No worries. You can have your cake and eat it too because, all the duality hacks, except the enlightenment of that which is one, undo this belief over time, and in the process of it you become so indifferent it that you enjoy it.

*) Read about the empty breath and a state of not-knowing in hack #4.4 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, which is still in the process of being written.