The basic self versus the special one, Part 2 [under construction]

The basic self enjoys getting things done, but the special self only enjoys to do selected things. The basic self does not know about deadline, because it is just doing what it should do when it should be done. But deadlines are very important to the special self, as they enhance its importance. The special self often waits for something special. The basic self has nothing to wait for.

For the special self it is very important to express itself and get its thoughts or feelings out. The basic self has nothing specific to express, neither has it anything to get out. It does not know what that means, as it is an integrated part of the world that appears to be outside of it, so whatever feels to be inside is outside as well.

The basic self has nothing to prove, no need to please somebody, get likes or followers, as everything it does is for the whole. The special self also does everything for the whole, but it does not know, because it thinks it does it does something to get more money, power, love, wisdom, realisation, likes, followers and whatnot, so that it can prove to be more special than others. For the same reason it also assume it needs to impress the ´right´ ones.

To the empty breath it does not matter if you believe to be the basic or special self, as they are equally illusionary. But your appearance as someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one is much easier when going with the thoughts of the basic self than those of the special one. It is like playing football is much easier when dressed for that and not for partying.

How to know, if you are following the basic or special self? It is very easy. If thoughts seems to alternate between doubt and certainty, hate and love, right  and love or any other contrast of opposing sides, you follow the special self – and if thoughts do not seem to result in anything but a feeling of being laid-back, you following the basic self.

The thoughts of the basic self are not thoughts of wisdom, neither are the thoughts of the special self, although you may like to think so. They are to be compared to the messages you get from the chance cards in Monopoly. They is nothing deep or special in them.

The goal of the special self is the same as the goal of Monopoly, namely to drive everybody else into bankruptcy, so that you are and have everything and others are and have nothing. The basic self, however, cannot relate to such a goal, as it has no intention of being or having something, that sets it apart from the whole. This is not because it is better than the special self. It does not know of such concept and it does not know, that the special self thinks it has its own agenda, since that is not possible. Everybody has to move in accordance  with the dice, regardless what they believe to be. Read more about this in CLOUD.

But as it is very important for the special self to be in control, it believes that it does everything in its own way and pace, and therefore is an independent person, who can take care of itself, even though there is no self to take care of, develop, transform or whatnot, as it is just an illusion fabricated by the brain, so that there seems to be someone experiencing the world that it also has fabricated.

This illusionary world includes everything you experience, realise or are conscious about, regardless this seems to be spiritual or mundane, as to experience, realise or being conscious about something requires more than one, and there is no more than one, since it is formless and therefore endless.


The basic self fabricated by the brain seems quite boring compared to all those things you imagine to be when you are in charge, but as nothing imagined is real, there is no difference between the basic self and the ‘better’ version of it that you have made. It is just two version of nothing.

Yet your ‘better’ version of it has lots of worries, whereas the basic self has none, because it follows the one who has made the world where it appears to be, namely the brain – and so it automatically returns to the nothingness from where the brain created it, when the brain stops to function. Thus there is not something to hide there never was and never will be anything else than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless.


NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.