The basic self has no need to relax [under construction]

Though the basic self of Alexius is not a hiker but a store manager, he enjoys hiking in the forest, while storing good routes in his memory for taking visitors on a nice trip in the primordial forest, that he lives next to. As this is not done to show off as someone special to friends but simply to follows his basic nature as a store manager, hiking like this does not exhaust him. Thus there is no need to relax. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The basic self has no need to relax through meditation and whatnot, as following the commands it gets is very relaxing. Neither does it think, the reason for its apparent being is to learn something special. The special self on the other hand needs to learn a lot in order to establish itself as important and part of something greater, which it does by making sure it has something to say and do, that is more important than what others say and do.

As this means the special self always must strain every nerve in order to become more free, real, unique, genuine, authentic and/or powerful, it is in constant need for more control, energy and relaxation. And that is why the gurus praising you as being unique always promise that by following them you will get more of that. See also You cannot profit of reality.

The basic self can be set up in many different ways, for example as a store manager, which is the case for Alexius. That does not mean that he needs to work in a store, but that whatever kind of work he is doing, in his case for example having restaurant og being a dj, he organises it as a store manager. This applies to writing Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings as well.

But as a store manager – or whatever is the essence of your basic self – you can communicate with different aspects of the brain. Thus the thoughts you seem to receive depends on what you tune into – just like when streaming music. Read more about that here. In the case of Alexius he tunes into the frequencies that seems to come from the beginning of the universe – read more about that here – where the idea that if specific knowledge is collected it can be compiled into something that makes you appear to be more special than the basic self.

Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings does not provide you with hope for something better to come in the future. Thus they set you free from fear of what to become and have, wherefore there are no reason to meditate or whatever you believe is gonna detach you your worries. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

As the special self always is hoping for something to come true in the future, it does not like Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings, because they are not promising anything but the undoing of the belief in being someone at all. Thus the special self gets depressed from reading them.

And getting depressed they feel like if they are someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, that they can make better. So they feel relieved and disregard the message of Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings, which is there is no more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless.

This message though is not a problem for the basic self, as it has no need to be someone special. For the same reason it is not important, if Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings appear to be applied by somebody, because Alexius applies them and as everything is done for the whole, they are completely applied. Also for the same reason no energy is used to uphold a specific image or for being in a special kind of state that he associates with being Alexius. In fact he does not know what it is.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.


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