Speed is stillness, when not detained

Stress comes from trying to keep together a fabricated image of a world where there seems to be more than one, instead of letting it fall apart, so that your belief in such a world does not hide, there is no more than that which is one. The animation is grabbed from Ello.

Some write whining articles about how the amount of info communicated via electronic media causes stress. But it is not stressing to receive lots of info, if you do not believe to be someone definitive, because then there is nobody receiving it.

If you, however, believe to be someone definitive, the speed of info is very stressing, because then you constantly need to sort and categorise all the new info, so it fits into the image you uphold of yourself and the world and therefore can confirm the story of you as someone important.

In other words, if you believe to be someone definitive you need to sort all info into what you judge to be good or bad, so it ends in a story that points to you as the good one and others as the bad ones. But as your story is based on countless judgments and speculative thoughts regarding right and wrong, thoughts keep on flying around. The restlessness that this entails is what is stressful – not the amount of incoming info.

This speculative and restless state though is not problem, that needs to be fixed. You just go with the chaos of it without trying to calm down. In fact the speedier you feel, the faster the stress turns into stillness, because when you do not try to manage it, mental speed becomes stillness.

If can you sense this, you are at the doorstep to the inner breath. To be continued in the next article Take-offs to the inner breath.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4-7.4 The inner breath automatically synchs the outer and inner senses.