When senses are not used to experience something, enlightenment of that which is one is bid welcome

Gallery_Inner-Senses_1024x1024The only reason you demand being relaxed, free, excited and whatnot is because you believe to be someone uniques in the world of the outer senses. But if you do not give the outer senses your full attention, the inner senses will supply you with a perfect moment, where glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one will fill you with so much joy, that the need to be someone at all is gone.

The way to not give the outer senses your full attention is to not believe, the experiences they deliver are real. This is done by not giving a shit about upholding the image of you as someone significant in a world, where there seems to be more than one. The more you do not give a shit, the more the inner senses take over.

You can also choose not to choose and follow the guidance of the empty breath. Read the article Take-offs to ´the empty breath´Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´ and How to ignite a take-off to the empty breath to learn connecting with the empty breath, or read What does ´the empty breath´ feel like? to get an idea about that, or The nature of ´the empty breath´ to learn about its guidance.


If somebody seems to cheat you, reject you or something else that you judge to be unfair, you choose not to believe this to be real, and so you set yourself and others free from the world of the outer senses. It is in your own best interest to set everybody free, even though you may think, that not everybody deserve to this. But setting them free, the world of the outer senses fades out, so that you can connect with the empty breath, that opens the door to the world of the inner senses, where enlightenment of that which is one is waiting for you to bid it welcome.


A way to undo the belief in the world of the outer senses is to perceive everything there as not real but symbols of that which is – just like you for example perceive the written word milk not as real but a symbol of that which is.

When perceiving the whole world of the outer senses as symbols, none of its apparent differences make a difference, because they are all symbols of the same – and so there is no  foundation for separation. This perception opens the inner senses from where you can experience glimpses of enlightenment or bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one.

But as someone in the world of the outer senses you cannot perceive everything there as symbols, because in order to appear as someone significant there, you have excluded the parts of it, that do not fit into your chosen the image of yourself. That is, unless you include this separation or accept the guidance of the empty breath, which you do by not accepting the apparent reality in the world of the outer senses.


The enlightenment of that which is one is not something you find, like you find other things in the world. Enlightenment is rather that you do not try to find anything, so that there is not something to hide, you are not someone definable but one who is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one. In other words, no need not to look for enlightenment, but for that which you are using to hide it. You could also just accept the guidance of the empty breath.


If from reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings you get the impression, that the inner senses are less deceptive than the outer ones, you have chosen to be deceived into believing that you can become someone better, higher or wiser via the inner senses. And if that is your purpose, they will cause you as much suffering as the outer ones.

But if your purpose is to not become anything at all, so that there is not something to hide the formlessness of that which is you, the inner senses will speed up the undoing of the belief in being someone at all.