+ The brain renders a basic self with a consciousness that turns against it by making a special self [under development]

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Even though the fake experience of you as someone substantial in a tangible world is fabricated by the brain, it is not your enemy. It wants you to feel good by being someone in its world, and if that is not how you feel, it is because you try to change the adventure into something judge to be better and where you have a more special part. To accomplish this you disassociate yourself from the script of the brain and rearrange it into something that you seem to be in charge of.

But since joy comes from following the script of the brain as it is, you have also disassociated yourself from feeling good. Yet you blame the brain for your dissatisfaction and start meditating or something else that seems to produce a feeling of being in control, as you believe that is needed for peace of mind.

The apparent different nature of experiences – real or imaginary, spiritual or physical, yours or others – is make-believe. Thus it is the very same organ in the that processes all kind of experiences.

But the rejection of some or all thoughts, as if they are the root of all evil,
does not entail peace of mind. Instead they enhance the inherent feeling of loss, that is inevitable when believing to be more special than others. If you on the other hand consider all thoughts as presents from the brain, they will not seem to cause sadness but happiness, because they constitute not only what you believe to be but also what you believe to experience, since both what and where you experience to be is a fabrication of the brain.

Metaphorically speaking, you should eat all thoughts with much pleasure, because they are as sweet as you.

To sum it up, the brain is your best friend. In fact you have no other friends in the world where you experience to be, because there are no other experiences than those made by the brain, which it stores in itself as your memories of being someone definitive in the world fabricated by it. Read more about that here.

You try to restrict the only friend you have, namely the brain, by dividing the thoughts it produces into good and bad, and then exclude the thoughts judged to be bad by projecting then onto others, as if they are caused by them and your life therefore seems to be and effect caused by others and not the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain renders a basic self with a consciousness of itself as someone definitive. To make the basic self belief it is real, the brain supplies it with experiences of a tangible world that seems to be outside of it. Thus the brain is not only the same as what you appear to be but also what you seem to experience as somebody or something outside of you.

Trying to change that is like brushing your hair into a shape that goes against its natural flow. The new construction will not last, unless you repeatedly force your hair into that specific build.

And that is what everybody do regarding the flow of their basic self. They want to change it, so that more money, power, love, peace, silence or whatever can make them more special.

When following the script of the brain for how to be a basic self, you are »free of master and everyone, servant of all and servant to none, and constancy and love is a joke,« as Bonnie ´Prince´ Billy sings on the album Master and Everyone in the song of the same name.

Often this wish to change yourself starts in early childhood, where you learned that by shaping yourself into someone your parents considered to be lovable, you would get their attention and thus a sense of being loved. So you concluded, the way to get what you want is to be in control of others as well as yourself.

Several events can have led to this conclusion. Maybe your parents tried to teach you using the toilet, before you were ready for that, but in an attempt to please them and stop peeing in your bed, you tried controlling yourself by tightened the muscles in the loin. And as a body out of balance is not capable of healing psychosomatic diseases resolves it tries to restore the balance by reverse tensions in the shoulder or neck.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

So no matter how many times you consult a chiropractor, for example, to ease your pain there, you will only feel momentarily relieved, as long as your body is programmed to not go with the flow of its biological system but be under your control. Thus you will never experience the happiness of the naturally flow in your biological system properly hooked up with the brain, but only the frustrations of not being fulfilled by your many forced efforts to become better.

You cannot avoid events that seems to make you sad, but you can avoid interpreting them like that. This is done by following the basic self, which has no need for special events to make it happy, as happiness is the essence of all experiences, when they are not interpreted by you as something special.

This should not be understood as you can actually change the script of the brain. As already stated it cannot be changed. It is only your perception of it that can be changed and doing that in retrospect you can make up a story, where everything is going according to your plan and if not somebody else is to blame.

That is why the same tensions would have occurred the little story of your childhood, regardless you were going with the flow – meaning you did not edit the stream of thoughts coming from the brain and thus smiled inside regardless having a so-called positive or negative experience – or you made you own version of the flow by manipulating it into an experience of you shaping yourself into something that made your parents felt like loving.

In other words, the above explanation of cause and effect is not accurate and only beneficial in regards to seeing everything is experienced is a fantasy.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Hence Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings is not to be regarded as a new philosophy, that has the answers to the problems of the world. It has no answer but that everything experienced is an illusion, because there is no more than that which is one and it takes more than one to have an experience as well as an answer.

Thus it does not matter ultimately speaking, if you follow the stream of thoughts coming from the brain to the basic self, or the edited version of this, that the consciousness of the basic self has pieced together from fragments of the basic stream, so that it appears to be a special self.

In this context though it is preferable sticking with the basic self, because the stream of thoughts necessary to hold this self together is quite simple. Even if the version of your basic self is an academic one, you feel not burden by thoughts, because they are not doubting each other, whereas the thought stream edited into the special self is very uncomfortable. They are restless and always doubting each other, so you feel they are fighting you, although it is you who are fighting the natural flow of them, which is quite comforting.

There is no moment without the past and the future. In order to keep the balance on the wheel, you must be in contact with both. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The basic self seems to be the goal of many gurus, who thinks it is without ego, living in the now and coming from the heart. And yes it is without ego in the sense that it has no thoughts of itself, but it is not living in the now or coming from the heart.

It does not know about these or any other state of mind, because a basic self is like a self-driving car, that only receive messages from the cloud based on its calculation of the past and the future.

So while believing to be someone in the fantasy of a world where there seems to be more than one it is therefore more pleasant to be a basic than a special self – and it is also easier to undo the belief in being someone definitive when thoughts are making you feel good, than when you feel fucked up by them and therefore always are on the look out for ways to escape them, for example through special relations, sex or no sex, music, drugs, meditation and whatnot.

That being said, as willingness to having the belief in being someone definitive undone will start the application of any duality hack while reading about it, that is all that you need. The empty breath, for example, works terrific with restless thoughts, if you do not try to organise them. See hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.