NZR++ More, bigger and better are the cornerstones of the special self [under development]

For the special self it is always about being better and bigger and of course to be in control – also when it disguised as a do-gooder sends love and healing to someone it has judged to have less than itself, because this is not only confirming separation as real but that the special self is better and bigger than the other. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Not many thoughts pop up in the basic self,* since it is not on a constant quest of becoming better or more unique like the special self. In fact it does not have a sense of itself as someone, who needs to be better, nor that what it appears to be is better than for example a cockroach – or that it makes a difference.

It adjusts to its surrounding with no need to stand out, whereas everything the special self thinks, feels and do are geared towards appearing as special and having as much as possible for as little as possible. That is why it is always full of thoughts about what to avoid in order to make this happen.


Those who have established themselves to be something special separated from others and to have the power of doing things on their own need to meditate or something else that makes them able to be in control of thoughts, because in order to uphold their appearance of independence, they need to manipulate the thoughts generated by the brain, so that they can be multiplied and added together into somebody very unique in a mundane or spiritual way.

So even though the special self meditates with the official purpose of slowing down thoughts, the real purpose is to control them in order to exclude those not confirming its special image. But as the exclusion of specific thoughts disturbs the natural flow of them, they wander around disconnected from each other in search of a connection. And as meditating or coming from the heart is an attempt to exclude this chaos, it enhances what it tries to exclude.


A lot more thoughts will seem to pop up when you try to be more rich, spiritual, free or whatnot, because you need them to become more.


The special self has to believe there is something bigger than itself, that will relieve it from its troubles. Otherwise everything seems to be hopeless. Yet hopelessness is what sets it free from the future and thus from having troubles. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A cockroach survives because it always is on guard and ready to run as fast as it can to save its life. The same applies to the special self. It is always on the look out for something better and bigger and it runs towards it as fast as it can grab it, so that it its image as someone who is more rich, spiritual or free for example, than others is uphold.


The legs you seem to have and that help you to move around in the world of a dream is not yours, because your legs are at rest in your bed. Likewise what you appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one is not you, because it is at rest in that which is one, and as it takes more than one to be somewhere, it is nowhere.


The experience we have of being someone definitive amongst like-minded ones is like having a dream where we appear to be with others. Yet being together is a dream we have all by ourselves.


When there is nothing to hope for, what you believe to be is no more, because it is built on the hope there is more than that which is one, which is an illusion, as oneness is formless and therefore endless, so there is no more than that which is one.


Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you see the colour called pink or fuchsia in the above image, you have manipulated the into being more than it is, because there is no pink in the world rendered by the brain for the basic self to see.

the basic self because that colour does not exist in the world of the  it is made by the brain

But as the special self demands order and every colour, except lime green has an opposite colour that supplement it, the special self imagines to blend red and purple and therefore to see pink every time it is supposed to see the opposite colour of lime green. See also the article Do you see a pink colours in this image


You feel happy when going with the flow of thoughts coming the brain, because it knows how your biological system and the world where you appear to be works, since it is a construction of itself.

But when you in attempt to be free and independent try to make a better self by adding concepts of for example capitalism, socialism or spiritualism to the basic self, the simple flow of thoughts is messed up with ideas that cannot be implemented neither in you or the world, so you end up in endless speculations of what to do.


When you do not feel content and look for something better to fulfil you than the thoughts produced by the brain, you know you have discarded the simplicity of the basic self fabricated by the brain and made a more special version of it via the consciousness the brain implemented in the basic self.

Yet this mistake is easily corrected, if you acknowledge that you are mistaken, because that reconnects the biological system with the brain, so it can be used as an instrument for working out what is in your best interest, which by the way is no different from what is in the best interest for everybody, because even though the special self is experiencing itself to be different from its experiences, it is not so.

*) That not many thoughts pop up in the basic self is not a fact but the way it is perceived.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.