The basic self versus the special one [under construction]

The self that the brain has created is confirmed as if it is you, when the thoughts fabricated by the brain about the world rendered by it are acknowledge. It is always thoughts of division, for example something is right and something else is wrong.

This is not a way to condemn the bad things, because the basic self needs what is seen as negative just as much as what is seen as positive. It just needs this difference to be acknowledged, as its world is based on the concept of separation and not union. The latter annuals its world, because without differences there is no more than one and therefore not a world where there seems to be more than one.

So the basic self does not consider hate and negativity to be bad, but something that is needed for you to experience love and positivity, as it is due to the contrast of them, that you know when you are experiencing them.

In other words, as there would be no self or world without contrasts the basic self does not judge neither side of a contrast to be bad. Yet the self, you have created on top of the basic one in an attempt to be better and make a difference, it condemns many things as bad, so that it can appear to be good.

There are not much about especially about the special self that you believe to have made and be in charge of yourself in these notes. It is not necessary, because the whole world is nothing but special selves that consider themselves to be better or gonna be better. So if you want to know how the better self works, just look at yourself – or even better, look at how you see the world, as that is how you justify you being better.

Hardly anybody knows the basic self, and if they accidentally through mindfulness or something else, that they do to make themselves more special, happen to discard the special self, so they are just the basic one, it seems so humiliating  and boring to them, because they feel reduced to be a servant without a will of its own, so if they remain as that there is no more excitement to look for.

But since you must always find something to condemn as bad in order to appear as better, being a special self does not make you happy, whereas being the basic self never makes you sad, because everything is seen as usable and thus not judged to be either bad or good.

All that being said, please remember that there is no self at all, wherefore there is nobody to remember this, that nobody is reading, because the article is not there, since there is no more than that which is one. It only seems to be here due to the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one. and you seem to be reading it, because you want to have this believe undone.

No worries. This is built into the course of the basic self. When it has reached its end, there is not something to hide there is nothing but that which is one. That does not apply to the special self though unless one of the duality hacks is applied, for example the empty breath, because emptiness does hide that there is no more than that which is everything, namely the formlessness of oneness.

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NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.