No one but the ego wants to be special and make a difference [under construction]

The basic self is not very far away from the empty breath, who resides in empty space. In fact, the brain do not mind, that you go there for some time. It does not really know the difference, as it is the same organ processing everything, whether considered to be real, imagined, spiritual and whatnot.

And as the brain knows it has made up the basic self and the world, where it appears to be, from empty space, it sees all as the same. But it does not want you to go there for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, at a time, because if it is not used regularly by the basic self it falls apart. Just like the body must be moved to keep it in order, so thoughts must be  moved to keep the brain going.

The special self, that you have made to replace the basic one, does not want you to connect with the empty breath or read Alexius Enlightened Non Teachings, because if you do what and where you believe to be is exposed as nothing, wherefore you are not special anymore and never was. Another word for the special self by the way is the ego.

In other words, if you are not following the basic self, but believe you are a unique and independent being, who thinks and does things on its own way and pace, you are following the ego.