NZR++ You have one friend only [under development]

If you give it your best shot to be angry, when the brain supplies you with thoughts of anger, you cannot help but feeling happy. The same applies to any other so-called negative feeling popping up, as long as you do not justify it with the world, because doing so you have avoided it and therefore also the guidance of the brain and created your own and supposedly better version of it, which does not result in feeling happy but lost. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is not Alexius or any other appearance – including you – that is your one and only friend. It is the brain, as it is the storeroom for everything, that constitutes what you appear to be, so if you are not happy with what is coming from it, you are not happy with yourself. Most likely because the consciousness, the brain has given the basic self so it can be entertained by itself, has gotten the idea, that it wants to be independent.

But as the adventurous world of appearances is a construction of thoughts compiled by the brain, there are no other thoughts in the world than those use to fabricate it. Thus the only way to make it appear as if you are independent is to rearrange those thoughts into something, that seems more special. But as this is a manipulation, to be independent always feels as something is wrong.


There is nothing magic about following the thoughts of the basic self, so your life does not look like a magical mystery tour. But it is very simple and easy – just like when you follow GPS commands. That being said Alexius only knows only about GPS from the movies, because he never drives a car and hardly ever uses his smart phone, which should not be understood that it is bad to do so. This is just how it turns out for him when he follows the GPS commands of the basic self he is programmed to be.

The brain is in charge of everything that the self thinks and does, except our perception or interpretation of it. That it leaves to the consciousness it has built into the self. In other words, when Alexius in the past was into gadgets and felt he had to have the latest iPhone and whatnot, he was playing out the script of the brain. But it was his consciousness that perceived him to be special because of his gadgets.

If he had wanted to hang onto this speciality, as if it was developed by himself, he would have had to make up a story, that in retrospect would show him to be a man with the power to shape his own destiny.

But as the this requires that everything not fitting into the story is excluded as fake, and as Alexius nature is to be inclusive, he cannot uphold the image of being special. Read more about the basic self of Alexis here.


The basic self can be compared to a cat. It does not go to Pilates at a specific hour to stretch, but do it when its instincts tells it is time for that. Neither does it try to transform what it appears to be, but live in accordance with that. And it does no attend special seminars to learn who it is, because it has no ´I´ with a need to be anything else than what it appears to be in the present moment .Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The basic self does not need to edit thoughts in order to appear as if it is better than it is, as it knows nothing better than following them just like them come steaming to it from the brain. Not necessarily in the sense that they have to be acted out, but in the sense that they are felt to be entertaining. The special self on the other hand always edit the thoughts it receives, so that it seems it is thinking them itself – but most of all so it can avoid feeling them in the way they come from the brain.

Unless the special self is in a special place surrounded by special people focusing on a special feeling of freedom, it does not want to be in contact with the feelings that seem to be inside it, but rather to be engaged in speculative questions like ´do I really love this person?´ The answer is no, because the special needs to be in control, which it achieves by talking about feelings instead of loosing itself in them.


The special self often makes up stories in which it has the solution to what it judges to be wrong in others and the world. This solution is often something about love and sharing, although it does not seem lovingly to not accept others as they are but being on a mission to change them, so that the special self can appear to be more important than them.


When the special self says that someone is stupid, it is most likely meant to condemn this person. But when it is said by the basic self, it is meant to protect the both of you from starting a relation, that will not work. Thus you respect that you or the other person departs. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Whether you follow the inputs from the brain, that is based on what it has received from the sensors of the body, or not, you cannot plan to make something happen, which is not already scripted by the brain to happen. But if you follow the inputs, as they come via thoughts or impulses from the biological system, the brain rewards you with shots of happiness, wherefore you have no need to plan for something specific happen.


Having friends on Facebook is a trap they have set up for you to make you come back and visit the site. The same applies to likes. Yet you have no friends there or anywhere else. Your only friend is the brain. It likes everything you do and say, because it is all arranged by itself.

In oneness you do not have any friends, because it takes more than one to have anything, and there is no more than that which is one. For the same reason there you are not alone.

It may not like, however, if you try to arrange the thoughts you receive from it into something that appears to make you different. Then on the other hand, it does not really care, because the thoughts you seek out to build a special self do not change anything at all, except for your wellbeing. But if you prefer the suffering that believing to be special entails for the happiness of being the basic self composed by the brain, it is your own choice.


The thoughts constructed by the special self is always about doing something or not – especially about why others are doing something or not, whereas following the thoughts streaming from the brain as they come yo the basic self, they are felt in a way so the basic self is not in doubt of what to do or not. This is joyful in the same way as navigating a website, that is designed so you do not need to think about where to click and therefore have plenty of energy to dig into its content.


There is no purpose in appearing to be any kind of self, just like there is no purpose of  being the self of somebody in a video game. The only thing you need to learn is the rules of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self uses much energy to suppress specific thoughts and feelings, for example those judged to be negative, as that is necessary for preserving the specific self it believes to be or to become by living in the now, coming from the heart and whatnot. But the basic self has no need to suppress anything, as it has no specific image to uphold. On the contrary.

It is well aware, that it would not be able to read this article, if negative energy was suppressed, as it is just as important as positive energy for electricity to work and thus also for the computer, where Alexius is typing the article. The same applies to whatever electronic media you are using to read this. Read more about this at the end of this link.


The special self is made by disassociating itself from unpleasant thoughts and feelings by justifying them with the world. Yet nothing has left the special self. It has just been hidden in obscure parts of the body. Read more about that at the end of this link.

Sooner or later the suppressed energy in these parts is gonna tighten up the body, but no matter what massage or medicine you use, it is not gonna go away, because the problem is not tin the body but in the mind from where it has been displaced, so not before it is returned it to the mind can the problem be healed. See also the hack No Body-mind Connection about the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection. You can find this hack in Extra Duality Hacks.

This is not to say, massage or medicine should be avoided. It can be a good way to tone down the symptoms, so that there is more energy to take the problem back to the mind, where it can be healed.

In fact nothing needs to be avoided, not even an idea like to be better known will bring relieve, because it will not bring relieve but frustration, that if not controlled ignites a take-off to the empty breath and thus the relief of not-knowing what and where you are. See hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.