The excitement of being someone definitive versus the peace of nothing but formlessness (upgraded)

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you think, you are in joyful mood because of the sunset or the sensation of the wind touching your warm body, you are justifying the feeling of joy and thereby dissociating yourself from it in proportion to how much it is justified to be caused by something perceived to be outside of you.

This you probably choose in order to distance yourself from being too joyful, because that would blow you away, so there would not be nobody left to control your appearance as sexy and good-looking in the sunset – or in the future setups you have planned to be staged in as someone special in a world where there seems to be more than one.

Formlessness is that which is one, because if it was more than one, it would not be formless. And that is why it is nothing but peace.

In other words, the imagination of being someone definitive seems more exciting than the peace of formlessness, which cannot be imagined, neither experienced, since it takes more than one to imagine or experience something and what is formless cannot be more than one.

Those who believe to be somebody interesting only care for those, who can make them appear more interesting. That means they only care for illusions, because life is not interesting, since it that which is one and it takes more than one to be interesting. So be happy, when nobody seems to be interested in you.

But as formlessness is endless and therefore everything, whatever is imagined or experienced is make-believe. Hence there is nothing to plan or hope for but illusions.

NOTE: This article is an appendix to the previous one How to not feel fear but bliss by not being exclusive but inclusive.