(+) Your best friend is the brain [under construction]

Even though it is the brain that has fabricated the fake experience of you as someone substantial in a tangible world, it is not your enemy. The brain is solely making up this story for you to have fun, but as you do not play along it and instead  seriously search for a higher meaning or something beyond the story, it is impossible for the brain to produce something satisfying, because what and where you believe to be is nothing, so there is no meaning or anything beyond it.

The brain therefore is very happy when you do not want to have the belief in being are someone definitive undone. It would gladly help you, but you want to do it your own way in you own pace. In other words, you are your own enemy, because nobody but you could have such a foolish idea, that there is a way of your own in an illusion. There is no way, so insisting that there is you make the illusion real, wherefore the brain has to work very hard to make it appear as if your weird ideas of a body-mind connection, living in the now, coming from the heat and whatnot are more real than anything else in the illusion of a world defined by time and space.

So if you really want to have the belief in being someone definitive undone work together with the brain as friend. It is just as interested as you in getting out of this mess. And it is not afraid of being terminated. It has just as much fun from making an illusion as undoing it, because it knows it is all a story made from out of nothing, and as all stories it must have an end.


When you try to reject or fight some or all thoughts, as if they are the root of all evil,
you will feel much confused and tired. But if thoughts are considered to be presents from the brain, that produces them, they will not seem to cause trouble but happiness, because they constitute what you believe to be – but not only that.

They are also what you believe to experience, as both what and where you experience to be is a fabrication of the brain, which does not pay any importance to what you divide into experiences of reality and fantasy, spirituality and physicality or you and them, wherefore all these apparently different are processed by the very the same organ. And no more is needed, because it is all make-believe.

So metaphorically speaking, you should eat all thoughts with much pleasure, because they are as sweet as you.