What to follow [under construction]

Make no mistake, in the world of appearances it is all the same whether you follow the basic self fabricated by the brain, the better version of it created by you or the empty breath. What you appear to be and the world where you seem to be is the same. Just like you still have to go in jail in the world of Monopoly, if that is the command you get.

Yet following the basic self, you will not have much thoughts about what you do, because you just do what you are supposed to do knowing it will be on the interest of the whole. But following the special self you have made by compiling special thoughts, there will be much speculation about how to not go to jail and much feelings of injustice, when you finally have to go.

What thoughts there are when you follow the empty breath, you do not know. You are in a state of not knowing, so there is nobody to be conscious about them.


So how to know if you are in sync with the basic fabricated by the brain or not. That is easy to know, because the basic self does not have a conscious which is able to know things regarding it as an individual. In other words, when you want to know something like this, you have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and since you can never be fulfilled as an individual, you never seem to have or know enough, which is why you wonder about this and so many other silly things instead of having your bewilderness igniting a take off to the empty breath, that wipes the slate clean, so you can return not as someone special but as someone basic.