To cancel out the difference between beauty and ugliness (upgraded)

You cannot enjoy a beautiful view like this, if you do not have an experience of something ugly to contrast it. That is the way of duality. But if you fully include one side of this contrast both of them will be cancelled out inside of you, so that there is not a basis for perceiving the difference of beauty and ugliness in a world outside of you to make a difference.* Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The more beautiful you install yourself in the world, the more ugliness you will be exposed to, because that is how it is when you believe to be in a world of duality, since it can only be experienced through contrast.

Contrasts, however, can also be used to undo this belief, as the inclusion of one of its opposite sides cancels out both of them*, so that there is nothing inside of you, that can be used to categorise the different appearances of a world appearing to be outside of you as neither beautiful or ugly.

*) See more about this in the articles Inclusiveness is a state of not-knowing – and that is pure bliss and If included, irritation undoes the belief in duality.