The special self is completely out of sync with the present [under construction]

When following the special self, there is much speculation about what to do and say, as well as who you are. This is not necessary when you follow the basic self, as there is no special personality with a need to be more than what and where the brain instructs you to go. Neither is there a desire to have this instructions before needed. In other words, following the basic self you do not know what is around the next corner before you need to know, which in most cases you do not need before you pass the next corner.

This applies to the special self as well, except that based on its speculates about the future, it thinks that it knows what is around the next corner. In most cases though it is wrong. But that does not stop it from believing, that it knows so much or at least are gonna do when it has been improved by better health, wise realisations and whatnot. Yet the ´better´ it gets, the more it dissociates itself from the basic self, and therefore from feeling good, wherefore the process of becoming better goes on and one.

The speculative behaviour of the special self does not change the overall picture. Yet it may course the special self to be slightly out of sync with the present moment as it appears to be physically speaking, so that it has to run to catch the bus, for example. Mentally speaking it is totally out of sync with the present, which has nothing to do with the concept of now, as that includes the past and the future, whereas the present includes everything appearing to be in a present moment, regards this seems to include thoughts of the past an f if they are so-called negative or positive.


you try to restrict the only friend you have, namely the brain, by dividing its thoughts into good and bad, and then exclude the thoughts judged to be bad by projecting then onto others, so they seem bad and you good.

If you have disassociated yourself from the bad ones, you will not feel bliss but sorrow. The same applies if you have made yourself bad by excluding the good thoughts, because negative and positive thoughts are equally needed, as when they meet they cancel out each other, so that you feel the bliss of emptiness.