Holding back to not ejaculate is just another physical manifestation – but without the thrill of it (updated)

No matter if you call it love or sex,those emotions will have aphysical manifestation.

No matter if you call it love or sex, those emotions will have a physical expression in a physical world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A leg is a physical organ, and it will not become anything else even though you deny to fully use its possibilities of movements. Yet you may become more rigid, if you put restrictions on it. And the leg may wither, if not fully used.

Will a computer become anything else than a computer, just because you do not turn it on? Nope. Nothing has changed.

Will a flower seed become a carrot seed, if you plant it among carrots. Nope. You are fooling yourself!

Will the instincts that results in a hard penis, become anything else than what they are, if you try not to ejaculate. Nope. You are just avoiding the relief of surrendering.

That which is you is formless spirituality, and as formlessness is endless, that which is you is everything, so it is not possible to be in a limited physical thing like a body. It is, however, possible to imagine so, but no matter what the body appears to do or not do, this is just another imagination. Thus changing, transforming or transcending you or the world is an illusion.

You may think, that you will transcend to a higher level and become more spiritual, when using tantra and similar techniques to not ejaculate. On the contrary. By denying the body the pleasure of letting go, you enhance the belief, that it is real.

The world is make-believe. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

No need to hold back anything in a world, that is nothing but make-believe
The suppression of ejaculation is done with the purpose of changing a physical desire into something spiritual. But spirituality does not need you to change anything. On the contrary. Spirituality undoes the silly idea, that changes is possible. It is not possible, because that which is you is no different from the formlessness of spirituality, and what does not have a form cannot be changed. However, it is possible to belief so.

Whatever part of something unreal you change or transform, what you seem to achieve is just as unreal. It is a replacement of one illusion with another.

Yet, the undoing of this belief has nothing to do with changing something. On the contrary, changes confirms the belief in being someone definitive. This applies also to transforming something via meditation and whatnot.

If you know, that which is you is spiritual, you know a physical world is not real and consequently there is no reason to change, transcend or transform anything in it. That is, if you do not want to hide, you are afraid of committing to the moment as it appears to be in a physical world.

To think that there is something to change or transcend is part of the belief, that it is possible to be what you are not.

But there is no reason to be afraid of a commitment to something in a physical world, as it is nothing but make-believe. Just like – within the context of such a world – there is no reason to not commit yourself to the ways of a game like for example Monopoly, that is all about taking everything from everybody. You have nothing to lose. It is not real, so it is silly to think, you will be less physical and more spiritual by changing the rules of the game.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Shoot to thrill
Everything in the sea is wet, so it makes you or the protective cover you may be wearing wet. That is the nature of water. No degree of control will change that. If you do not want to be wet, you have to leave the water. It is as simple as that.

No matter in what way a physical appearance is changed it remains physical. So if you do not want to be physical, you must leave the physical world, which is not done by doing or not doing something physical, but by not believing that it is real. Period.

Nobody is forcing you to appear as if you are a limited physical being. Therefore, if you appear to be so, the conclusion must be, that this is what you want – so why not honor your own wish and give it your best shot.

And if you do not believe, that it is you giving it, but something you pretend to do, then you are quite spiritual, because what you pretend to do, you do not do.

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