Oneness is pointless [under construction]

As it takes more than one to point to something, it is not possible to point to that which is one. But it is possible to point to a world where there seems to be more than one and expose it for what it is, namely nothing. Thus there is not something to hide there is no more than that which is one, as it is formless and therefore endless.

In other words, if you are experiencing more than one, you are hallucinating




When you are nobody, there is not somebody to be bothered about anything. Consequently only those who want to be somebody have a need for meditation, mindfulness or other techniques to stop or control the thoughts that seem to disturb what they believe to be.

Those who think they are here to learn something want to be someone definitive, because only as such do you seem to be able to learn something. But being that which is you, there is no need of learning anything but to unlearn everything, because that which is you cannot learn anything, as it is that which is one and it takes more than one to learn anything.

Nobody but the ego have something of its own, so if you want to do something in your own way and pace is pure ego, you want to follow the ego

Life never gives a second chance, because life is that which is one, but as it is formless it is endless, so you do not need a second chance, as you have everything


You cannot know that which is one, when you experience to be in a world where there seems to be more than one. Thus looking forward to oneness is an illusion. Yet you can know, that it is a mistake to believe that you are in a world where there seems to be more than one and thus look forward to having that mistake corrected.