It is fun having the belief in being someone undone [under construction]

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you drive a car, you do not interfere with its engine or in any way try to change how it works or looks. In other words, you leave the working of the car to the car and just use the wheel, gas and brake pedal plus maybe the gear, while you are very attentive to the road.

But when you appear to be moving around in a body, you try to interfere with how it works and looks by pumping it up, making it thinner, putting it in weird positions, having a special diet and other things that restricts it, and make it impossible for it to take care of itself. You may not even look at where the body is but instead worry about what and where it is gonna be.

This the duality hacks undoes. Not by healing the body but the foolish belief that you are someone in it, so that it becomes something to be compared to a car, that you are driving around in. And just like a car is built to take care of it self, as long as you supply it with water and gasoline, your biological system takes care of the body, as long as you supply it with water and food, brush its teeth, wash it and sometimes take it out a ride. There may of course be special events – just like with a car – that you have to take it to a professional mechanic.

Not knowing what he writes is how Alexius types down his enlightened non teachings.

The more the application of the duality hacks makes you indifferent to the believe in being someone definitive, which it does without you having to meditate or in any way restrict yourself, the less you have the need to be special and to manifest this by inflicting mental or spiritual ideas of perfection on the body, wherefore your biological system is set free to take care of the body, which is very relaxing for it. Read more about that in the article ´The empty breath´ sets the body free and the hack No Body-mind Connection in extra duality hacks.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The duality hacks are not meant to undo the thoughts, you seem to have, but the desire to be special and thus the need to seek out special thoughts that seems to uphold your image of being an extraordinary spiritual and/or mundane being.

That you can have friends on Facebook is a way to lure you into thinking you are special. There are no friends on Facebook. They are a construction of thoughts and thus your only friends.

Thoughts can be compared to other parts of the body, legs for example. They are not that which is you, but while appearing to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, they are there to make that appearance enjoyable.

In other words, thoughts are running in the background, when the applying one or more of the duality hacks, without you wishing to be aware of them, because you are not a special but a basic self, wherefore the thoughts that are needed naturally presents themselves when  for example making a shopping list.

The basic self has no need to stand out as special, wherefore it is of no interest for those who has such a need. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is only the special self, which is so removed from everything basic, that it needs to be grounded, higher and whatnot. The basic self has no such needs, neither does it search for anything, as it is always automatically gets thoughts resulting in impulses that it follows, so it automatically is in tune with the present moment – also if it is requiring you to do some planning for the extension of that moment.

Following the present moment though has nothing to do with consistency. Maybe you get an impulse to sit down and read this article in the middle of doing the dishes, and so you do, because the basic self is not goal minded.

The special self on the other hand constantly feel that something is missing, so it stubbornly resist in following the beaten track and makes up a story, where it has a special part to play. Yet it is not even able to follow its ´own´ way, because it always doubts it.

Yet no thoughts presents themselves for going to Pilates or Yoga, for example. Your body does not ask for that, because it just like a cat automatically stretch out when it feels like. Neither is there any urge to meditate or in any other way control or stop thoughts. On the contrary, they are your friends, and friends you do not want to stop or control

When applying one or more of the duality hacks, you can therefore enjoy the belief in being in being someone definitive, while in the process of having it undone is gently processing. Thus can you have your cake and eat it too, which you can read more about in the next article The basic self is not closer to be living in the now.

In the enlightenment of that which is one, everything appearing to be more than one is gone, as if it never has been something appearing to hide, there is no more than that which is one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In hack #4.5 ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone you can read what happens when the application of one or more duality hacks takes you a step further, namely into a state the bliss of not knowing what and where you are – also called a state of not-knowing. If you want to skip reading about that, but instead go straight into a state of not-knowing, check out hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

And if you want to know what happens if you remain in a state of not-knowing for more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, go to hack #5-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one and hack #5-7.3 The inner senses, enlightenment of that which is one and glimpses of it.

Those two hacks are about the enlightenment of that which is one, which does not lead to anything. In fact it takes away everything, so that there is not something appearing to hide, there never was and never will be more than that which is one.

The above is not to say, that there are certain stages you need go through in order bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one. Alexius went straight to the enlightenment of that which is one, but before he reached the point of no return, he bounced back to the experience of being someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one (see The ins and outs of a black hole or Nothing can stop you on Highway One except your belief in a world where there seems to be more than one).

Alexius uses no techniques for being connected with the empty breath or having glimpses of enlightenment. It happens all by itself, which is a benefit of being a basic self. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In the experience of that world he changes between being the basic self and in a state of not-knowing, where he has glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one. That you can read about in hack #5-7.2 The enlightenment of that which is one cannot be found in a world where there seems to be more than one, but glimpses of it can. Alexius uses no techniques for this himself, but there are some very helpful ones, that can facilitate you having glimpses of enlightenment. See the article Perceiving the world as symbols of the four aspects of enlightenment – or how to have glimpses of enlightenment.

When what you have is enough, it cannot be compared with what you could have had in the future, and as there is no past without a future what you had in the past is nothing. Knowing you have nothing, it does not seem to be something, that is able to hide there is no more than that which is one, and that the appearance of you as something is an illusion. Knowing this you have everything, because oneness is formless and therefore endless.

It is not that he is longing to ´return to´ the formlessness of oneness, because he knows there is no more that which is one. Thus appearing to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one is something he pretends to be – just like within the context of such a world you pretend to be someone in the virtual world of a video game. See hack #1.5 Pretending to be someone definitive and hack #1.6 Pretending is a way out of duality.

When he has had his fun of pretending to be what he is not, which most likely is when he is finished writing Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings, he probably bids welcome the enlightenment of that which is one with the purpose of never again to appear as if he is someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, that seems to hide there is no more than that which is one. 

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.3 The basic self versus the special one.