The brain renders a basic self, which you try to improve by making it more special [under construction]

The brain is your best friend. In fact it is your only friend, because there is nobody but you and the brain, which is the same, as the experience of you as someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one is a fabrication of the brain. Read more about that here.

you try to restrict the only friend you have, namely the brain, by dividing its thoughts into good and bad, and then exclude the thoughts judged to be bad by projecting then onto others, so they seem bad and you good.

The brain renders a basic self with a consciousness of itself as someone definitive. To make this self belief that it is real, the brain gives it experiences of a tangible world outside of it with similar appearances. Thus the brain is not only the same as what you appear to be but also what you experience as a world outside of you.

Nothing about this self can be changed by itself. All changes are like if you paint your hair with a new colour. The old one is still there, and the new colour is bound to disappear, unless you repeatedly redo it.

And that is what everybody do, because nobody is satisfied with their basic self. They want to have a better one, so that they can be special by having more money, power, love, peace, silence and whatnot.

When following the script of the brain for how to be a basic self, you are »free of master and everyone, servant of all and servant to none, and constancy and love is a joke,« as Bonnie ´Prince Billy sings on the album Master and Everyone in the song of the same name.

When following the script of the brain for how to be a basic self, there are no problems, they are not even challenges, because you are in automatic gear.

Do not try to stop thoughts, because then the brain cannot reward you, and you have to find fulfilment where there is none to find, namely ism ism ism.

Following the script of the brain can be compared to adapt your day to a reliable weather forecast. If it says it is gonna be heavy storm, it is better to stay home, because there may be troubles. However, troubles nay not manifest in the world if you do not follow the script of the brain. In fact everything may seem the same. Yet you will experience it in a way that seems to be cause you trouble. Someone you normally like may irritate you, although nothing has actually changed.

The sound of silence does not come from the absence of thoughts but by following them as laid out by the script of the brain, because then non of them bothers you.

Everything is always going your way, and if it does not seem so, you are not going your way – not in the sense you are going a wrong way but that you are perceiving it in a wrong way, namely as if you are someone special.



IF YOU SEE THE COLOR PINK/FUCHSIA, YOU HAVE ADDED MORE TO THE BASIC SELF made by the brain, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PINK IN THE WORLD RENDERED BY THE BRAIN. Adding more you before more special, and that plus making a difference is very important traits of the ego. Trying to be spiritual you are also adding more, because there is no spirituality in the world of the brain, neither anywhere else, since it is that which is one and it takes more than one to be spiritual or anything else. Thus the spirituality you read about and maybe believe to experience is a con trick performed by the ego in an attempt to take make you more special and therefore to disassociate you from the basic self, which xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is a mistake though, because you are made to be happy by following the instructions of the brain. It knows everything about your biological system and the world where you appear to be, because it was made by the brain. But when you in attempt to be more special expand the basic self that the brain has made with capitalism, socialism, spiritualism or any other ism, you override the natural impulses of the brain, and end up in endless speculations about what to do and not to do.

You know you have bypassed the simplicity of the basic self fabricated by the the brain, and made a more special version of it, when you are not content and thus looking or searching for something to fulfil you. The way to solve this hunger is to acknowledge, that you are wrong, because that makes it possible for the basic self free to return and via your biological system free working out what is in own best interest, which is the same as what is in everybody´s best interest, as the experience of being different from what you experience others to be is an illusion fabricated by the brain.

When in sync with the script of the brain, there is no need to search for specific thoughts of what to do. Compared to the hectic activity of doing that, following the script is like being in a silent movie.

When the Indians had been running for some time, they sometimes stop for a while, so that there self could catch up with them, because if you are out of sync with it, the brain cannot reward you for what you are doing with for example domain.

It is not easy living on your own as someone special, who seems to be in charge of its own life, instead of just following the script layer out by the brain for being someone basic. In fact you do not know how to make it on your own, so you join some kind of ism – for example nationalism, capitalism, liberalism, communism, socialism, humanism, anarchism, nihilism, atheism, sexism or spiritualism – so you have some predefined concepts of how to do the right thing, that you can follow. Or maybe you just jin another person and together make your own private world, where each of you follow the other. As if that makes you less of a follower than follow the script of the brain for how to be a basic self..

When you for example get seasick, it could be because you mix its signals with fear of drowning. Its signals relate to the present moment as it is and you are not about to drown, so it does not take that into consideration. But it could also be that this present moment was not meant to be in this way according to the program of the brain, and it is only like that because you have overpowered it with the idea of doing things your own way in your own pace. In other words, as you have disassociated yourself from the plan of the brain, it cannot support you, so you may get seasick and whatnot.

The above though is not something you need to correct by changing your thoughts or behavior, if you just change your purpose of being special to not being someone at all (read about that here the energy of the mixed up brain can be used to ignite a take off to the empty breath, and therefore to a state of not knowing.  Be aware though, that if you do not engage in the thoughts made by the brain by imagining to be yours and thus confirming to be someone definitive for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, the brains task of upholding the story of you as someone definitive falls apart and so does the brain consequently what you appear to be, so if you are not prepared for that, you should not stay very long at a time in a state of not knowing.

But if the purpose for multitasking and being out of sync with the brain is not to be special but to have the belief in being someone undone this is very good, because it disturbs the brain in upholding the image of you as someone one definitive, so you eventually fall into a state of not knowing – especially if you use the confusion to

All your realisations are in the way for happiness, because that does not require anything but following the script of the brain.

If you want the experience of being someone definitive while knowing the illusion that this is will automatically be undone, you just follow the script of the brain, because as any other script it has an end, and just like when a book ends you automatically return to reality. This is easier said than done, if you want to be and have more than the basic self, the brain has created, because then you will always try to override its script. Yet that is no problem, because if the confusion that this seems to manifest is used to ignite a take off to the empty breath, the slate is momentarily wiped clean, so it is easier to follow the script of the brain, when you return from a state of not knowing to knowing its world.

A state of-not knowing is not the enlightenment of that which is one, though you may have glimpses of it, but as to be in state or to have glimpses of enlightenment requires more than one, it is not the enlightenment of that which is one.

This is not to say you must live in the now. If you try to impose that concept on the brain and bypass its info via meditation or whatnot it gets confused, because the present moment includes the past as well as the future. In fact the brain compiles it from past memories in order to make sure the next moment will make you happy. This does not mean that you yourself have to seek out thoughts about the future. This is automatically done by the brain, so you can just take it easy and see what is coming to you.

Since everything is fabricated in the brain, it gets very confused if you follow ideas like coming from the heart. It also gets confused, if you want to go back to basic, because what the self the brain has made is basic and there is nothing more or less than that in its world. Every signal coming from it transfer info that will make you happy as someone substantial, if you follow it.  As spirituality cannot be made the brain knows not of it.

That being said, since the world of the brain is a world of duality, there is no happiness without sadness, but following the brain the exchange of happiness and sadness is like taking a ride in a rollercoaster. You know everything is taken care of, so you can lean back and enjoy the thrill of  going down as well as going up.

And that is best done with eyes wide open. In other words, you close your eyes for going to sleep and when you die. That is about it. The implementation of the empty breath or any of the other duality hacks does not require you to close your eyes, but rather to  xxxxxx

It is not the present in the way you would have perceived it, if you had not sought out specific thoughts yourself to promote yourself as special, but having those thoughts scripted by the brain, that always rewards the basic self for following them instead of trying to establish a will of its own, which entails much fear for retribution from whatever you imagine to have betrayed and as that is yourself a war has started inside yourself, where bodily parts seem to hurt

In other words, the sun follow its routine of appearing to go up and down, no matter what you think, but being in sync with those from the script of the brain, it feels good no matter what.

Following the script of the brain does not mean that your lover will not leave you, for example, but that the thoughts popping up are not those that make you sad. Maybe they make you happy, that you now are free from the restrictions of the relation, so you are grateful your lover left you