Speed is stillness, when not controlled (upgraded)

Stress comes from trying to keep together a fabricated image of a world where there seems to be more than one, instead of not preventing it from falling apart, and thus expose that there never was or will be more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless. The animation is grabbed from Ello.

It takes a lot of effort appearing to be someone definitive in the substantial world of the outer senses, contrary to being nobody in the abstract world of the inner senses, as it requires no effort but not making an effort to be someone definitive.

This does not mean you have to be inactive in a certain body posture in the world of the outer senses to be in the bliss of the inner senses. You can move around in the nature or the city at any pace that suits you, as long as there is no effort to use what that makes you appear to be as a confirmation of you being someone definitive in the world of the outer senses.

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