+(+) You cannot profit of reality

As the empty breath is indifferent to the apparent differences in the world, you will avoid it, if you insist what you believe to be is different from what you believe not to be. The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

In case you are looking for a sensational feeling of being alive, living a longer physical life, being more fit or transformed to a higher consciousness, the empty breath is not for you, because it is not offering anything but the bliss of nothing (see Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´).

It is not possible to profit of reality, as it is that which is one and it takes more than one to profit of something. Consequently it is only possible to profit of illusions, wherefore that is what those requiring money for their so-called spiritual teachings are doing.

This is not to say, that it is bad to profit of something, but that doing so is a product of the belief, it is possible to be and have more than that which is one. Hence the more you profit of something, the more this belief is enhanced and thus the suffering it entails.

But if you want to use the bliss of nothing to inflate your image, you must disconnect yourself from the empty breath, so its flow of indifference does not prevent you from showing off as more free, real, unique, genuine, authentic and/or powerful than others.

Maybe Deepak Chopra – like many other performers – is enchanted by the attention from the listeners, and therefore feels as if he is part of something bigger. This, of course, is pure speculation, but that his teachings about perfect health has made his net worth bigger is a fact. It is more than $80 million. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Click here to see pseudo spiritual phrases generated from a list of words found in Deepak Chopra´s Twitter stream and randomly added together in sentences, that just like the jargon in his and many other new agers books and speeches are hocus pocus fabricated to lure you into believing, they have something special that you need.

These charlatans do not want you to know, that believing to be someone definitive is an illusion, because that makes it impossible for them to sell solutions for how you can become more free, real, unique, genuine, authentic and powerful.

The above listing of what spiritual wannabes wish to be is compiled from an announcement for a new age course, where the participants were promisedthey would become all that and as a result feel more self-assured. When connected with the empty breath, however, there is no need for self-assurance, because it is indifferent to the concept of being a self or anything else.

NOTE: This article is an evaluation of The function of ´the empty breath´ is to not take the ego seriously. They are both part of hack #4.5, ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone.